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The Veiled Genocide: A Reexamination of Muslim Occupation and Slavery of Africa

Over 4 million people are still under ownership by Muslims as slaves in Africa and across the Middle East today. No liberal or black nationalist ever complains about that. The brutality of the Muslim slave trade during the caliphate was so severe that 90% of Africans died in transport. Those who made it alive to Arabia barely lived into their mid 20’s. Women served merely as sex-slaves and workers and if they became pregnant from Muslim rapes their offspring was killed at birth. The male slaves served as laborers and were castrated to stop them from producing children. When the Muslims castrated their slaves they cut the entire penis and testicles off. It was the male version of FGM.

The African slave trade was created by the Africans themselves, and not by any European or foreigner. One of the reason African kings endorsed and ran the entire slave trade of their own people is due to their indoctrination into Sharia. Slavery made the the African kings extremely wealthy and powerful. The Sharia legalized the slavery of African people who had not converted to Islam, under the infidel label.

Although it is true that the whole world was engaged in slavery at one point in the temptation of wealth they witnessed from Muslim slavery, it is also true that African blacks, under the indoctronation of Islam, captured and enslaved more white Europeans in 1,200 years of slave raids on European shores than all of European and American slave trade combined.


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The Veiled Genocide A Reexamination of Past Arab African Interactions


By Matengo Chwanya
Stream Africa

You would be surprised to learn that there are about 2 million Afro-Iraqis in Iraq, the vast majority of them in Basra, where they form about a fifth of the population.

This ignorance is largely understandable, because this society of black Iraqis does not get seen or heard of much, the consequence of deeply entrenched racism that sees them denied even the most menial of jobs in Iraqi society.

You see, these black Iraqis are the descendants of African slaves, and their ancestors were the “fortunate” ones.

Slavery in the Middle East is an old establishment, as is apparent in its references within the Bible -Old Testament (Exodus 21:2-11, 21:20, Leviticus 25:44,), New Testament (Ephesians 6:5,) – and the Quran (33:50, 24:32, 2:178, and Hadiths. And as you may recall, Islam’s first muezzin was a former slave.

These black Iraqis are the embodiment of a vile practice that was carried on eons before the advent of Islam in the Middle East, but when it came, it increased the scope of slavery; when the ummah started spreading out from the Middle East, the depredations of slavery were felt in Spain, France, Italy, and Africa.

But whenever slavery as a topic is discussed, there is a tendency to focus on the Transatlantic trade, which was pre-dated by the Middle East slave trade by a whole 700 years. The Middle East trade lasted more than a millennium, outlasting the Transatlantic trade, and affected Africa even more greatly than the Transatlantic trade.

The Veiled Genocide book

Le génocide voilé, The Veiled Genocide, available in French on Amazon.

African slave

While the Transatlantic trade lasted four centuries, the Oriental & Trans-Saharan Trades (the main route for slaves into the Middle East) lasted 14 centuries, and according to estimates, as many as 25 million Africans were ferried into the Middle East, predominantly from the East African coast and the Red Sea. There were also about 1.25 million Europeans, snatched from as far away as Iceland and Britain, but often France and Spain, who found themselves heading to the Middle East for a lifetime of servitude.

But if you check the current demographics of the Middle East vis a vis that of the Americas, you should notice a discrepancy. There are an estimated 200 million people of African descent in the Americas, and they are rather visible, especially in the Caribbean. In the Middle East, citizens of African descent are virtually invisible, and with the exception of Basra, you will be hard pressed to find any such people in significant numbers, even though there are Afro-Turks to Afro-Iranians scattered in the region.

French-Senegalese economist, anthropologist, historian, Tidiane N’Diaye

French-Senegalese economist, anthropologist, historian, Tidiane N’Diaye

So why are there very few citizens of African descent in the Middle East, even though more slaves were brought in the Middle East than taken to the Americas?

It emerges that these slaves were often castrated, and that was not a very sanitary process. So a good deal died, and those that survived were mostly eunuchs, so that was the end of the line as far as offspring were concerned. This is the reason I regarded the ancestors of those Afro-Iraqis as being “fortunate”.

But their fortune was only limited to being able to leave offspring, but that may not even have been such a fortunate thing; the life for a slave was brutal. It was tending to date plantations, digging and hauling saline topsoil to make the land farmable, and doing all that was required of a slave.


Beyond the plantations, Africans in the Middle East worked as harem guards (eunuchs), soldiers, or servants in other capacities.

Truth be said, there is a lot to be learned about the slavery that occurred in the Middle East, and maybe when all facts are learned and acknowledged, then the continent can exorcise all the ghosts of centuries of abuse under foreigners, and reestablish connections with her neighbors, fully aware of all events of the past.

One great source is the “The Veiled Genocide”(Fr.) written by the French-Senegalese economist, anthropologist, historian, Tidiane N’Diaye. The erudite professor has provided treatises on matters ranging from the economic matters of Guadeloupe, a French Department, to Chaka Zulu’s empire.

But lately, his focus has been on reevaluating African connections with other continents, and his most recent book, “The Yellow and Black” (Le jaune et le noir), seeks to caution African nations to not get too cozy in its dealing with fast-rising China, which apparently harbors ulterior motives more in line with colonial guardianship.

You should take your time to learn something new. Start with these.

Tidiane N’Diaye demand that Africa acknowledge and expose the destruction and damage of the Muslim slave trade on Africa. The Muslims despised the black people, and castrated them to stop them from having children once they had been shipped to the Middle East.

An interview with John Alembillah Azumah, the author of “The Legacy of Arab-Islam in Africa”. Azumah talks about the extreme brutality of the Muslim slave trade. Azumah experienced a lot of hindrance to his research on Muslim slavery and jihad slave raids even during his studies in Europe from leftist historians, who romantized Islamic history of Africa. The same leftists encouraged vilification against European history on slavery.



27 thoughts on “The Veiled Genocide: A Reexamination of Muslim Occupation and Slavery of Africa

  1. Islamic involvement in Slavery is truly disgraceful and insidiously pretentious! And the west is a complicit to the hypocricy!

    Anyone know where I can get an English version of Tidiane N’Diaye’s book?

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    • The West is complicit? The civilization that historically did the most to eradicate slavery is complicit? In what? And what hypocrisy? Whose hypocrisy?


    • I haven’t read “Le génocide voilé”, but I suggest that you read “The Legacy of Arab-Islam in Africa” in English by Azumah (as in the last in-line video) . As far as I can tell they cover much the same ground, even if they may have a slightly different perspective.


    • Slavery is widely discussed in the Koran so what are black Americans thinking? Perhaps like most muslims (90%) they don’t actually read the Koran. Maybe they just listen to rhetoric from Imams. Perhaps distracted by trying to learn to chant by rote a foreign language.

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    • Operative paragraph
      “Few people have reminded Americans of Islam’s presence on this continent more pointedly than Farrakhan. But what many people do not know is that Farrakhan does not represent Islam. He is the leader of the Nation of Islam, a distinctly American invention that has its roots in the opening years of the twentieth century (see Bijlefeld, 1993; Gudel and Duckworth, 1993; Ahlstrom, 1972; Morey, 1992)”.


    • One of the cruellest ironies suffered by any peoples.
      Sold into physical slavery by muslims.
      Now subject to the moral enslavement by those very same muslims.

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  2. There is a point about lack of historic documents of Islam. Look at the way, even today, Muslims go apoplectic about any criticism of their “faith”, Mohammed or the Koran. At the very least, this must have discouraged people from writing about Islam, as they would rightly fear for their lives. I would think also, with this mindset, that very few documents would survive, as the various rulers would have different ideas about what was acceptable, and destroy what they did not like (yet another obvious trait of Islam today).

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  3. Thank you Muslim Issue how short peoples memories are! One only has to go to an art gallery to see who the real slave traders were! Modern history just never teaches how to make the connections. Detail is for science but the big picture is history and politics and Muslims have never once appeared in history as thinking sentient beings. Even Shakespeare showed them up for what they were and this is over 500 years ago. How stupid are today’s generation of politicians.

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    • They are one of two things. Pawns, or they are doing it intentionally to break down resistance.

      The pawns have fake constructs of what the world is, and this will not be shaken.

      Others like George Soros are successfully achieving exactly what they’re trying to do.

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  4. Wondering what drove western academics to tear strips off Christian white history, while absurdly romanticising Islam ? Is it because of a language/ historic material deficit? Muslim historic documents often written in arab cursive scripts couldn’t be mass printed like our 26 character alphabet. Whiteman’s history in any Euro language was mass printed thus far more information was available. So it seems due to the paucity of historical information on Islam, white historians have falsely romanticised it to make white man’s history seem worse.
    Must admit a close study of the Koran makes one’s eyes pop and hard to relate to. It would encourage historians to study subjects more amenable to whiteman’s understanding.

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  5. If you fervently believe as Muslims and Hitler did that any other groups of people who are so inferior that they don’t deserve to live, killing them, torturing and using them for any purpose is of no concern, Europe, Russia and the USA destroyed Hitlers evil, Sadly the Muslim menace is there on all continents, one billion people with world domination as it’s aim, atrocities are committed daily, any politician (egTrump) who dares to speak out against this conspiracy is vilified, ridiculed called Fascist, whilst the real fascists go on their merry way, butchering, bombing, raping, killing, enslaving worldwide, someone has to draw the line and stand up to this evil culture before all freedom and humanity is lost forever

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    • Reading your comment made me think and question. I wonder who is the worst, Islam with all of its hatred of non muslims, pedophilia, mysognism, calls for the enslavement of non muslims or those of the liberal left who refuse to see what Islam teaches and villifies anyone who points to the truth as written in the Islamic holy books and followed out by many muslims world wide

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      • Yes, it is a conundrum which I often face.
        It is, though, I think fairly certain that without the second gullible class, some even actively supporting islam, islam would not have made the inroads it has into Western democracies.
        What makes some of the second class worse are their often virulent attacks against Christianity (not without it faults) while giving a free pass to the followers of islam, the most evil doctrine ever created.
        Whichever is worse is almost irrelevant. We most oppose all ways in which islam may gain traction in our societies.

        Never submit.

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      • Sun Tzu – The Art of War:
        “So it is said that if you know your enemies and know yourself, you will not be put at risk even if you have a hundred battles.
        If you only know yourself, but not your opponent, you may win or may lose.
        If you know neither yourself nor your enemy, you will always endanger yourself.”

        “Who is worse” is indeed irrelevant. Recognizing the identity and motivations of the enemy are essential. Adherents of Islam and its non-Muslim advocates/apologists are distinguishable by their motivations, not by their common identity as allied mortal enemies of all other non-Muslims.

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      • It is irrelevant which is worse. To the Marxists who rule us Islam is just another protected class. Its just another wedge to use. Another hammer to swing as political correctness.

        Their fight is against anything which can resist, which is why they employ feminism in the way that they do. It has nothing to do with equal rights for women. Which is why they don’t mention actual Muslim-based rapes at all. They instead fabricate rapes at frat houses and obsess over them for months for all to see through the media.

        Same thing when it comes to Christianity, they attack it and undermine it. They damage particular churches’ objectivity by using government money for “refugee charities” that are really just bringing in more and more muslims, and handing them citizenship and welfare.

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