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Buckle Up – Gigantic ISIS Terror Plot Discovered

Last weeks’ attack in Brussels certainly [did not] caught the world by surprise.

Not that it’s any surprise ISIS terrorists would attempt to wreak havoc in the heart of Europe… more that they did it in an area that was supposedly secure and that there was very little anti-terror officials were able to do to stop it.

Islamic state crucifixion in Syria

What’s equally disturbing is this happened in Europe where refugees are being accepted with open arms. Contrary to popular liberal sentiment, being warm and inviting to a religious group that’s accepting of terrorism is not deterring an onslaught of violence aimed at Western society. In fact it’s actually the catalyst for more terror.

Here’s what we know about their future plans…this is terrifying.

A group calling itself 'Muslims Against the Crusades' stage a provocative protest in Barking against a parade by the Royal Anglian Regiment who were being granted the freedom of the borough. There was a counter protest by the racist English Defence League

A group calling itself ‘Muslims Against the Crusades’ stage a provocative protest in Barking against a parade by the Royal Anglian Regiment who were being granted the freedom of the borough. There was a counter protest by the racist English Defence League and scuffles as the Police kept the two sides apart.

Shortly after the Brussels attack ISIS announced they have deployed more than 400 independent terror units into the heart of Europe to unleash more devastating attacks. Their plans are to bring Europe to its knees, once they accomplish this, then their eyes will be turned to the U.S.

This is exactly why any of the candidates who are calling for a total ban on the reception of more Muslim refugees is well within their constitutional rights to do so.

ISIS has declared in multiple intercepted transmissions they will resort to any and all kinds of deceit to ensure their horrifying plans are carried out in Europe, and then abroad.

As reported by CNN.

Investigators are aware of multiple additional ISIS plots in Europe possibly linked to the Paris and Brussels networks that are in various stages of planning.

A combination of electronic intercepts, human sources and database tracking indicates several possible targets had been picked out by the ISIS operatives over the last few months since the Paris attacks, according to U.S. counterterrorism officials.

Since the attacks earlier this week, information found in a raided apartment, including maps, indicated other potential targets had been chosen, one of the sources said.

ISIS has demonstrated they are quite capable of delivering catastrophic destruction to event he most advanced cities.

Their carefully planned attacks in Brussels and Paris have served as tremors indicating what they have in store for the U.S.

We can’t necessarily count on the cumbersome vetting process of DHS to ensure these terrorists are kept out…as some of the leading strategists note our best solution is to secure the borders and then to attack ISIS at their roots.

Only then will the U.S. be guaranteed any kind of safety.

If you don’t believe that then take a look at what one expert on the situation said about what’s presently taking place in Europe.

“There’s evidence these guys are floating around in Europe and haven’t been rounded up yet and hope to launch an attack,” one official said, adding, “there’s a constant drumbeat and fear something else is going to happen.”

“Intel doesn’t come in a neat form answering the who, what, where, when and why,” the official said. “We rarely are operating with a full utility belt.”

Doesn’t sit very well, does it?

Are you concerned about what’s happening in Europe?

Tell us in the comments below.



12 thoughts on “Buckle Up – Gigantic ISIS Terror Plot Discovered

  1. And I’m sure they are in Canada staying in what used to be nice hotels,at the tax payers expense
    Our gov is to stupid to see it


  2. Are you concerned about what’s happening in Europe? – Western European Civilization is doomed. The EU countries not in denial of the present and growing Islamic threats and problems within the Union don’t have the economic capability to stand alone or as separate group. So, they’ll remain in the EU and be unable to change its policies. Led by Germany and France, EU consolidation and Brussels’ aggrandizement will continue.

    The EU will attempt to control its growing Islamic terror problems and Muslim unrest with increased cooperation and integration among its member nations. The efforts will prove futile. Islam and its terror are inexorably expanding on the African continent and in the Mid East. The effect on Europe along with problems from its growing Muslim population will overwhelm European civilization within a few decades. Its culture and character will be obliterated.

    If those developments occur at a pace significantly faster than those associated with Muslim migration to North America, the United States may be able to preserve its Western-oriented civilization. Though, forces from the South and Asia may, along with Islam, overwhelm it too.

    Global human civilization could enter an extended age of conceptual and moral darkness, a global dystopia with vast portions of the globe controlled by barbarians, interspersed with geographic strongholds of advanced civilizations. The oligarchs plan for a New World Order will fail. They are not the demigods they imagine themselves to be.


    • There are certainly many ways the cookie can crumble.

      The more Eastern European countries aren’t following what Western European countries are doing.

      I give you Victor Orban

      Liked by 1 person

    • It might be good or better, if the 400 saboteurs do manage to inflict widespread damage say a blown railway station per week for a year, 20 shopping malls destroyed etc. Europe needs to be awakened, Left wing influences need to be dismissed. What is needed if the 400 don’t achieve much, is some help from Operation Gladio, NATO provided false flag terrorism, to inflame public opinion against Muslims.British Empire has a long history of false flag terrorism, Its a well honed instrument of British foreign policy, Always has been.
      Gladio was used to prevent Italy going communist. Remember all those kidnappings of former prime ministers etc? Blown supermarkets etc?
      It can be used to prevent Europe going Islamic.


  3. well they’ve done the US more than once as well as Paris London NY I’d say it will be either Sweden or the Vatican. No single government apart from Russia has the guts to either deal with Wahhabi Islam Saudi Arabia the main cause of today’s chaos. These greedy savage Princes have an unhealthy desire to control the world with the Jew Banker George Soros (who by now is in control of trillions) the driving force behind these idiot Princes. Soros the Puppet Master and the Arabs through their greed dance to his tune.


  4. The Sunni Muslims are upset that their ideal Islamic State in Syria/Iraq is disappearing and want to take revenge, anyone non-Muslim will do and the more they can kill the better.


  5. While our weak mealy-mouthed politicians are more concerned about not upsetting minority Muslim voters at home we just have to await the inevitable atrocities committed on home soil by infiltrators and local malcontented Muslims.


    • Oh, they’re saying currently in the news literally all the time that “The Muslims in the America are all fully westernized”.


  6. ISIS are like all the rest of the discontented alphabet soup, they shit in their own nests. The annoying bit is that they have passive supporters in their countries who don’t have the guts to inform the state authorities about their activities and instead, by remaining silent, lie and subvert the civilisation of which they enjoy the benefits.

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