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UK borrow to fund terror: £72 mil for £1,000 p.m. free handouts to 4 mil ‘Palestinians’

We’ve written about this charade many times before. “Palestinians” (or Egyptians and Saudis, which is their origin) are the biggest fraudsters in the world. Thousands of Muslims from all across the Middle East pour into Palestine every year, throw away their own passports and get handed a new “Palestinian” one which claims they are born in Palestine. There they sit and either join Hamas to wage jihad, or sit and collect welfare pouring in from all over the world while doing nothing. Meanwhile, they engage in crime and mass-produce babies while spewing hatred and encroaching on someone else’s land, and lying it is theirs. This format is used all over the world and repeated in Thailand, India, Myanmar – you name it, and serve as a common and effective jihad strategy:

Encroach on land, start producing babies, attack the natives, play the victim, cry to left-wing human rights organizations, stage a few fake photo-ops of your wounds and blast them all over social media. Beg for free handouts and military and political help to overthrow the government in the host country you’ve just occupied – illegally.

The West should unit and follow this effective Islamic format and re-take 48 Muslim occupied countries around the world.

“Palestinians” endlessly claiming to be too poor to live, too poor to eat, too poor to afford healthcare. They also lie and claim Israel “blocks” food transport to the Palestinian occupied areas during defense initiatives in response to a barrage of rockets from Hamas raining into Israel. All of this is nonsense.

In addition to receiving BILLIONS in free money from around the world which they use for terrorism “Palestinians” get free emergency medical care from Israel, free food is sent in convoys – again from Israel – and free water supplies send by Israel during the defense operations. Israel also sends pamphlets to warn civilians. Hamas sends nothing when they send 2,000 bombs into Israel and initiate thousands to stab a Jew anywhere and everywhere.

“Palestinians” are amongst the dominant groups in the world battling weight problems. And why wouldn’t they when they sit on their fat arses on a free gravy train waging jihad while pretending to be victims all the time. Don’t forget “Palestinians” make up the third largest group in ISIS. Did they “loose land” in Syria too? “Palestinians” are the Islamic State of the 1920’s created by Saudi intitiatives for a new Caliphate and spearheaded by Nazi ally Amin al-Husseini, who originated from Syria.

There is a solution to the “Palestinian” inmitiaed conflict in Israel. And it certainly doesn’t come by “negotiating” with an occupier who lies all the time. The solution is to force them out of Gaza and West Bank and airlift all of them to Jordan – which was Israel to begin with but handed to invading Muslims – and secure the borders between Israel and Jordan with additional walls. Then send international military troops to guard those walls from further Muslim attacks. End of story.

Look at the photo below with the “Palestinians” lining up at the ATM for free handouts. If UK aid pays them £1,000 a month, imagine what all international aid combined provides these criminal terrorists?



Revealed, how UK aid funds TERRORISTS: After yet more budget cuts, another £12bn of your taxes are being splurged on foreign hand-outs for militants, killers, Palestinian palaces and jobs that don’t exist

  • Mail On Sunday investigation shows that UK money has funded terrorists
  • £72million was given to Palestine, which spent £8million on a new palace
  • £5.9million was given to a US-based think-tank which has a £12million HQ
  • You can sign the MoS petition to force a Commons debate on spending 

By Mark Wood and Nick Craven for The Mail on Sunday
Published: 21:27, 26 March 2016 |

The scandal of how Britain fritters away billions in foreign aid – including paying salaries to convicted terrorists who have murdered hundreds of innocent people – is exposed today by a major MoS investigation.

The shocking revelation that thousands of Palestinian terrorists, including men who have masterminded suicide bombings and murdered children, are given cash handouts from aid money will cause anger and disbelief, particularly in the wake of the Brussels massacres.

Our probe exposed how huge amounts of taxpayers’ cash, that critics say should be spent in Britain, is being ‘squandered’ on wasteful schemes elsewhere by the Department For International Development (DFID) and Foreign Office.

Despite claims of astonishing waste, the Government maintains a dogged adherence to the commitment to spend 0.7 per cent of the nation’s income on foreign aid – the highest proportion of any of the world’s major economies – even though last year it had to borrow £70 billion.

Pet project: The £8million palace built by Palestine, which has received £72million of foreign aid
Pet project: The £8million palace built by Palestine, which has received £72million of foreign aid.

Special relationship: The Global Center For Development was given £5.9million. The US-based think-tank has a £12million HQ (pictured) 

8 thoughts on “UK borrow to fund terror: £72 mil for £1,000 p.m. free handouts to 4 mil ‘Palestinians’

  1. Like all Moslem Arabs RIta they lie and they lie and they lie. I was a little girl just 5 years after Israel had her land returned to her. Every time I was taken to a matinee Pathe News showed the progress Israel was making and without fg handouts like pallys. Her people bent their backs plowed the land found new ways to irrigate the desert. She exported as much fruit as she could grow to pay her way and her debts. I am so sorry I simply cannot be rational about so called pally’s. All of them blew in from the surrounding moslem nations to breed like rabbits produce nothing but lies hatred and violence. Just as the rest of the Islamic world is doing now. This scum has been at it for over 1400 years and there is only way to deal with Islam annihilate and start by carpet bombing Saudi Arabia and Iran. No one has the guts to do it, no one can see beyond their comfort zones. Israel and Israeli’s had nothing nothing except a bunch of survivors from WWII and the holocaust and look where they are today. Politicians need to stop listening to moslem arab sob stories and lies instead learn from Israel.

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    • Ericka, read this:

      Umm, considering where I’m living, I guess I should’ve said:
      Oh no, have I just made myself guilty of Krautophobia?! 😉

      (Preposterous Bacon-o-phobic Unacceptable Hatemonger)


      • Read this one a couple of weeks back it is a good article about India/Israel relations. One of the earliest and oldest synagogues outside Israel dates back 5,000 years a little know fact. Naturally there are Indian Jews just as there are rotten only 1400 year old moslems all over the world – not a race its a cult and you can bet Thuggies and burning women with their dead husbands is Moslem in origin!
        Hindu Buddhist Sikh and all other religions have never practiced the burning of one’s wife along with a dead Mogul moslem husband. Further more vegetarian diets are more common that the slaughter of meat hal-lal fashion. Amazing how blood thirsty Moslems are?


      • “Read this one a couple of weeks back” – I shoulda guessed that we’re both on Gatestone’s mailing list, shouldn’t I? 😉
        I sent that link to my boss the other day, after going through my Gatestone collection for just that purpose. So that’s why the idea of sharing it with you popped up in my noggin today.

        “Amazing how blood thirsty Moslems are?” – “?”?!?! … I think ya wanna straighten out that curly bit of your punctuation, don’t ya?

        You know what? I’m feeling rather chipper tonight (Jeez, how unAustralian is that sorta talk? Crikey! ☺). Out of the goodness of my heart I’ll do it for you:
        Amazing how blood thirsty Moslems are!


  2. Outstanding article. It should be distributed widely and often. !!! Being interested in Israel and fighting Jew Hatred at least with my keyboard, I am moderately informed, but even I did not know the extent of these parasitic organism that sucks us all dry.
    Please Israel, dont treat the murderers of your people in your hospitals, or you are becoming acomplices in the murder of your folk and you get no brownie points. The lies against you will continue worse, because every good deed shall be punished.

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