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Sweden: Annual Muslim arson attacks start in the capital Stockholm

Every year Sweden goes through Muslim arson season where the unwanted implants target  people’s cars and property, even schools, hospitals and local government buildings (ex. the welfare office) where they have faced some form of rejection. The Swedes are so lame and weak they do nothing but bend over and beg for more rather than put a permanent end to it.

There has been a large string of arsons taking place at “asylum shelters” all across Europe that are blamed on “racism”, “Islamophobia”, and “right-wing” extremism. Again the left falsely accuse and slander completey innocent people. Arson is common behavior imported from Muslim countries where it is used as a tool for revenge and harassment. In Israel they prepare for “arson season” where the “Palestinians” begin their terrorism against the Israeli people. Consequently, every building and planning involves materials and careful thought to any detail that can reduce fire damages. This is their daily life.

We can only hope the EU has put a special budget aside to deal with the enormous costs managing the endless stream of Muslim arsons they have imported. And what about the increase in deaths? Who will take responsibility for the deaths? Someone within the policy making needs to take the legal responsibility and face charges.


7 thoughts on “Sweden: Annual Muslim arson attacks start in the capital Stockholm

  1. That and their weekly count of GRENADE attacks in malmo.

    I can tell you that would not be tolerated stateside. Even the local gangs filled with illegals like MS-13 would deal with it.


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