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France: Muslims arrested in yet another terror plot in Paris

The French government is responsible for the Eurabia that has spread through Europe since the 1970’s in their endless ‘partnership’ with Muslims. Their Arab obsession began during Muslim invasion and occupation attempts of Europe centuries ago. Not only are the Muslims destroying the French economy by an enormous prison population, crime wave and welfare exploitation but tourism has reduced considerably to Paris since the past two terror attacks. You know the authorities are keeping a lid on the real degree of the problems not to ruin the tourism industry completely.



Four terror suspects arrested in Paris after police claimed they were plotting an ‘imminent attack’ 

  • Three men and a woman arrested in Paris and in nearby Seine-Saint-Denis
  • French security forces had files on the four suspects for their Islamist ties
  • Police also seized unused cartridge for an automatic rifle and computers
  • The four suspects have been questioned by intelligence officers tonight 


Four suspected terrorists were arrested in Paris today after police claimed they were plotting an ‘imminent attack’ on the French capital.

Three men and one woman were captured in the siege on the 18th arrondissement of the French capital and the nearby, rundown suburb of Saint Denis.

An AK-47 rifle, and electronic equipment including a USB stick and computer files, were found during the dawn raid.

French intelligence officers have been questioning the suspects at their headquarters in the city tonight.

The raid comes a day after a man suspected of having links to the Paris massacre in November was gunned down in a Brussels after a shoot-out with police. Police are pictured in the Belgian capital on Tuesday

One thought on “France: Muslims arrested in yet another terror plot in Paris

  1. I guess the French were so pissed off after the fall of Napoleon and many French favored Hitler they have got back at the rest of Europe by dumping their Arab moslem scum. Punishing the rest of us for their loss of power and face in Europe. After all even the french peasants were pissed off with their stupid extravagant aristocracy! Never had time for damnable aristocrats bunch of fatuous men and empty headed women so vain one wonders if such women think of nothing but their looks and who the latest husband is they can fool around with! Swedish aristocracy is no better but then it was/is so influenced by Von Fasching & Count Bernodot (current King of Sweden descendant from French aristocracy). Believe me the elite Swedes (aristocracy) have no problems with Islam only the ordinary Swedes! RT last nights news showed the current French elite pissed off in District 16 having to put up with refugees. So folks we the people must rid Europe of Moselm male scum. BTW I only inherited an aristocratic name via marriage, do I have time for aristrocrats No way.


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