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Italian police arrest Algerian fake ID-maker to Paris and Brussels terrorists

Italian police arrest ‘Isil forger’

by Telegraph (Live feed)

An Algerian wanted by Belgium for allegedly providing fake ID documents used by the Paris and Brussels attackers has been arrested in Italy. Djamal Eddine Ouali, 40, was arrested in the southern town of Bellizzi on Saturday.

He is suspected of providing a forged Belgian ID card for Najim Laachraoui, who blew himself up at Brussels airport and is also believed to have been the bomb-maker for the Paris attacks, the Italian news agency Ansa reported.

The moment of the arrest of Djamal Eddine Ouali (R, on his knees), arrested by an Italian anti-terror squad in Bellizzi near Salerno, southern Italy

The moment of the arrest of Djamal Eddine Ouali (right, on his knees), arrested by an Italian anti-terror squad in Bellizzi near Salerno, southern Italy  Photo: EPA/CARMINE CAPPETTI / WWW.ASALERNO.IT

Laachraoui went to Syria in 2013 and returned last year under the alias of Soufiane Kayal.

Ouali is also believed to have provided fake ID for Salah Abdeslam, a key suspect in the Paris attacks arrested in Brussels four days before the Brussels bombing.

According to Ansa, Mohamed Belkaïd, an Algerian killed in a police raid in the Belgian capital on March 15 as investigators closed in on Abdeslam, was also in possession of forged ID which he supplied.

He is expected to be extradited to Belgium within days. Belgian authorities placed him on the wanted list in January after hundreds of digital photographs, including images of Laachraoui and those who planned the attacks in Paris two months earlier, were seized from a counterfeiter’s workshop in the Brussels district of Saint-Gilles.

Italian police, alerted when Ouali applied for a residence permit in the southern city of Salerno, are investigating what he was doing in the country and possible links to other suspects.

Italian police arrest Djamal Eddine Ouali for making fake IDs to ISIS

Djamal Eddine Ouali

Italian news agency ANSA have reported that Ouali has so far refused to co-operate with prosecutors and not responding to questioning. Extradition will go ahead to Belgium but unclear when.

Responding to news reports, chief of police in Salerno, Alfredo Anzalone, said “we are not looking for any accomplices”

He was arrested at a bus stop and gave no resistence when he was arrested by anti terror police. He is currently being held at Salerno police station and will be transferred to a prison in Fuorni while awaiting extradition.

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