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Sweden: Muslim child rapist ‘punished’ with community service continues to stalk 13-year old victim. Authorities do nothing.

Sweden does absolutely NOTHING to protect its own people from these savages. Even chldren are not protected. It’s a total disgrace. If there is anything that is a violation to basic human rights, it’s the apathy by authorities and the government to just stand by in the face of evil and do nothing. Innocent people are victims of a barbaric foreign element invited and given residency by the government.

Why would a child who was only 12-year old have to continue to being stalked and harassed by her brutal Muslim rapist? Muhamed has learned, like so many other Muslims who forced their presence on Europe, that they can do anything they please without any legal consequences or physical restrictions.

If these socialists cannot protect their own people, they need to open the laws for people to be able to arm themselves and the legal right protect themselves. Castrate him. His 19-year age should be no restriction for punishment. If Muhamed comes even 50 feet near her or tries to email or dial her, she should be legally entitled to shoot his worthless brains out without questions being asked.

Instead of solving the problem by permanently removing the entire family and shipping them back to Somalia, with an exchange demand for a jail sentence to Muhamad in his own country of origin, the victim is instead forced to move. How will that help? Muhamad and his brothers will simply find new victims to rape, rob and assault.

Deport the entire family. There should be a deportation rule as fast as 48-hours with complete file containing DNA, finger prints and iris scans of each family member. All these details should be kept in a shared database within the EU migration and border control services that blocks the entire family from ever entering any nation in Europe, even as tourists. Whether they try and enter with fake passports and ID’s it wouldn’t be possible if proper information was kept on file and accessible on a shared network to authorites.

Here’s the story, encrypted by Bing and Google translator:



Sweden Muslim child rapist 'punished' with community service, continues to stalk 13-year old victim

Sweden doesn’t care: Rapist Muhamed got away with 180 hours of community service for raping a child.


After child rape: Now the victim Ida, 13, is being harassed by Muhamed’s friends

Posted april 5, 2016 at 12.43
Fria Tider

Muhamed was sentenced to 180 hours of community service after brutally raping a 12-year girl following with the slur, “black dick is expensive”. After the rape, the girl has been repeatedly stalked, threatened and beaten by Muhamed’s friend and his family.
Ida had just turned twelve years old when she was cajoled and lured to the now 19-year-old Somali’s apartment in Sundsvall.

When she entered, he ripped her clothes off and raped her while he fed the blows all over her face and held his hand over her mouth.

– Black dick is expensive, said the Somalian, when he raped the twelve year old, who following the rape was bleeding heavily from the genital area.

Last summer Muhamad was sentenced to 180 hours of community service for the rape, which FriaTider wrote about in a notable article. But for the 13-year-old girl the hell has continued.

Muhamad’s friends have sat into a motion a strategy to stalk, threaten and abuse her, reports the Sundsvalls Newspaper. They have on a wide range of occasions attacked her when they encountered her at various sites.

The girl told the media how she encountered the family at a bus stop during Easter holidays. She was first beaten by one of Muhamad’s brother.

– “Then came the second brother who has a restraining order against him, so I thought he was going to help me up, but he gave me a fist blow over my mouth. Then came his mother and I thought they were going to stop, but she kicked me,” says the girl to Sundsvalls Newspaper.

Afterwards the 13-year-old was taken to the hospital with injuries to the back of the head and several loose teeth.

She later received a greeting that she’ll “get beaten six times more”, according to the local newspaper.

Due to violence and harassment from Muhamed and his family the girl has been home from school for three months and had to change schools. But despite these efforts the attacks continued.

Even the girl’s younger brother was the victim of the Somali family’s harassment. Windows have also been target of vandlism and broken in the apartment where the girl lives.

The Welfare Office has now offered the family to move to a temporary protective or hostel.

The girl’s father notes that the violence continues despite the fact that the most active Somali brother has a previous restraining order from contacting the 13-year-old.

“She needs to get her rights,” he told the Sundsvalls Newspaper.

Ida is a fictitious name used for the victim’s privacy.


Muhamed’s comment while raping twelve-year-old Ida: “Black d*ck is expensive” – gets away with 22 days of community service




19 thoughts on “Sweden: Muslim child rapist ‘punished’ with community service continues to stalk 13-year old victim. Authorities do nothing.

  1. The Muslims and nambla have save agenda. Muslims will push for it since yehmen can’t afford the large families that the afford. Dirty men raping kids should be outlawed. should also be bringing out the blood tests and DNA. Bet the Mormon polymers will back the too. But Muslims have made requests to bring their child. Bride. Then the get federal money for their for years. He should have to only be allowed as many kids they can financialy nor wives. In willbacause it up . fraud fraud


  2. If the authorities are not going to protect your family – and across Europe they have made it clear that they will not – then the only solution is to take matters into your own hands. Where are the men of Sweden? How does this father and his friends stand by and let his daughter be abused? In any society, throughout time, it has been the local men who have “cured” these types of barbarians from these twisted behaviors.
    Every time I read another story like this I realize how completely castrated many of the men of the EU truly are.

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    • Without a doubt the parents will have been threatened with arrest and prosecution by the police if they have anything to do with the men or their families, whatsoever! The men and their families, being Merkels Mussies, will have what tantamount to cart blanch!


  3. Kill the rapist, his brothers, and his mother (the father too if he ever shows up). If anyone objects, kill them too.

    But no, that would make sense and end this nightmare. This is Sweden where children are brainwashed so that a 12-year old can be “cajoled and lured” to a “19-year-old Somali’s” government-furnished apartment, and where most of the Swedish men are neutered to the point of reacting like her father – ““She needs to get her rights” – or in a similar absurdly effete and cowardly manner.

    This is more evidence that Swedes are condemned to suicidal self-inflicted genocide.

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  4. If someone would like to sponsor my trip I could pop over to Sweden in July and fix the Moslem sub-human’s little red wagon and also sort out all off his delightful friends as well…


    • Had she been my daughter, I and her three brothers would have given the bastard a chainsaw enema. And the same goes for anyone who thinks that is a bit severe.

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    • SAS are offering low fare tickets out of season now is out of season, or fly Ryan Air it’s cheap enough. Contact the guys who fought against Moslems in Stockholm Central Station. Off the plane and the Arlanda Express to central Stockholm.


      • Im keen but will have to raise around $20K to be able to absent myself from my particular employment for up to two weeks and get there and back from the Land of Wonder, Downunder.

        I require no weapons personally, though noting the comments about fear and pigs blood above I have to comment that all Western forces should be switched to using ordnance containing pig fat… Would have a massive impact…

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    • id be happy to come and join you, we should start a fund, if not to go ourself then to hire someone who will. Fuck this scum it’s time for them to die.


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