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Germany: Muslim Turks march through Duisburg chanting, “With Allah’s help, we shall conquer You”

On Saturday hundreds of Muslim Turks {“Turkish Nationalists”) in Germany rallied in Duisburg against the Kurdish Worker’s Party (PKK) and for Turkish national sovereignty and security. They were seen using the “Grey Wolves” Salute, the Turkish equivalent of a National Socialist Salute commonly used as what is classified as a “neo-fascist” or “ulltra-nationalist” organization.

Their intention is creating a “Pan-Turkish empire”, unifying all members of the Turkish people under one banner and purging all enemy forces.

Their enemies include Kurds, Jews, Zionists, Christians, Armenians, Greeks, Homosexuals, Persians, Liberals and Communists, who are, ideally, to be eradicated.

The German branch of the Grey Wolves is the “Turkish Federation” who is a member of the “European Federation of Turkish Democratic Idealist Organizations”. They are also members of the “Union of Turkish Cultural Organizations in Europe” (ATB), operating legally and being classified as “Idealists”.

Under German law, any hints at fascism or ultra-nationalism and any organization perpetuating such ideologies is monitored by the “Federal Office for the Protection of the Constitution” and outlawed.

What seems contradictory to many is that nationalism is only allowed for immigrants, as their influence is seen as overall positive, no matter their motives. This explains the complete lack of media outrage.

During the protest they can be heard chanting “Allah is great” and, according to reports, “We rebuilt Germany” and “With God’s help we shall conquer”.

Many of them were members of the “Turan e.V.” club, an organization that leans on “Rocker” culture, as demonstrated in one of my previous uploads.

WATCH: “We’re taking over this Country”: ‘Ottoman Germania’ Subculture threatens Germany in music video:

Although there were small counter-protests by Kurds, the Antifa declared it to be too dangerous to counter them.



22 thoughts on “Germany: Muslim Turks march through Duisburg chanting, “With Allah’s help, we shall conquer You”

  1. They stand against the cultures that created Turkey. Real Turks are mongols and they are not even the ones chanting.

    Turkey’s unity was created by force by a Macedonian (Ataturk). If you believe in the zionists then one should first question why Turkey was created in the first place!

    The Kurds have been a minority in that region as history tells us long before the mongolian invasion and much longer before the creation of the Ottoman Empire. We are a people different from the origin Turks. It is our right to have our own nation which Turkey took from us in the first place!


  2. It is obvious that site The Muslim Issue is a Zionist site spiteful against Islam and distinction and you this article, translated and who have not forgotten also add touches a video last bottom of the article Kurds to inflame more on Turkey and Ihradwhm them and try to pass on the people’s right of Kurds to destroy the unity of Turkey and to cut off their land for a state on the ruins :


    • Zionist? Keep dreaming. The whole world feel sick to their stomach hearing the word Islam or Muslim. If you imagine a tiny group of Zionists are your only opposition, you live in your Allah-dream land. The entire world want nothing to do with you. Get that fact into your head.


    • You stole the Byzantine Empire. You have defiled Constantinople.

      Israel is irrelevant. It’s not remotely about them.

      Assad informs us you are already on the ground fighting against him. We have every reason in the world to back him. He and his people have never done anything to us.


  3. I quote this article:- “During the protest they can be heard chanting “Allah is great” and, according to reports, “We rebuilt Germany” and “With God’s help we shall conquer”.”

    I was there. I took part in the mentioned protest against the communist, terror group Pkk. It’s true we chanted Allah is great. Which he is. Allah is simply an arabic word for God. And if you don’t believe God is great then something is wrong with you. Christian arabs use the word Allah as well for the word God. Educate yourself first, then write an article.
    “according to reports, “We rebuilt Germany” and “With God’s help we shall conquer”.” This is a complete lie. As I said, I was there. I took part protesting against the communists. I have never ever heard such a thing at this protest. According to reports…my ass. We are never against the Kurds. We are against a kurdish, communist terror group. If we were against kurds, then explain to me why we have kurds amongst us as members of Turan e.V.. Not only Kurds, I’m talking Albanian origin, Hungarian origin and Georgian origin. My leader of Turan in my Town is Georgian. I have kurdish friends who are for Turkey. I also used to have kurdish friends who are for Pkk and I ended the friendships with them.
    Just like Italo Americans are proud to be Americans and proud to call them selfs as such, we have people of different origins who are for Turkey and pride themselfs being Turks. We ask no one to change their origin or DNA and become full blood Turks. That’s crazy! But if you have a turkish passport and feel turkish….then you are turkish.Why is it understandable for the western world that in America that this kind of love for thy country is normal by so many different origins but unthinkable for Turkey? Why do Nato allies protect and support the communists? Then what’s the purpose of Nato?
    There is no right in the republic of Turkey that I have but the Kurd does not have. Yes, in the past the CHP party did many things wrong…especially against the Kurds. They didn’t have the same rights.But today, that has changed. So what is it that they still want. Country of their own? HDP first said no and changed their mind. PKK said no and changed their mind as well after AKP changed everything…equal rights for EVERYBODY. So both are not for kurdish rights or so. They are puppets of other nations wishing to establish a greater Israel and Turkey is last line of defence against that. It’s western/christian/zionist offensive against muslim nations and you know it! It’s the continuation of the crusades to this day. Don’t even deny it. But we muslims are the evil ones. It started with England STEALING land from the arabs and creating Israel on that land. YOU guys are thiefs and liars.


    • If the West or “Zionist” had any offensive against Muslim dogs, none of your would be alive today. The fact that you breed like roaches and spread everywhere is evidence by itself that no one, except your own, has any “offensives” to your lot.

      The description of the “God” of Muslims is nothing the rest of the world wants to associate with. Your “God” is a nasty, evil, barbaric and blood thirsty demon. And no, there is nothing wrong in anyone who does not believe in a God like your demon entity Allah.

      What land did ANYONE “steal” from Arabs? Explain to us how the entire Arabian peninsula was Jewish and Christian and by sheer murder sprees turned Islamic since the birth of your prophet. So who exactly stole from whom? Mohammed started with Medina and spread his occupation in all directions from there onwards. Muslims are the occupiers and invaders. A bit of spring cleaning and taking back what you have stolen from others through history would do the world some good.

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      • Turkey have always been one of the main players in this,shame Governments won’t admit it and stop giving them money. Any Muslim country is a threat,but the Turks have been very,very slippery,especially over here in the UK and Europe,but they have their set goal,I have written to several MP’s over the years about this but of course been ignored as I do not have “Muslim Right’s”


    • NATO was against the USSR, which was originally formed by largely atheist Jews, much like Karl Marx himself.

      The USSR fell. Not before infecting us with destructive ideas, much like Stalin said you would need to do to take down the west instead of fighting.

      So NATO, especially with Turkey in it, was an alliance of convenience. Let’s assume you really mean everything you just said and aren’t employing Taqqia right now. The mere fact that you had this battle with the PKK in Germany, instead of Turkey, means you are an active threat against our civilization. There should not be enough of either of you there in Germany for this to be a thing that could happen.

      So the PKK is another ally of convenience. I don’t like any kind of commie, though at least they are more nationalist than Marx was.

      You don’t demand people to change their DNA to be a Turk huh? Explain that to all the dead people from the Armenian Genocide. So not only did you kill the Byzantines, you killed them too.

      What is it they still want? There are only so many times you can abuse them and bomb their villages before they will accept no offers of peace. You Turks seem to be really good at finding that line.


  4. Ah, little stupid germans, still not want to wake up to the fact that their country is gone, there are no more Germany, only Germanistan 🙂 When civil war will broke up, you are trully fucked. But hey, what do you expect from pussies, it will be a memorable shitshow. We are laughing at you from Eastern Europe, stupid fucks, if you don`t want to throw out the muzzie scum, then you are already done as a society, the normalcy bias will kill you anyway. You can continue to live in your nice unicorn dreams 🙂 now it doesn`t matter anyway, you are so fucked.


  5. Im from Turkey and this is bullshit. Grey wolves is a nationalist organization, and thats right. But they are strictly aganist racism. Their founding leader stated in his book that “we are not racists”.. Yes they are Muslims but they also support a secular government. And they are not enemies of homosexuals! MHP (their political party) is mostly silent about LGBT issues (neither supporter nor enenmy).. In Turkey i’ve never heard an organized grey wolf gangs attacking someone gay…

    They are aganist communists but their main enemy is only PKK and Kurdish rebelists…


      • Oops there go’s that taqiyya again,we know what you are,stop the pretence,there is no need to lie any longer.I wish you lot would start telling us how you really feel instead of thinking we are the stupid ones believing your BS.Go on what would you really like to do,although I expect the word”TRUTH” is not in the Koran.Come back when you have learned about TRUTH and can actually speak it,although it must be like learning a new language to you Muslims. The language of TRUTH,do you know what TRUTH is? Google it 🙂 although I dunno about that either lol.


    • If Hitler said he loved the Jews, would you expect me to believe him?
      No you wouldn’t, would you. For obvious reasons.
      So why do you expect me to believe a muslim who follows the racist doctrine of islam, when he says he is not a racist?


    • Muslims think the world owes them a favour,as they cannot realise it is only themselves that make them so hated by everyone else,its no one else’s fault they are evil,blood thirsty twats.Brainwashed by the book of shit their road map to life.I think we should play them at their own game and shove on a niqab and go do haj at Mecca and sort it once and for all 🙂 although leave it a while as they are still killing each other we can just go and mop up the rest 🙂


    • This is part of a cunning plot by Human Rights Watch (and other unproductive members of society) to import all the Turks from Turkey to make Turkey safe.


  6. People must realise that Islam is Evil. Every Muslim country has bad government to destroy non Muslims. Islam cannot integrate with others and its aim is to disrupt harmony. The world will never have peace so Long Islam is taught & followed!

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  7. Viking Trance – Psytronicalism is a great tune with its thumping Nordic drums and inspirational hums, and hasn’t been banned in Germany.

    The Germans should accept their history and be proud of it because they are awesome. It is only a few years ago they were a financial powerhouse, leading by example in Europe. They now find themselves in a situation where they must have foresight, and fight to survive.


  8. Here’s the Youtube uploaders comments on the rap video:

    ”While many artists in the German Rap scene show hostility towards German culture and Germans in general, this music video by the Migrant boxing gang “Osmanen Germania” (freely translated Ottoman German Empire) released last year takes the absurdity to another level. It combines elements of biker-culture and German folk elements with Muslim faith and the self-proclaimed goal of a hostile takeover of the entire country – all while being proud to claim some traditional German culture as their own as a trophy.

    In the video, the lead rapper claims Germans are weak and know nothing about brotherhood, while (as Allah is willing) Muslims will take over the country. He claims they are stronger, know how to fight, are ready to die in battle in a martyrs death and will “rob the last shirt” of Germans.

    It may be cringeworthy, but it shows you the sentiment of these subcultures – any native German group releasing lyrics like this would certainly face imprisonment for hate speech.”

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    • !!! – “It now appears that the ‘non-Islamic’ cultures’ ALL harbour a “Death-wish” and are so “disunited” they are in effect, becoming signatories to their own Death Warrants! They are all ‘falling’ into Satan’s ‘Trap’ – effectively ‘Sealing’ their own doom! MUSLIMS’ everywhere, function as an integral monolith, responding in unison to “intensive” ‘Brainwashing’ which begins at conception and continues until ‘each’ of ISLAM’S Adherent followers either ‘Dies’ as a Martyr, or of Old Age! There is NO CURE! Even ‘intensive’ de-programming does not successfully always work effectively! Recall the Fort Hood incident? – a highly educated, and ‘Trained’ Doctor of Psychiatry, was unable to ‘break’ the bonds of his Cultural background of “Brainwashing” by the Mullahs and Imams of ISLAM! The ‘incentive’ “Driver” for each of these ‘Victim’ Radicals, is the ‘Programming’ that Killing “Kuffars” (Infidels and non-Believers’) is their ‘personal’ guarantee of a ‘instantaneous’ transportation to “PARADISE!” When each ‘Muslim’ believes ‘that’ to the exclusion of “everything” else, – we have a “Brainwashed” Radical!”

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