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Jihadi threat in Europe now ‘beyond control’ of authorities

The jihad spreading everywhere in Europe is purely the creation of the European Union, it’s Council and Parliament whoms members need to face treason charges and be executed for the worse and most criminal social engineering and security breach in human history. They have committed the worse deception and deceit on their nations that any human can commit.



Jihadi threat in Europe now ‘beyond control’ of authorities

The Sydney Morning Herald
March 23, 2016 – 5:46AM
BY David Wroe
National security correspondent

David Wroe

Brussels explosions likely linked to arrest

The deadly attacks in Brussels come just days after fugitive terror suspect Salah Abdeslam is apprehended in the Belgian capital.

Belgium’s violent Islamic extremism problem has reached such a scale it now appears to be beyond the ability of European authorities to control, terrorism experts have said in the wake of the latest bomb attacks in Brussels.

The co-ordinated attacks on the airport and train station in the Belgian capital were very likely carried out by jihadists who were part of the same extensive network as the Paris attackers, the experts said.

Emergency rescue workers stretcher a person at the site of an explosion at a metro station in Brussels.
Emergency rescue workers stretcher a person at the site of an explosion at a metro station in Brussels. Photo: AP

Australia’s Department of Foreign Affairs has urged people to “reconsider your need to travel” to Belgium – an escalation on its previous travel advice to show “a high degree of caution”.

Foreign Minister Julie Bishop issued a swift condemnation of the attacks and said her department was “urgently seeking” to find out if any Australians were affected.

The fact that authorities were still failing to contain the wave of violent extremism even after the November Paris attacks and subsequent massive manhunt that netted the final Paris plotter, Salah Abdeslam, just five days ago suggested the problem was beyond the security agencies of Belgium and its neighbours, experts said.

People walk away from Brussels airport after the blasts.People walk away from Brussels airport after the blasts. Photo: Geert Vanden Wijngaert

Edwin Bakker, director of the Centre for Terrorism and Counter Terrorism at Leiden University in The Hague, said with the highest number per capita of extremists travelling to and from Syria, Belgium seemed to have lost control of the problem.

“Apparently the intelligence position is not good enough to find these people or even to find the most wanted terrorist in Europe,” he said of Abdeslam, the Belgian-born French suspect who was arrested on Friday after a four-month manhunt.

“It took them several months and this guy was not hiding on his own. That makes it a bit embarrassing for the intelligence community in Belgium.

A person writes a message as people leave tributes at the Place de la Bourse following today's attacks.

Brussels explosions

Multiple explosions have been reported at separate sites in Brussels. Photo: Getty Images

“The events of today increase both worries about the intelligence position of Belgian authorities as well as how many supporters there are.

“They’re not that amateuristic either. These support groups are a big worry and in some countries they run in the hundreds if not the thousands and that’s too many for the authorities to monitor.”

More concerning still, it was not just Belgian authorities but French agencies who were involved in hunting Abdeslam and trying to break up the extensive networks of which he was part.

People comfort one another outside Brussels airport.

People comfort one another outside Brussels airport. Photo: AP
“You hope the Muslim communities will be their eyes and ears but apparently that didn’t happen so there are a lot of worries,” Professor Bakker said.

Belgian Interior Minister Jan Jambon admitted after the Paris attacks that “we don’t have a grip on the situation in Molenbeek”.

The district was home to the now-banned group Sharia4Belgium, seen as an incubator for Brussels’ radical scene, and has been the source of several plots in addition to Paris.

Professor Bakker meanwhile said that Belgian authorities had been slow to respond to the rising extremism problem. They had “neglected their intelligence capacity for a long time” and suffered political divisions across the French-Flemish political blocs, which hampered communication and a sense of common purpose, he said.

Both Professor Bakker and Monash University terrorism expert Greg Barton said there was a strong chance that the Brussels attacks were carried out by extremists who were on the run after the Abdeslam arrest and decided they might as well launch the assault before they were caught.

Professor Barton said it was “almost certain” the attack was linked to associates of Abdeslam’s, perhaps those who’d fled before police launched the raid that captured the Paris attacker in the notorious Molenbeek district of Brussels.

“Given they haven’t arrested other people, it seems very likely those people decided they would attack before they were arrested, thinking it was better to attack and achieve something.”

He said a 55-page report released last week on the Paris attacks showed French authorities had been “surprised at how extensive this network was, and that it was more professional than they expected”.

Tuesday’s attack “suggests there is still a fair part of this network in Brussels”, he said.

“This is a scale of threat that has gone beyond both Belgian and French authorities,” he said.

He said it was “wrong to paint the Belgian authorities as completely hopeless”.

“All of us have been caught by how quickly this has grown and how big it has become with the Islamic State.”

The “technocratic” nature of the organisation causing ructions in Syria and Iraq appeared to extend even to these remote attacks on the West, he said.

Raffaello Pantucci, director of international security studies at the Royal United Services Institute, said Abdeslam’s arrest may have accelerated existing plans for the attacks, with the plotters fearing that Abdeslam would reveal their plans in interrogation by security services.

“When Abdeslam gets arrested, you will have the network around him all starting to panic,” he told British newspaper the Daily Express.

“If you have problems building up, or people thinking about doing stuff, they might accelerate any planned attacks.”


14 thoughts on “Jihadi threat in Europe now ‘beyond control’ of authorities

  1. Waky, waky, little stupid fucks 🙂 you think freedom is for free ? For freedom you have to fight from time to time, and the time is now. That Molenbeek districk is full of fuckin` muzzie shit, that is your homegrown Gaza Strip 🙂 and believe it or not, they will fuck you up 🙂 if you are not bring the fight to them. I am amazed how stupid you have become, why the fuck you think those goatfucker muzzies don`t want to come to Hungary or Czech Republic or Poland ? `couse we`ll beat the shit out of their asses if we catch them, we are not stupid liberals like you, so wake up, little lemmings from Bruxelles, life is not what they told you on TV, your fuckin` elites doesn`t give a shit about you, you are just slaves to them, if you will not kill them, they will kill you. Sorry to wake you up from your unicorn dreams 🙂 but this is a war, and with muzzie savages you have nothing to argue, they are worst then wild dogs, and this is a civilizations clash, only one will remain standing, the question is you want to be free or want to be slaves 🙂 Ah, it`s a hard choice to make for you, little stupid fucks from Bruxelles 🙂 a give you a few more years to think about it 🙂 till then you will learn that song ” I believe I can fly ” 🙂 but this time not in one piece. And all of those beaurocrats from the EU Parlament are traitors, all of them, they are scared shitless, and they will meet they God sooner that they think, the time is coming. We from Hungary are laughing about how pathetic you become, how about to put 10 round of bullets in that Abdeslam scum head, that would be more than nice 🙂 Remember, when the police is not on your side, the elite scum is not on your side, you have to fight, `couse otherwise they will pick you out one by one, freedom is not for free, stupid 🙂

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    • “The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants.” – Thomas Jefferson

      The last fight against centralized tyranny in America was lost, and the patriot side who lost have been slandered ever since, and their genocide never mentioned again.


  2. Professor Barton said “the attack was probably carried out by extremists”, a remarkable piece of logical thinking, I wish I was a professor. That’s one of the biggest problems, too much analysis, if someone is attacking you with a baseball bat, you don’t stand around wondering if he had a difficult upbringing,and an unhappy childhood. Too much pandering, too much generosity and not enough realism, we need strongong term action, not platitudes.


  3. The amazing thing is that the Israelis have been warning the west, for sixty years, we condemned their fight against terrorism and now look at our situation. Tel Aviv is probably safer than Paris or Brussels. Amazingly Tony Blair is lecturing us about love, hang on isn’t that the same guy that helped create this mess, I can’t see any peaceful solutions to this problem, Muslims don’t live in peace with other communities anywhere in the world. (apart from Israel), wherever they are in control everyone else is in danger. Europe, like a boxer, defend yourselves at all times, especially now before its too late


  4. Astounding that Europe has forgotten WWII and is openly embracing fascism once again. A lot of Europeans fought fascism before, but now they seem to be inviting it in and calling it tolerance. I know that islam is fascism disguised as religion. Their imam of Jerusalem took the idea from Hitler in WWII and it is the same now as then.


  5. Evil cannot and will not have the last laugh. Terrorists will not last and one day terror also will come to an end. Islam as an ideology that spawns terror also will come to an end. The blood of the innocent victims will not go waste. But the Western governments will have to be more realistic and call a spade a spade.


  6. The Radicals are going to be CONTROLLED, no one is ever beyond control… The Caesars , the Khans, Napoleon III (Bonaparte) , Hitler, Mussolini , Stalin , Hiro Hito , Mao , Castro(heathen) , they all came to an end, I know there was much pain n evil , Evil Will come to a stop..!


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