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FBI wants to know if Muslims firing shots while screaming Allahu-Akbar in California, were ‘racially profiled’

Terrorism In California: FBI Investigates Large Group Of Middle Eastern Men With Guns, But Were They Racially Profiled?


FBI van

6 thoughts on “FBI wants to know if Muslims firing shots while screaming Allahu-Akbar in California, were ‘racially profiled’

  1. “If you see something, say something.” If the report is true, it’s not illogical to consider this incident to be a dry run, and the authorities should thoroughly investigate any and all mosque(s) in the San Bernardino area — immediately. However, there is a bigger problem:
    from ISIS booklet entitled HOW TO SURVIVE IN THE WEST —
    “The biggest priority for you as a Muslim living in a majority non-Muslim country is to hide your Muslim identity in a way that you don’t suddenly seem ‘different’ or ‘radicalised.’
    If you are a convert to Islam, you should try to hide your Islam as much as possible. You should of course pray the Jummah (Friday) prayer in congregation (Jamaa’ah). However, you should then quickly leave without talking to people.”


  2. “…no criminal histories or outstanding warrants…” But no mention if they were in the US legally. Plus, notice the feds keep telling the public “If you see something, say something.” But as soon as anyone does, they start looking for profiling or religious discrimination.

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    • Many Americans are confused–not seeming to realize that these AHs and Pig-f*ckers are attempting to use our laws and customs against us.


    • Same here in the UK Dan,they tell you to watch out and report anything iffy and when you do you end up getting called a racist and end up in court for racial/religious hatred,which of course is a joke in itself.Why are they protecting this vile species I would like to know? Do they not realise they would whop their heads off in a minute without a thought,or have they all converted? Now I would tell the police nothing we have our own groups set up and just network between each other. In the UK the only people that have guns except the police are gangsters,gun-smiths and bloody muslims who have the biggest stash of all,but oh dear me they carn’t raid a mosque without ringing to make an appointment first its madness,and the sniffer dogs then have to wear booties so as not to piss the muslims off insane totally insane,n it don’t matter anyhow as when they get to the appontment all the guns and anthrax infected heroin has been moved!! I would just bulldoze the mosques fuk em,i hate them!


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