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RT: British Muslim, ‘European imperialism has looted all our wealth and we will come here and populate until Europe will turn black’ – Video

Muslim propaganda is prolific. Islam spread through lies, deceit and propaganda. And even to this day the largest invaders, slave traders and occupiers in human history abide by fantasist propaganda.

Here, a British Muslim guest on Russian news channel RT talks about European “imperialism” and claims Europe “looted all our wealth”. Therefore Muslim fakefugees and migrants will continue to flood into Europe and populate in rapid phase until all of Europe “turns black”. It’s a long process but they have all planned for it through history, he admits. Opposing Muslim migration is fascism, the Muslim claims.

Those are pretty mighty words to be used by a man belonging to a creed that has occupied 48 countries, killed over 600 million people, and enslaved an estimated (min) 140 million Africans and white Europeans, while looting everything in sight. And never have the Muslims apologized, paid compensation or returned these countries to the natives. Islam’s success was only possible through the looting of other’s wealth and through oppression and slavery. Africa’s sad descent into poverty happened long before colonialism and began under the sword of Islam.

Muslims constantly try to pretend they are some form of spokesmen for black oppression. It’s all manipulation. Even to this day Muslim enslave and kill millions of Africans both within Africa and in the Middle East. Muslims are the very core cause for the current situation in Africa formed over centuries of Islamic attacks, indoctrination and grooming in the country. Muslims plunged the country into poverty, division and violence by loot and enslavement of Africa. Muslims brought the Africans onto the European shores to capture millions of people into slavery by force (Barbary pirates, Moors). In fact, there was more white slaves captured by blacks during hundreds of years of these slave raids than there was ever blacks captured by whites. The Africans only serves as foot soldiers to garner more wealth and territories for the Muslims, nothing else. They also groomed African kings into a sense of legal and divine entitlement to enslave other Africans under the Sharia, capturing and selling them for money all over the world. Over 140 million of them. It made the African Sunni-royals the most wealthiest men in the world during the medieval times.

The islamic prostitute is once again lecturing the world on chastity.




11 thoughts on “RT: British Muslim, ‘European imperialism has looted all our wealth and we will come here and populate until Europe will turn black’ – Video

  1. The cultures of Africa and the Middle East are responsible for their continued state as the most miserable continent and region on the globe. After centuries spanning millenniums, the two remain the most violent, impoverished, chaotic, and socially backward. Left in isolation, their own conflicts and internecine fighting would return both to the primitive economic and social condition that their collective bestial mentality naturally manifests and deserves. Their societies are dominated by male sociopaths. The African and Middle Eastern males are the most predatory on the planet.

    People of relatively benign cultures and religions are mere prey and victims to the them. The plight of peoples like the Christians, Jews, and Yazidis (The complete list is much longer.) are testimony to that.

    There is no ideological middle ground. Diversity, multiculturalism, and social progressivism are programs of genocide. And, Islam, at war with the world, is a mortal enemy.


  2. This a**hole is openly advocating white genocide and white rape, why isn’t anyone like killing him for his fascist views?


    • “This a**hole is openly advocating white genocide and white rape”

      You dare(!) to imply that this pillar of the community is racist?! YOU HYPOCRITICAL WHITE BITCH!!! Allah will roast you in Hell!

      Sorry ’bout that, I think I just had an attack of Islamitis. Oh f__k, it’s infectious?!?! HELP! I need somebody …
      HELP! Not just anybody …


  3. Oh boooo this jerk needs to get shot on the face while making his rant, that should shut him up forever! What about the arab slave trade which is still prominent in Africa you dick?


  4. The question is if the Brits are accpeting this idea or if they’ll stand up and defend their culture and values against these alien assholes.


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