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Donald Trump: Abdeslam would have talked ‘a lot faster with the torture’ – Video

cartoon multiculturalism disturbing the peace - rapist muslims

Abdelsalam came from “peaceful and normal” Molenbeek. He was within days of orchestrating another major attack but got intercepted by his arrest. This may well be his planned attack.

Brussel’s has transformed into an Islamist a shithole under EU hegemony. The European Council has destroyed hundreds of years of history and left future generations without a future to look forward to, or to live safely in. Horrendous weak and socialist leadership has ruined a safe Europe in a short 15-20 years and turned it into a house of terror. Muslims refuse to assimilate or adapt to their host country. Instead they hate them. Democracy and the West has always been an enemy to Islam, always conceived and accused of undermining the prophet’s principals. Terrorism will now be a constant part of everyday life for Europeans. They have imported over 50 million Muslims in less than 30 years. These 50 million Muslims are like roach factories quickly multiplying in numbers, while their employment in all parts of government has contributed nothing but infiltration and smuggling of millions of more Muslims into Europe. Every street, every boulevard in Europe has these fantoms of death walking around occupying space, harassing women, stalking the elderly, robbing people, raping, hating. It’s a complete dead-end street.

… and here is Hillary’s “solution”:

16 thoughts on “Donald Trump: Abdeslam would have talked ‘a lot faster with the torture’ – Video

    • Farage tries, but there are many laws in Europe in general about “going too far”. If he said half the things Trump has, he’d be in jail.


    • “Fight Fire With Fire” – good Metallica song, that!
      Track 1, Side 1, RIDE THE LIGHTNING (1984)

      advice for all you young ones out there (GREAT show, “The Young Ones”) – ask your parents or grandparents what Side 1 of an album or single is 😀

      Ericka dear, I trust that you won’t need to ask anyone and I’m sure you remember “The Young Ones” as well. 😉


  1. Torture works!

    Yes, torture does work. It works for the side that doesn’t use it. Pay attention to the justifications for its use. Virtually all begin: “Just imagine that…”, followed by some outrageous, unacceptable event which can be prevented simply by causing sufficient discomfort to some despicable individual unworthy of sympathy.

    Or one may encounter an historical assertion of its efficacy, usually related to one particular Islamic monster who revealed details of al Quada operations under “water boarding”, he may or may not have shared voluntarily. Of course, the “intelligence” revealed was stale enough to be no more than an unnecessary confirmation. And it cost us any posture of moral superiority. It was enough to make me nauseous.

    I do recall a radio broadcast I heard in 1959 positing that torture was saving the Republic of Vietnam from those evil Communists from the North. It stuck in my mind because of the gloating of the speaker.

    And that sums it.

    I have never encountered, in any historical record, any incident of a catastrophe averted by information extracted by torture under urgent necessity. If it ever happens, it would seem to be the first time ever.

    In other words, if torture did benefit us in the manner posited, it would be distinctly less likely than the prospect of being killed by a falling meteor [which has, at least, indeed happened].

    If one would like to examine the actual historical record of the efficacy of torture, one could peruse the success of France in terminating, through its generous use, the national ambitions of the Algerians, who aspired to escape their status as French Colonials. And our similar success in Vietnam, to our everlasting discredit.

    Torture didn’t work in Algeria. It didn’t work for the French, that is, but it brought complete success to the Algerian Nationalists. In all honesty, torture did succeed in rolling up pockets of conspirators within the city of Algiers early in the process, as the sufferers screamed out every name they could think of to stop the pain. But the French expanded its use, with the overwhelming proportion of victims being complete innocents.

    While the benefits of torture are theoretical, hypothetical and less likely than being struck by a meteor, the costs are inevitable, immediate and fatal.

    The French were despised worldwide for this barbarity and absolutely hated by the Algerians. French torture galvanized the Algerian resistance, and swelled their ranks and the numbers of their supporters till their ambitions were realized completely. An enumeration of these immediate and inevitable costs quickly becomes quite lengthy, and little imagination is required.

    It should be the case that the simple immorality of torture would guarantee we would never even consider it.

    But if that is insufficiently convincing, the historical record should be. Even the amoral toads or the political dilettantes who propose it should be capable of reaching the only rational conclusion, if they bothered to think it through.


    • Well said, mate. Good to see that your head’s screwed on tightly. Yes, the Islamist muthaf__kers deserve excruciating pain, but giving it to them achieves nothing except satisfying our own basest desires for revenge. That shouldn’t stop us from being allowed to daydream about torture though.


    • All I have to find is one example because your premise is that it never works.

      We found where Osama Bin Laden was, because of information gained from waterboarding. Done.

      I will agree that it never works in a criminal framework, because that results in false confessions.

      Besides, torture is only relevant while people are adamant that we must continue to import muslims while we fight them or at all. You didn’t hear of massive numbers of Japanese fighting age men immigrating during WWII. Because that would be a stupid thing to do.

      If you’re warning that its use means we will be in a war with Islam, you’re going against your previous statements. It’s too late for that, that’s what this always was.

      I think you’re functioning under a fundamental misunderstanding of what is at stake. I see it because I am young, and see what is already causing me trouble and will continue to do so. This is before I can even attempt to have children. I am uncertain at this stage that I will be able to even have grandchildren. Because I and the children I will have will be dead. We will have been killed. We can easily lose literally everything. Is this moral?

      Do not forget that whites are only 600 million people out of rapidly nearing 9 billion on the planet. Do not forget that white countries are a small amount of land compared to all non-white countries. Do not forget that whites are projected to become minorities in all of their own countries. Do not forget that all these places allow all people to vote. Do not forget average IQ maps, which is relevant when you continue mass immigration because it will lower our countries IQs. Do not forget that there is nothing to stop them from voting that white people do not have property rights, voting rights, or anything else. Just look at South Africa for an idea of coming attractions to a theatre near you, Islam or not.

      Into the Cannibal’s Pot: Lessons for America from Post-Apartheid South Africa


      • Projected to become a minority by 2050. That’s long enough for me to finally be ready to have found a wife and have kids, and for them to grow up enough to see it coming before it happens.


  2. Everyone wants to paint it all as a muslim issue, but it is the old familiar face of fascism under the disguise of religion. Every 60 or 70 years a group tries to conquer the world and these groups all use fascism which puts them in control and everyone else i slavery or a grave. Leftist tolerance invited fascism back in to terrorize decent people once again. Looking at it clearly, islam is fascism disguised as religion. Crying religious freedom while murdering other religions is only FASCISM.


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