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Former Bosnian Serb leader who defended his country from Muslim insurgency found guilty of ‘genocide’, sentenced to 40 years


Saudi Arabia has been pouring over $300 million into Bosnia and Herzegovina for decades to faciliate Wahhabi terrorism and to help indoctrinate and infiltrate Islamic Salafi elements into the region. The Saudis have used the region as a bridge to expand their Islamic state into Europe, conceiving the task easier through Bosnia than through the Middle East. The world is an immoral place if you are no longer allowed to protect your own country and your own people against fascist elements. Muslims have committed so many genocides the world over for over 1,400 years – why are they spared war crime charges?

Karadzic is a hero. This court case is a one-sided charade. A ‘war criminal’ is not a hero amongst his own people for no reason. Had Karadzic been successful then we wouldn’t be seeing this mess in Europe now. He tried to stop unwanted Muslim imports from taking over his country but US (former POTUS Bill Clinton) wanted to let them in. This constant alliance with Saudi Arabia is an endless source of wars and problems spreading everywhere.

Injected to the story is the ever annoying Kenneth Roth – the farcical Director for Human Rights Watch, – with yet anoter poorly informed comment to add. The terrible George Soros, who is partially responsible for flooding Europe with Muslim terrorists under their guise as “refugees”, has promised $100 million in funding to this abysimal organization that creates more problems than it solves. Human Rights Watch doesn’t even know what and whoms right they are suppose to watch. They target victims on a regular basis in blanket statements on issues that are far more complex than Roth’s low-brow assessments. Roth is a constant parrot on President Assad’s “human rights violations”. Assad is yet another victim of invasive jihad who is not allowed to defend his own country without armchair humanists breathing down his neck and lecturing him. Assad is in civil war in a deeply corrupt country. What does Roth expect? Assad will have deaths and brutalities no matter how he battles a foreign invasion. It’s unavoidable. Europe was responsible for the same brutalities ousting the Nazi’s. America was responsible for the same brutalities during it’s own civil war to end slavery.



Former Bosnian Serb leader Karadzic found guilty of genocide, sentenced to 40 years

The former Bosnian Serb leader Radovan Karadzic is guilty of genocide in the brutal Srebrenica massacre, a UN war crimes tribunal said. Karadzic is the highest-ranking official to be convicted of war crimes in Bosnia.

Niederlande Radovan Karadzic vor Gericht in den Haag Überlebende und Angehörige vor dem Gericht

Karadzic ordered the takeover of Srebrenica and agreed to the killing of thousands of Bosniaks in 1995, presiding judge O-Gon Kwon said on Thursday.

The UN International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia (ICTY) also convicted Karadzic on charges of crimes against humanity, including murder and persecution, as well as sniping and shelling during the three-year siege of Sarajevo.

The Hague judicial council sentenced the 70-year-old defendant to a prison term of 40 years. Karadzic intends to appeal the verdict, according to his lawyer.

“Dr Karadzic is disappointed and astonished,” his attorney Peter Robinson told reporters.

UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon described the Karadzic verdict as a “historic day” for international justice.

Thousands dead in Srebrenica

Karadzic had worked as a psychiatrist and written poetry before rising to his position as political leader of the Serbian population in Bosnia and Herzegovina, at the outbreak of the ethnically fueled war in the 1990s.

The Bosnian war claimed over 100,000 lives between 1992 and 1995, with Croat, Serb and Bosniak forces trading accusations for numerous atrocities.

‘March of death’ honors Srebrenica victims 10.07.2015

Most notably, Bosnian Serb forces executed over 8,000 Muslim Bosniak men and boys in Srebrenica, brushing aside Dutch UN peacekeepers from the town’s “safe area” in 1995.

The Srebrenica massacre remains the worst war crime on European soil since World War II.

The top military general of Bosnian Serbs, Ratko Mladic, is also facing ICTY charges for the Srebrenica slaughter.

From president to spiritual healer

The conflict ended in 1995, with an internationally brokered peace accord which divided the former Yugoslavian state into two entities, Republika Srpska (RS) and a Muslim-Croat federation.

Karadzic went into hiding after the war. He spent 13 years avoiding capture before he was arrested in 2008 in Belgrade, where he lived under an assumed name as a “New Age” healer.

He has repeatedly claimed his innocence before the court and in the media, painting himself as a peacemaker.

Belgrade to ‘protect’ Bosnian Serbs

Radovan Karadzic mit BartKaradzic posing as ‘New Age’ healer Dragan Dabic.

Ahead of the Thursday verdict, Serbian Prime Minister Aleksandar Vucic warned against using the court’s decision “as an excuse for political or other attacks against the Republika Srpska,” the Serbian entity in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

“We will stand with our people; we will protect the right to survive and exist in Republika Srpska,” he added.

Karadzic is still considered a hero by many Serbian nationalists, especially those in Bosnia. Earlier this week, the entity’s head Milorad Dodik accused the international community of trying to discredit Republika Srpska’s leaders, and called the Karadzic trial “humiliating” for the state.

Fate of Bosnian Serbs ‘might be in question’

Karadzic’s daughter, Sonja Jovicevic-Karadzic, lambasted the court’s decision, saying that the “political justification for the verdict … contains all kinds of nonsense, which is an embarrassment for the council.”

Mann blickt Fahndungsplakate Radovan Karadzic und General Ratko Mladic in SarajevoMladic and Karadzic spent years in hiding.

She added that justice could not yet put her blindfold back on after being “raped” during the Hague trial.

Also, Jovicevic-Karadzic said that the Hague verdict did not declare Republika Srpska to be a “product of genocide,” referring to a term commonly used by other ethnicities in the region to denigrate the Serb republic.

“The first half is over, we’ve seen the outcome. [But] Republika Srpska is definitely not a product of genocide and that is the highest achievement of Radovan Karadzic’s defense so far,” she told Bosnian television channel BN.

Following the Hague verdict, Serbian President Tomislav Nikolic said that the court’s decision “cannot and must not influence the fate of RS” echoing concerns that the move might increase international pressure to abolish the semi-autonomous entity.

The president also called on “all political representatives of the Serbian nation in Bosnia and Herzegovina, especially in RS, to jointly fight for their republic and their nation, whose fate might be in question after the verdict.”

Nikolic added that Serbia would use its rights from the 1995 peace accord, especially in supporting and aiding the survival of Republika Srpska.

Islam in Bosnia today, thank’s to Bill Clinton’s interferance into the Bosnian people’s right to reject Islam:





15 thoughts on “Former Bosnian Serb leader who defended his country from Muslim insurgency found guilty of ‘genocide’, sentenced to 40 years

  1. It is moral for Islam to attack, invade and steal land. Let us recall what is at stake. I see it because I am young, and see what is already causing me trouble and will continue to do so. This is before I can even attempt to have children. I am uncertain at this stage that I will be able to even have grandchildren. Because I and the children I will have will be dead. We will have been killed. We can easily lose literally everything. Is this moral?

    Do not forget that whites are only 600 million people out of rapidly nearing 9 billion on the planet.
    Do not forget that white countries are a small amount of land compared to all non-white countries.
    Do not forget that whites are projected to become minorities in all of their own countries. Do not forget that all these places allow all people to vote.
    Do not forget average IQ maps, which is relevant when you continue mass immigration because it will lower our countries IQs.
    Do not forget that there is nothing to stop them from voting that white people do not have property rights, voting rights, or anything else.

    Just look at South Africa for an idea of coming attractions to a theatre near you, Islam or not.

    Into the Cannibal’s Pot: Lessons for America from Post-Apartheid South Africa


    • Projected to become a minority by 2050, that is. That’s long enough for me to finally be ready to have found a wife and have kids, and for them to grow up enough to see it coming before it happens.


    • Nine year old girl in South Africa tied up raped and then murdered in South Africa.

      This is an officially recognized genocide. Nobody ever talks about it. This is what all of our countries will look like as we continue this sort of population replacing levels of immigration.

      Our current anti-white racism policies of Affirmative Action will be expanded until they are like those in South Africa. Before you attempt to tell me that those policies do not exist, please visit five pharmacies in your local area. How many have a white male pharmacist? In my area: one. Just the one guy at one location.

      In South Africa today, if you are white in many places then you are simply by law not allowed to work. At all. Ever. You’re white, your privilege will carry you.

      An example article:

      Now over a million whites are just living in squatter camps. Why don’t they just move out, you say? The government will not allow it. Why can’t we take refugees from South Africa, you say? We do. Black ones.


      • My dear Baconator, I have been conscious of societies underbelly has been doing since the sixties. The seventies saw this problem move further up the ladder with more influence from Wahhabi Islam (1973 war in Israel) 1979 Rise of Ayatollah’s. The 1990’s so called genocide of Muslims. Does no one but no one know the history of Europe under Islam? Clinton for sure too dumb and busy screwing poor Monica Lewinsky among others and taking backhanders from Arabs & Soros to be an honest President much the same as Obama. Putin has suggested Saudi Arabia needs carpet bombing, well damn it I agree with him. Between Soros, the Arab’s detestable Jewish Banker and the Wahhabi so called Royal family, Islam has almost achieved its end. Soros is the Puppeteer and the Arabs his puppets (too dumb to think for themselves) Soros sees to it they have lots of toys and girls to abuse and genuine Royals fawning around them. I hope for your sake and your generation Baconator, WWIII will deal with the Muslim problem. If we don’t annihilate this sick cult – as you say there will only be Mulatto’s with the occasional mop of red hair. Humanity will go back to looking like Apes with IQ’s of 50 and below. The only compensation is such a humanity will wipe itself out because it cannot survive with such low level intelligence and instinctive behavior. The reptilian part of the brain will be dominant once again.


      • Yes, that is exactly what they are to the likes of people like Soros. And make no mistake, he’s not the only one, he’s just the most visible.

        I don’t know if you’ve heard of it or not, but there is a new thing or organization called ‘Democracy Spring’. Under the platitudes that it claims, it is an organization designed to do only one thing: subvert the will of the people and stop Trump from being elected. If you dig, you will find that it is primarily funded by: Soros.

        But wait, there’s more. That name.. it is familiar. The ‘Arab Spring’? Yes. It goes that far. If you recall, it started as the same exact kind of protests in those places. The same exact kind. It spiraled “out of control” from there. I have spoken to some Syrians who told me in the past that popular opinion before and after the ‘Arab Spring’ was actually very positive towards Assad. Knowing what I know now, this all tracks perfectly. It’s no different than the Ferguson or Detroit “spontaneous protests”. The trail is harder to follow, but it turns out that yes, the ‘Arab Spring’ was done by the same people. Mainly Soros again.

        They aren’t even hiding it anymore.


  2. Oh, they may kill many of the same types of people who are saying ‘you can’t blame Islam extremism can come from anyone’. Real Europeans will be waiting for the collapse of society, because they are who follow laws. Then the real game begins.

    Daily reminder that The Renaissance only happened *after* The Black Death came through and removed mainly that exact same sort of person from society at a much higher rate.

    Also that The Black Death itself was in actuality was the original bio-terrorism attack by Islam. It it turn took place right after the last crusades. It is no fluke that it happened then, nor that it ripped through the middle east first, nor that it was the most widespread disease of all time. That’s what happens when you infect your slaves with the disease and spread them throughout Europe intentionally.


    • For good measure.

      I realize this is a lot of info at once for anybody, but it’s becoming more and more important, at a faster and faster rate. This guy’s videos are very good, because they are very logically and factually grounded. The best ones are ‘The Truth About’ ones.


      • These two will really tell you why, at this point, it would be best to simply end immigration. It’s not a thing that is needed, and as implemented today it is only harmful. Our leaders have proven that they cannot be trusted to design any good policy.


  3. Why is it ok for muzzies to kill and try to take over other countries but it’s not ok for someone to try ro protect their way of life


    • It is completely disgusting.

      I found that ‘Assad are you watching’ tweet just as disgusting.

      Because what that says is that what ISIS does in Syria is completely moral and just, but the Alawites trying to survive is over the line? Absurd, and disgusting.


  4. The bottom line is–biological warfare. Islam can be wiped out with a disease. Clue–that which would effect those not protected by antibiotic residue in their systems originating from pork.


  5. 8000 muslimes will be nothing compared to the mounting toll of westerners killed by them as they laugh at the compassion and mercy of the west and start to really have their attacks rolling. 8000 is a drop in the bucket of blood shed by islam over the last 200 years let alone 1400.

    Just wait until “the worm turns” and we wont even see a historical footnote of the 8000 compared to the millions who will “leave” this planet not of their own free will. Of course, the western body count will snowball before the message gets through that only greater violence works vs Islam. It took the west 500 years to learn this lkesson. how long will it take this time? If you ask the supposed “leaders” it will never happen. If you ask everyman it is just around the corner whether the leaders like it or not.


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