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Belgium ministers offer resignation over security failures

They want the easy way out. Resign with a fat pay package. They should be arrested and taken to jail instead. The entire European “security” is a total sham.

Look at them smiling and laughing at the photo below.

Notice how Obama has made no comments at all about the dead Americans missing from the attack? Their bodies are charred to the ground somewhere at the Brussels airport. Obama doesn’t even offer condolences to their families! Instead, he encourages us to pretend Islam is a peaceful religion. It’s so peaceful it has managed to massacre over 670 million people around the world.





Belgian ministers 'offered to resign' over the attacks

Belgian Prime Minister Charles Michel (right) is reported to have refused to accept the resignation of Interior Minister Jan Jambon (left) and Minister of Justice Koen Geens (centre). Photograph: Laurent Dubrule/EPA


Belgian ministers ‘offered to resign’ over Brussels attacks

The Guardian Live

Belgium’s interior and justice ministers offered their resignations over the Brussels attacks but they were rejected by Prime Minister Charles Michel, Reuters reports citing Belgian media.

Interior Minister Jan Jambon and Justice Minister Koen Geens were not immediately available for comment.

Belgian authorities are facing embarrassment after Turkey said on Wednesday that last year Ankara expelled back to Europe Ibrahim El Bakraoui, one of the suicide bombers who carried out the attacks on Tuesday, and warned Belgium he was a militant.

“Belgium ignored our warning that this person is a foreign fighter,” President Tayyip Erdogan said on Wednesday

A fourth possible victim of the Brussels terrorist attack has been named as 51-year-old baggage handler Fabienne Vansteenkiste, writes Isabel Togoh.

Sky News cites local media reports saying that Vansteenkiste had finished her shift at the airport when the two bombs exploded. Her family says it is “realistic” about the situation, Sky said.

Vansteenkiste is still listed as missing on a website set up to track those caught up in the attacks.

“A number” of US remain unaccounted for including government employees, the US state department has said.

Deputy spokesman Mark Toner said no US citizens are known to have been killed but the situation remains “very fluid”. He added that there were growing fears about those who have not been heard from. And he confirmed that 12 US citizens were injured in the attacks.

Toner told reporters that there were so many US citizens either working in or visiting Belgium that it was impossible to give an accurate figure for the number unaccounted for.

He said: “We try to go through that list to try and identify the whereabouts of folks but we’re constantly adding to that list as loved ones or family call in to say that they haven’t reached or been able to contact someone.”

He added that US government personnel or their family members are among those unaccounted for.

The US secretary of state John Kerry is due in Brussels tomorrow to “formally express the condolences of the United States for the loss of life” and discuss security with Belgian and EU officials.
Brussels attack El Bakraoui ID



4 thoughts on “Belgium ministers offer resignation over security failures

  1. Did the world learn anything from this or like Trudumb do they think it won’t happen in Canada it will happen and I hope it’s at JT house so no innocents get killed


  2. So, where do you put the target rich environment? How do you ensure the security of the masses without impinginging on their civil rights? See, I have a solution, let’s drop a hydrogen bomb on Meccah next time this happens and if there’s any response, drop the next one on Rhyad. It worked for the Japs so why not for the Arabs?


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