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Belgium: Missiles thrown at police in ‘peaceful’ Molenbeek by Paris terrorist Salah Abdeslam ‘supporters’

Missiles thrown at police in Molenbeek by Salah Abdeslam ‘supporters’ – their sick ‘HERO’

TENSE scenes have broken out between locals and security forces in Molenbeek following the arrest of Salah Abdeslam with some residents reportedly “praising” the evil Paris terrorist.

By Selina Sykes, Express
PUBLISHED: 00:01, Sat, Mar 19, 2016

Man, riot police and armed police

Tensions were high in Molenbeek after a terror raid, with some residents throwing bottles at police

Riot police were called in to disperse the crowds who gathered in the Brussels suburb after missiles were thrown at the Belgian authorities.


Tensions were sparked after young people from the troubled area started declaring their support for their “hero” Abdeslam, according to a witness.

An eyewitness posted on Twitter: “Great tension in Molenbeek with young people from the area praising their ‘hero’ Salah Abdeslam.”

Police officers were targeted by locals, many of which were young people, who threw objects including bottles, according Belgian newspaper La Libre.
Video footage of the incident shows large crowds in the road where the dramatic terror raid took place, with shouts heard before objects are thrown at officers.

Riot police

Riot police were sent in to disperse the crowds after missiles were thrown

Other journalists at the scene confirmed the tense scenes, with officers using police dogs to get people to leave the area.Stones were also reportedly thrown at police, according to French media.Police dogs are heard barking at locals shouting and hurling objects while officers attempt to push the crowd back.

Riot police armed with batons and shields move into the area, while several young men appear reluctant to leave the scene.The presence of riot police at the scene suggests authorities were concerned about potential riots, according to some Belgian media.

The authorities had the tough task of managing the tense and nervous atmosphere among locals on the streets while a dramatic raid was still underway.

Many exasperated locals who left their houses after hearing rumours of Abdeslam’s capture gathered by the security cordons blocking off the area.

Tensions have been running high in Molenbeek since the Brussels suburb was linked to the murder of 130 people by Islamic State (ISIS) jihadis in November last year.

Police officers
Police officers used police dogs to disperse the area

Several of the Paris attackers, including Abdeslam and ringleader Abdelhamid Abaaoud,
came from the troubled area which has been dubbed Europe’s ‘jihadi haven’.The Brussels district, where some areas are up to 80 per cent Muslim, was also searched as part of anti-terror operations in the wake of the Charlie Hebdo attacks in January 2015.

In January three journalists were attacked when they tried to interview family members of Chakib Akrouh, the suicide bomber who blew himself during a police raid in Saint-Denis, Paris, after the November attacks.

The Belgian government has vowed to crack down on extremism in Molenbeek which has been thrust into the international spotlight after the atrocities in Paris. 

Armed police
Armed police carried out a raid and captured Paris attacker Abdeslam earlier today.

Shootout in Brussels during police raid
Shootout in Brussels during police raid

Salah Abdeslam wounded in Brussels raid

Police raid on terror suspects in Brussels suburb

Salah Abdeslam wounded in Brussels raid
A mass amount of bullet marks and holes
Bullet marks
Blast holes
Police raid on terror suspects in Brussels suburb
 French soldier checks the identity papers of a man during an operation to catch Paris attack fugitives in Saint-Denis
Police at the scene of a security operation in the Brussels suburb of Molenbeek in Brussels, Belgium.
Paris attacks suspect Salah Abdeslam shot and arrested in Brussels
Police raid on terror suspects in Brussels suburb
Police escort inhabitants inside the security perimeter following a shooting in the southern Forest district of Brussels





4 thoughts on “Belgium: Missiles thrown at police in ‘peaceful’ Molenbeek by Paris terrorist Salah Abdeslam ‘supporters’

  1. Better kill them now, before they kill you. By the way, those of you who don1t know, Luton in the UK is already mostly muzzie, so you better start now the game. In 5 years will be a hunting party 🙂


  2. Theres no way he was hiding out in Molenbeek without the support of local muzzturds. They are all in on it, dig deeper you might find Al baghdadi running the local halal market!


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