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Coward traitors: Greek government fear terror attack ‘if mosque is not built in Athens’


Greek government fear they will be at risk of terrorist attack if a proposed mosque is not built in Athens

  • Officials want mosque to be constructed for Muslims in the Greek capital
  • They claim it will allow the community to worship under a public imam
  • It is feared that without an official mosque, they are at risk of extremism


The Greek government fears it could be subjected to terror attacks if a taxpayer-funded mosque is not constructed in Athens.

Officials claim it would allow Muslims to practise their religion under the auspices of a centrally-appointed imam that would ensure it does not stray into extremism.

This would be preferable to the dozens of basements in the capital which have been converted into makeshift mosques by Muslim migrants, they added.

Officials fear Athens (pictured) could be subjected to an attack if a mosque is not constructed in the capital

According to Kathimerini, an official from the Education and Religious Affairs Ministry said they must move quickly to build the mosque, which had been announced in 2006 but is being delayed by appeals.

The official said: ‘It is exactly because of the recent terrorist attacks that we have to move quickly to construct the mosque in Athens.

‘Every day that we do not have an official mosque and imam in Athens, we pay for in the increased risk of the radicalisation of Muslims in the dark and unofficial places of worship.

‘When you do not have official places of worship, who can you speak with?’

In the past few years, Greece has found itself at the epicentre of Europe’s biggest migrant crisis since the Second World War.

Hundreds of thousands have using the country as a staging point on their journey from the Middle East via Turkey and towards the Balkan states.

The official’s warning comes as the EU’s border agency, Frontex, yesterday said potential terrorists are taking advantage of Europe’s failing EU border checks.

Frontex said a large number of people arriving mainly in Greece and Italy with false documents are not facing thorough checks or penalties.

It said the Paris attacks last November – in which several terrorists were found to have entered Europe via Greece with false ID papers – demonstrate irregular migration patterns could be used by terrorists to reach the EU.

Refugees and migrants disembark in the port of Piraeus, near Athens, from a passenger ship transporting them from the Greek islands. Thousands have been making the journey every month in a bid to reach Europe

Refugees on the Greek island of Lesbos protest at their deportation back to Turkey yesterday

Greece has found itself at the epicentre of Europe's biggest migrant crisis since the Second World War

It also revealed more than 1.8 million illegal border crossings were detected by EU member states in 2015, six times the number reported in 2014.

The agency said the never-seen-before figure is still linked to the estimated one million individuals who reached the EU, suggesting many crossed two sections of the external borders of the EU.

The report, Risk Analysis for 2016, said: ‘The Paris attacks in November 2015 clearly demonstrated that irregular migratory flows could be used by terrorists to enter the EU.

‘Two of the terrorists involved in the attacks had previously irregularly entered through Leros and had been registered by the Greek authorities. They presented fraudulent Syrian documents to speed up their registration process.

‘As the vast majority of migrants arrive undocumented, screening activities are essential to properly verify their declaration of nationality.’


Jihad against the Greeks

[Muslim jihad against the Greeks. How soon they forget.]



16 thoughts on “Coward traitors: Greek government fear terror attack ‘if mosque is not built in Athens’

  1. It won’t prevent a terrorist attack, but it may not necessarily cause one either. A lot depends on who is allowed to preach in these places and what they say. All Muslim preachers should have a government issued license to peach – which gets withdrawn immediately if they say anything at all promoting violence, hatred, intolerance, illegal acts etc. It requires undercover security agents and surveillance but it’s easier to monitor Muslims this way.


    • Everything you just described is precisely the reason they simply shouldn’t be anywhere in the west.

      Everything in the article is indeed just treason. They act like it’s unavoidable. What’s unavoidable about it?

      You can’t have muslim attacks if no muslims are where you are.


  2. Islam is a cancer that spreads in this manner. To eliminate a cancer the root must be destroyed by surgically removing it, by chemistry or radiation. We must remove the root cause of Islam in order to defeat it.

    By allowing the Islamists a major mosque you are allowing the cancer another chance to plant another root from where it will spread.

    Mosques of this kind, large and imposing, will continue to be built. There is no stopping Islam unless you totally eliminate it. This fear of Islamic terror is what is wrong with the West. We must have leadership that refuses to be intimidated by political Islam. Leftist ideology allows Islam to flourish.


  3. Instead of building them a mosque get your military together and take them all to the border get rid of the trash once and for all …..I can’t understand why the governments in these countries are even putting up with this the world has had enough of this cult

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  4. The official said: ‘It is exactly because of the recent terrorist attacks that we have to move quickly to construct the mosque in Athens.

    ‘Every day that we do not have an official mosque and imam in Athens, we pay for in the increased risk of the radicalisation of Muslims in the dark and unofficial places of worship.

    The presence of the Great Mosque of Brussels and other mosques in Brussels and Paris didn’t preclude attacks. The “official” statement and position are patently idiotic. Even more idiotic is officials’ pretending that the statement is valid and credible.

    The politicians, appointed officials, and “authorities” among the Muslim apologists and defenders in Europe know who the source of the problem is – migrants, especially Muslim migrants. Whatever their motivations, their pretending otherwise.

    Will indigenous Europeans, who still possess common sense, realize and admit that their leadership’s pretenses are intentional and react appropriately – with revolution, preferably peacefully en masse, then violently if necessary? (If they do, its likely that the authorities will ally with them assist in, or permit, deposing the regime in power.). What will/would it take ?

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    • Yes what will it take? Nothing short of some disgusting disease spread by Moslems of all nationalities from the third world and Islam for all its money is still third world. A monumental pandemic sickness killing most of us. There are a thousand ways to make dirty bombs that are not necessarily nuclear. Take the massive Union Carbide explosion in India. Tri-G is foul and far reaching this isn’t past the muslim minds who strangely enough have been educated in Chemistry and physics – so it won’t be the morons who make such bombs but the morons will deliver it.

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      • Well sure there are some of them that are smart. Not enough of them to matter. That and in biology there’s something called the regression to the mean. What that is is when something has an unusual trait for whatever it is, then its offspring will more likely have a more average trait. Because they have low average IQ’s, a smart one is more of a fluke, more of an unusual trait, than in say Japan. Because of that when a smart one has kids, the kid is likely to regress back to the mean. This also explains why the ones who have been born in Europe are so likely to become radicals themselves, because they’re just not as capable as their parents who at the time got in precisely because of what they could do.

        That’s why that bombmaker blowing himself up in Brussels was unusual.


    • What it will take is some number of thousands or millions of bodies. Eventually people will learn that they only kill. The only question is how many.

      Much like is going on in South Africa. But they are so infected with the type of thought that you quoted, that nothing is really happening about it. Our media remains silent as well.


  5. Greece was under Ottoman Islam for over 400 years, is it any wonder the electorate don’t want a mosque? The UN is pushing Islam down our throats all over Europe and Scandinavia. For chrissakes ignore this scum, let their Arab brothers give them hand outs to build their economies – which of course they won’t do because it means giving up the power to dominate the world with ISLAM. Precisely why a so called Arab Royal sits on the Humanitarian Council along with all the other Moslem scum determined to dominate the world. The latest investigation into Panama just shows no one gives a damn the rest of us must submit to Islam. Is there not a decent politician anywhere or official with guts in the UN? We won’t even be lucky enough to have WWIII we are all doomed. I just hope I will be dead by the time this scum has established world domination. Nothing has been learned from past history of ISLAM!


    • That’s why Trump has been saying things against the UN and NATO.

      The lugenpresse is trying to cast that as being against allied countries, but it’s really against the people running these organizations. We don’t actually need them today.

      NATO was an anti-Soviet thing alone. Its function is over.


  6. Build them a mosque, don’t build them a mosque that is the question. The problem is that build or not the terror attacks will still come, no matter how much a government appeases muslims it can and will NEVER be enough to prevent terror attacks.


  7. This will signify Sharia Law under Islam is looked more favorable in the eyes of the government and embolden Muslims………Because if government can build them Mosques government and tax payers and other religious and ethic groups are fore to use their taxes selectively for Muslims then the Muslims have already won and conquered Greece as an Islamic state ……

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