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Norway to propose jailing Merkel Muslims whose asylum claims are bogus

Good on Norway. This is the right thing to do. They have entered illegally into the country. It’s dangerous not to deal with this issue with nothing less than zero tolerance.

The most sensible thing is to ship them all back and let other Muslim countries be responsible to take them in. This is not the West’s responsibility nor problem.



Norway to JAIL migrants whose asylum seeker claims are deemed ‘obviously groundless’

  • Asylum seekers from safe countries could be jailed for as long as 72 hours
  • Plan is part of major asylum bill presented to Norwegian parliament today 
  • Aims to stop asylum seekers evading authorities and turning to crime 


Norwegian Minister of Migration and Integration Sylvi Listhaug, who presented a bill to the Norwegian parliament today on asylum seekers

Migrants in Norway with ‘obviously groundless’ asylum claims could be jailed for up to 72 hours to stop them escaping into the criminal underworld while their cases are processed.

The plan is part of a bill proposed today by Integration Minister Sylvi Listhaug and aims to stop claimants evading the authorities if they know they will be rejected.

Since 2004 Norway has used a so-called 48-hour procedure where asylum claims of migrants from safe countries are processed within that time.

But this new plan empowers police to arrest and detain migrants with unfounded claims, reports The Local.

Speaking to state broadcaster NRK, Listhaug said: ‘We can see that unfounded asylum seekers disappear while the police are processing their applications.

‘This will prohibit them from running off and eventually getting involved in criminal activity.

‘Now we will know where we have them, get their applications processed and then return them.’

The Minster added that 90 of the 537 asylum seekers whose cases were processed under the 48-hour procedure in 2015 disappeared, and that the locations of 90 per cent of those are still unknown to the authorities.

It is thought that Listhaug’s plan is supported by the Liberal Party and the Christian Democrats which would give the government – a coalition between the Conservative Party and Listhaug’s anti-immigration Progress Party – a parliamentary majority.

Also included in the asylum bill is a proposal to give unaccompanied minors only temporary residence until they are 18 and can become permanent residents.

The bill also increases the number of years that an asylum seeker must stay in Norway before becoming a permanent resident from three to five.

But the controversial plan to deny asylum seekers family reunification until after they had been employed or in education for four years was scaled back to three years.

Minister of Integration Sylvi Listhaug (L) next to Justice Minister Anders Anundsen. It is thought that Listhaug's plan is supported by the Liberal Party and the Christian Democrats to give a majority

The United Nations Refugee Agency expressed concern when in November Norway began sending migrants back to Russia until Moscow requested Norway stop due to security reasons.

But Prime Minister Erna Solberg insisted that none of the plans in the bill would break international conventions. ‘We are on solid ground,’ she told news agency NTB.

In 2015 Norway saw 35,358 people claim asylum compared with just 11,480 in 2014.

But official figures show that only 942 have sought asylum so far this year, down from 1,670 in the first three months of 2015.

Prime Minister David Cameron meets the Prime Minster of Norway Erna Solberg (L) in 2014. She insists that none of the policies in the bill would break international conventions



4 thoughts on “Norway to propose jailing Merkel Muslims whose asylum claims are bogus

  1. Muslim atrocities inside Australian jails are a test for the new measure of indefinite detention for incorrigibles (like pedos and jihadis) quietly agreed to by the recent COAG meeting of state premiers and federal gov.
    Case in point a teenager Bourhan Hraichie, bashed a 40yr old ex serviceman half to death and poured boiling water on him after carving Isis slogans on the front and back of his head.
    This is a good case for indefinite detention which could also be a useful general solution for Europe.
    3 items so far in the Sydney Daily Telegraph. print version Growing in detail each item. Shame I can’t attach the three scanned items to this entry.
    You can give me an email address to send to.
    This subject is worthy of your attention, Muslim Issue. Monday 11 April. Sydney time.


  2. No country has to take them in its a choice they make and it’s a bad choice for their countries and their people …..people all need to get together,tell the gov to put them out and if they don’t rally together and do it yourselves

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  3. Frankly all males should be deported because as Moslems they are either in Europe to wage war and mayhem and to indulge in crime. Afghanistan is still producing masses of Opium poppies (RT documentary last night). Opium is being imported via these muslim fake refugees as well as Jihadists. Europe and Scandinavia don’t need MOSELEM men. Only women and children and boys under seven, still young enough to debriefed of muslim terrorist training. Why the UN insists on their stupid policies is so the west can be saturated with Islam. Islam wants nothing more than world domination.


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