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‘Belgian security is so bad it’s a threat to other European countries’

Britain is in passionate discussions over a Brexit from the EU which would be the wisest thing they could do in their situation. The European Union membership is an enormous failure that has brought poverty, crime, joblessness, a houseing crisis, underminded the welfare system and pushed a massive security hole onto the European countries. It has also enabled 150 million non Europeans access into Europe within the past 15-20 years and opened all doors to Muslim migration from all over the world. Not even one of the current members of the EU came with a public majority vote who wanted the membership. It was superimposed on the people by force. The only groups who have benefit from the EU memberships by enormous growth and wealth are banks and large multinational companies. It is perhaps not surprising that the banks are constant behind the propaganda (“economic forecast”) that Europe needs open borders and would somehow “die” if it doesn’t continue importing a constant stream of new people. This is of course absurd. Africa and India meet all the bogus data on population growth, supposedly the golden key to a successful and growing economy. And what is their position? Hardly anything any modern society would want to emulate. Every nation with an excess population is steeped in uncontrolled poverty although the banks in these countries benefit from the population numbers since people need bank accounts to exist in a society, even in poor countries.



Belgian security is so bad it’s actually a threat to Britain

The Brussels attacks have revealed the staggering incompetence of European intelligence. How can anyone say we’re safer in the EU?

Special police forces stand guard outside the Council Chamber of Brussels
Special police forces stand guard outside the Council Chamber of Brussels.

Con Coughlin
By Con Coughlin
11:49AM GMT 25 Mar 2016

The more we learn about the rank incompetence of the Belgian security forces in dealing with Islamist terrorists, the more the argument unravels that continued membership of the EU makes Britain a safer place to live.

In the past week we have had luminaries such as Home Secretary Theresa May and Metropolitan Police Commissioner Sir Bernard Hogan-Howe declaring that Britain’s security would be seriously compromised if we chose to leave the EU in the June referendum.

I would be most interested to know how they could possibly justify that this preposterous claim when measured against the catalogue of catastrophic failings made by the Belgian intelligence forces that resulted in last week’s disastrous attacks on the country’s capital.

“It is notable that despite the huge advantage the UK possesses in its ‘5 Eyes’ intelligence, our Agencies attach a high importance to increased cooperation with European counterparts”.

It is bad enough that the Belgian intelligence authorities did not act on warnings from Turkey that a known Islamic State (Isil) terrorist was living in their midst. But now it transpires that the Belgian government, one of the EU’s most ardent advocates, did not bother to pass on the information to key allies, such as Britain, with all the potential implications that could have for their own security.

Even more worrying is today’s revelation that, apart from carrying out a series of suicide bombings in Belgium, the terrorists may also have been planning some sort of nuclear attack involving a radiological dirty bomb.

Were the Belgian authorities also planning to keep this juicy chunk of information to themselves? Had this crucial piece of information not been leaked to the media, did the Belgians have any intention of sharing this information with key EU allies such as Britain?

Given what we now know about the way the Belgians responded to tangible intelligence about active Islamic State terror cells in their midst, the answer must be a resounding “no”.

It is a fact well known among the British intelligence community – which responds to any and every piece of intelligence it receives about potential terror cells – that the Belgians are pretty useless when it comes to counter-terrorist operations. A combination of not wanting to upset Muslim sensibilities and the country’s divisive political system have meant that the Belgian intelligence and security establishment has rarely been inclined to take effective action against hardened terrorists.

Thus we should not be surprised by the catalogue of astounding errors that resulted in the Brussels attacks. If the Belgian authorities are not prepared to treat seriously warnings that there are known jihadi terrorists living in their midst, then what do you expect?

Certainly, if the Belgian authorities had acted on information passed to them by Turkey last June that the Turks had deported Ibrahim el-Bakraoui, a known terrorist and criminal who, together with his brother Khalid, carried out the suicide bombings in the departure lounge at Brussels airport, then the atrocity may well have been avoided.

The three suspects
Brahim El Bakraoui (L) Khalid El Bakraoui (C) and Najim Laachraoui.

But it is a measure both of the Belgian authorities’ incompetence, as well as its laissez-faire attitude towards radicalised Muslims, that no action was taken.

And while, for the moment, it is for the Belgians to decide what improvements, if any, they want to make to their intelligence operations, their incompetence, and the impact this could have on EU allies like Britain, is something we must to take on board as we ponder whether to leave or remain in the EU.

The Brussels bombings, as well as the latest warnings about a possible dirty bomb attack, demonstrate irrefutably that the failings of some EU intelligence services pose a grave threat to our own security, rather than enhancing it.

Therefore any decision taken about our future EU membership needs to be taken with this clear understanding in mind, rather than on the basis of ill-founded scare stories put around by those who should know better that, without the cooperation of EU states like Belgiam, Britain’s security would be seriously compromised.


11 thoughts on “‘Belgian security is so bad it’s a threat to other European countries’

  1. The British should be thankful that the UK is a member of the Five Eyes, probably their only source of reliable intelligence.

    I’d agree with the comments on ‘open borders’ and mass immigration, the policy suits vested interests and leftist fantasists, not most of the population. There are (were) many prosperous nations in Europe with small populations, ie before they contracted the Merkel disease.


  2. Britan is not lost, even now they have a chance to fuck up all the muzzie scums they have inside the country, especially those on the Luton area, where they are dominant. But to do this you need men with attitude and balls, which Britain still have, not like those whinning pussies from Bruxelles, who some day might be conquered by those muzzie scum gangs from the Molenbeek neighborhood. How suicidal you must be as a country and as a nation to allow all that savage goatfucker muzzie scum to dig in in your own capital, this is pure insanity what they are doing, and the stupid brain dead little useful idiots get along with their insane elite from the EU Parlament. So, Belgium is already lost, they live in their unicorn fantasy land 🙂 all those stupid fucks with candle lights, actually we are sure that they have a very boring life, they don`t need freedom at all, and they want to be bombed from time to time 🙂 `couse otherwise they would hang all those fucking traitors from the EU Parlament, who sell their own people for money. This happens when you let the enemy inside, they fuck you up all the time, and this will continue from now on too. So, Belgium, we don`t want your advice from Bruxelles, from the EU, when the time will come, and sure come will he, you all will pay for what you do to the next generation, you don`t sell the future of our children, `couse you are all insane, we will deal with you. It is sad to say this, but you need to wake up, those with at least half a brain, war is coming, we need to rout out all the fucking muzzie scums from Europe, we will beat the shit out of them in Hungary, we are not pussies like the belgians, `couse we are europeans, and Europe is for Europeans, we fighted for this, and we will not give it away to anybody, if it will be necesarry, we will bomb the shit out of Bruxelles bureaucrats, you will never tell us to who we let in our country. So, just send all those fucking muzzie scum here, we will kill them on spot, and let them rot on the streets, just to know all those fucking shitheads from Idomeni what are awaiting them here.
    Like Boseman Montana said, war is coming, we need to prepare, all those stupid leftist useful idiots will be done in 1-2 weeks, they are already out of the game, just they don`t get it. I wish it would be another way, but you all stupid from western Europe made this to happen, `couse you are pussies, and you selled your future for money, but your future is not our future, we know what it needs to be done. We hungarians fucked the muslims in the past at the Eger battle, we stopped them, and we will fuck them again, when the time is right.
    So, waky waky, freedom is not for free, you have to stand for it, from time to time, even if you have to sacrifice a lot for it, I know it`s hard to apprehend this, but this is how things are.


  3. “.. if the Belgian authorities had acted on information passed to them by Turkey last June..”

    And from

    “Brahim El Bakraoui was convicted in 2010 of shooting at police with a Kalashnikov rifle during an armed robbery. He wounded one of the officers, according to the newspaper. He was sentenced to nine years in prison. It is not clear when he was released.

    Khalid El Bakraoui was sentenced to five years of probation in 2011 for a series of carjackings, the newspaper reports.”

    Belgium, the EU, the U.S., and Western civilization continue to exhibit the inability to acknowledge, identify, and react to the existential threat of Islam and its adherents. The West’s survival instincts are either dormant or dead.

    Extinction, genocide, and/or war are inevitable.


  4. Sorry Britain, your screwed. The enemy is everywhere, you invited them in they got a foot hold and had you change your own rules to suit them. They win, they own you.


    • They are NOT going to win. They shall NEVER own Britain. What Britain needs is another Winston Churchill, who’s not afraid to stand up to injustice, warmongering and racism (Islam IS a racist cult – defined by its hatred of the Jewish people).

      (Preposterous Bacon-o-phobic Unacceptable Hatemonger)


      • Absolutely Awesome.
        Bloody Brilliant.
        Certainly Cool.
        Download Delightful.
        Extraordinarily Excellent.
        F–king Fantastic.
        Gigantically Grouse.
        (Yeah, I admit it, I’ve had one or six too many peace pipes again. Would you like a toke, officer?) 😉

        However, not one single member of the proud folk of the Land of Hope and Glory will ever be able to outperform the Philharmonic Glee Club Rock’n’Roll Band, of course:


        ISLAM IS MY ENEMY !!!
        I SPIT AT MUHAMMAD !!!
        (Preposterous Bacon-o-phobic Unacceptable Hatemonger)

        BACON – goodie, goodie, yum, yum 😀


      • Hahaha..what the.. well brilliant but where are these people while muzzrat thugs are running the UK ragged?


      • Where are they? Avoiding jail for saying anything.

        More people are starting to get it, though.

        Especially when they hear things like ‘up to a million british girls have been raped and groomed.’


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