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Life in Saudi Arabia: ‘All Christians should be punished with death’ – Documentary

Saudi Arabia spent over $70 billion from oil revenues between 1984 to 2004 to spread Wahhabi Islam and terrorism all over the world. Our own trade budget is recycled and used to expand terrorism. Islamic terrorism accoding to the laws and dictates of prophet Mohammed. The amount has now surpassed $100 billion.

So why is the world still engaged in trade with the Saudis and the Muslim world in general, so intolerant and hateful of ‘the other’? Why are they allowed to get visas, diplomatic immunity, purchase properties, invest and fly in and out of the West with special previleges? This is a criminal alliance that is treason to the people in the West, their future and their security. This international association with the Islamic world is funding and enabling the spread of terrorism worldwide. The oil trade is the foundation of that door that opens to Saudi terror initiatives.

The Saudis have worked for decades to establish their roots in Bosnia and Herzegovina where they feel they gain easier access to spread Wahhabism into Europe. There they operate entire plagiarism operations and education on forging official documents. When Merkel Muslims illegally arrived into the mediterranean pre-planned through fraudulant claims in need of asylum Saudis didn’t offer them any shelters of ‘protection’ in their mutual Ummah. The Saudis quickly offered to fund 200 mosques. 200 Wahhabi mosques of hatred to be spread across Europe. There is already 5,000 mosques across Europe.

Check the 14-year-old Saudi student in the clip (“Saudi Arabia Uncovered”) with his school books, provided and approved by the Saudi government. The curriculum grooms young teens to hate non-Muslims. Students get to learn to desire the total genocide of Christians in the form of executions by beheadings “until there are no more left”. These books are spread all over the world and distributed to mosques to teach the authentic Islam from the land of the prophet. We can see the consequences of this Saudi money spent on “cultural aid” in the refreshed implementation of stricter Sharia around the world, the rising passion for more Sunni Wahhabi ideology spreading everywhere.

Listen to British Prime Monster David Cameron on the video defending the country’s appalling relation with the terror factory Saudi Barbaria. Every EU council member walks around with brown lips from their Saudi association. It’s repugnant and a criminal relation that should be fully illegal. Who will have the humanity and moral compass to permanently end this fake alliance once and for all?

You can view the full documentary (52:48)  by clicking on the link below. It will probably get uploaded to YouTube at some future date to preserve an archive of it. We’ve also enabled the download feature for you.



Saudi Arabian school books teach to kill Christians 1aSaudi Arabian school books teach to kill Christians 1b
Saudi Arabian school books teach to kill Christians 2
Saudi Arabian school books teach to kill Christians 4Saudi Arabian school books teach to kill Christians 3Saudi Arabian school books teach to kill Christians 1
Saudi beheading



24 thoughts on “Life in Saudi Arabia: ‘All Christians should be punished with death’ – Documentary

  1. Nothing new here. I dont have to see the video to know about how evil Saudi Arabia is. I read enough to know…the evidence is overwhelming.


    • It’s TRAITORS like OBUM-HOLE & HILARY that will allow the RADICAL ISLAM TERRORISTS into the USA , OBUM-HOLE has ruined the MILITARY to make it easier for the RADICAL ISLAM TERRORISTS to walk across his open borders and BOMB anywhere the RADICAL ISLAM TERRORISTS want to , Since OBUM-HOLE the TRAITOR has posed as the PRESIDENT he has weakened the COUNTRY , What do these CRIMINAL TRAITORS have to do to the COUNTRY before the MILITARY grows some BALLS and takes back the USA before its completely DESTROYED ????????


      • I know, right?? Wouldn’t it be great, if the military just all got together, and decided to take our government back, take obummer out? Everyone would be glued to their tv sets…their would be partying in the streets…mercy! There’s a LOT of mad Americans right now! Oh and here’s something to really blow your top. Obummer has told the border patrol, to not stop ANYONE at the border…thousands of mexicans are flooding over the border right now! It’s on the talk show on tv right now, this evening, on satellite tv. AND, there is rumors going around that the UN secretary general is done with his term this year, and Obummer is thinking about taking that position. Horrifying!


      • Gruntt, sorry, but you are an imbecile. It was your Republicans that funded the start of the terror regimes. Arming Taleban etc. Also, this has NOTHING to do with the U.S. but everything to do with the WORLD as a whole. Forget your stupidity for a moment and focus on the actual problem.


  2. As a follower of Jesus Christ, I know how this is all going to end. You fools need to read Revelation as to how 1/3 of mankind are going to be slaughtered at the Battle of Armageddon by Jesus and His four angels. Repent NOW by saying, “Lord Jesus Christ, Son of God, have mercy on me a sinner.” Aloud or in your mind, God can and will hear you, Now you need but one thing, you need to ASK “God, I pray, in the Name of Jesus, send your Holy Spirit to dwell in me.” You have passed from eternal DEATH to ETERNAL LIFE. More? LIKE, see and comment on Apostle Chris of Canada.


    • I can’t believe you. First you you tell people to pray,..and this is good. And you tell them how to pray…and this is good. But you first call them FOOLS? What the…?? That is NOT christian! Something terribly wrong with that….you don’t call people names. I want to know why you called them that. Were you just being funny or something? I didn’t find it that way.


  3. this article is bullshit; as is the rest of the info published here.
    everyone knows all these “problems” are propaganda facilitated by the zionist jews of israel, europe and the usa.


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