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UK: Father appeals for absconding Muslim to return from Yemen to answer questions about daughter’s murder

Does the father actually believe Abdulhak has any moral interest to help or feel any remorse at all over her death?

The girl’s father (Mr Magnussen) reveal his bottomless naivety when he says he “finds it encouraging” to imagine Yemen authorities appear willing to hand over Abdulhak in exchange for “peace talks over civil conflict in the Middle Eastern state”. Magnussen doesn’t appear to get the message. Their terms for handing over Abdulhak is not even a realistic proposition. In their culture Abdulhak committed no crime whether he would confess or not. Mr Magnussen then imagines Abdulhak may feel remorse: “I hope he is not sleeping so well these days.”

This is the problem with these socialist left. There is no mental distinction between their fantasies and the realities of the world. If Abdulhak is guilty, in his mind he did nothing wrong. He, in fact, will be more likely to brag and laugh about it to his friends who will agree that he was justified. Islam endorses him to use and abuse women as if they are animals.

Although the article doesn’t mention whether the victim was raped, we can be pretty sure she was either raped or someone tried to rape her.

The Quran on Rape

There is no equivalent term for ‘rape’ in the Qur’an. Likewise, there is not a single verse in the Qur’an which even remotely discourages forced sex. In contrast, there are several verses in this book which give the green light to rape and other sexual crimes against women. The Qur’an dictates, women already married are forbidden for Muslims except those whom their right hands possess (sex slaves). And who is the sex slave? The infidel is authomatically endorsed as a slave and beneath a Muslim whether they are physically enslaved or not.

This practice of raping war captives was practiced by Islam’s very own prophet Muhammad, in his life. On two occasions, he married (for the sake of sexual gratification only) war captives and raped them. Those victims were namely Safiyah and Juwairiyah.

Although the Quran forbid Muslim men to engage in relations with married women, even this rule is streteched within family relations. It’s not uncommon that a married woman, a single woman or a child is subject to either sexual assault, rape or incest within the family structure by a father, brother, grandfather, uncle or other related males. And their activities are not a crime. If a complaint taakes place the woman is blamed and is punished according to whatever method pleases the plaintiff.

The Quran on Murder (I’dam)

Blood money (Diyya) and an apology is a common reimbursement for murder (I’dam). The demand for blood money must be “within reasonable limits”. In some cases and if the victims family rejects blood money execution may be the next ruling decided by the Islamic court. There is no capital punishment for mistakes or accidents. The line of this law becomes blurred if the murder takes place between family members, especially in the murder of a woman. There is no law within Islam that forbids male members within a family to kill a woman or child in their own family since the male basically has ownership over women and children, meaning they are his property. The Quran mentions that the law should be equal on rich or poor, male or female, but the constant abrogations in the texts for centuries enable Islamic ruling authorities to find a counterruling that always pin the fault on the women, and women are never given equal ruling to men.

The law changes dramatically if the victim is a non-Muslim, which is why it’s bizarre that some non-Muslims continue to travel or live in Islamic countries. Although some passages mention Mohammed punish a few individual crimes against non-Muslims, the abrogations nullify them. A Muslim is not obliged to pay neither blood money, apologize or face any form of punishment under Sharia for the murder of a non-Muslim although the victims family can demand it. Such decisions would be fully up to the Islamic ruling based on scholarly discretion (ljtihad). The Quran also has “an eye for an eye” law (Al-Qisas) where, in some cases, a victim’s family can demand an equal act in retribution. But again, there is no requirement that such law is implemented when a Muslim commits a crime against a non-Muslim. Should a (non-Muslim) victims family demand retribution and an Islamic court approves it, the family must actually demand to be present to see the law being carried out in full or the court may never punish the accused since a Muslim automatically has a higher standing than a non-Muslim under Islamic law.


Sharia law and death penalty (PDF – Penal Reform International)



Father appeals for suspect in daughter’s murder to return from Yemen after eight years

Farouk Abdulhak, the son of a billionaire, has refused to return to the UK, where police want to question him in connection with death of Martine Vik Magnussen

Two newly realesed photographs of Martine Vik Magnussen
Two newly realesed photographs of Martine Vik Magnussen. Photo: Metropolitan Police

4:16AM GMT 15 Mar 2016

The playboy son of a billionaire wanted for the rape and murder of a Norwegian student in London is still on the run eight years after her death.

Farouk Abdulhak remains holed up in Yemen and has refused to come back to the UK where he is accused of killing Martine Vik Magnussen in 2008.

She was last seen in the early hours of March 14 at Maddox nightclub in Mayfair where she had been celebrating the end of term with friends from Regent’s Business School.

The 23-year-old is thought to have left the club with Mr Abdulhak – a fellow student and son of billionaire Shaher Abdulhak – and her body was found buried in rubble in the basement of flats in Great Portland Street two days later.

On Monday, her father Petter Magnussen released two previously unpublished images of his daughter, as his family continue to fight for justice.

Farouk Abdulhak, left, and Martine Vik Magnussen
Farouk Abdulhak, left, is the only suspect in the murder of Martine Vik Magnussen.

He said: “We have been left devastated and distraught since the loss of our daughter. There is an enormous hole in our lives that can never be filled.

“Martine would have been 31 years old and I cannot help but wonder what she would be doing now – would she have settled down, married and had children?

“What makes the pain so much more difficult to accept is that we are being denied justice as Farouk Abdulhak fled to Yemen after the murder and refuses to return to the UK.

“He has continued to live his life for the past eight years and move forward, in contrast to my family and myself who cannot do that.

“What we can do and will do is continue to keep the spotlight on this case and cherish the memory of our beloved daughter.”

Mr Magnussen told the Evening Standard that last year a senior Yemeni official offered to give up Mr Abdulhak if, in return, peace talks over civil conflict in the Middle Eastern state could be held in Norway.

Mr Magnussen was unable to arrange this, but said: “I found this encouraging.

“This was a strong message to the suspect that he can no longer totally rely on the support of his own people. I hope he is not sleeping so well these days.”

Police launched a Facebook appeal in Arabic and English to coincide with the eight-year anniversary. A previous publicity drive in 2014 saw 350,000 people view the appeal page.

Detective Chief Inspector Andy Partridge said: “This case is still very much a live investigation. Farouk Abdulhak remains wanted for the rape and murder of Martine Vik Magnussen.

“Farouk Abdulhak has known for the past eight years now that he is wanted for the rape and murder of Martine. There have been extensive diplomatic efforts made over this time to return him to the UK, to no avail.

“This anniversary should serve as a further reminder that he cannot put this behind him, it will not go away and I appeal to him and those close to him to advise him to return to the UK to stand trial.”


2 thoughts on “UK: Father appeals for absconding Muslim to return from Yemen to answer questions about daughter’s murder

  1. “This was a strong message to the suspect that he can no longer totally rely on the support of his own people. I hope he is not sleeping so well these days.” – Actually it just corroborates that Muslims bargain for everything and anything that they can’t compel or violently force someone to surrender, or achieve with theft and/or deceit. Deal with the Devil = Deal with Muhammad


  2. I don’t know what’s going on in the heads of lefties, but it’s probably true, that they cannot separate their idealistic view of the world with the real picture. – Sorry for Mr. Magnussen, his lost is terrible but he will not get any satisfaction from anybody in the shithole of a country like Yemen.
    PS! Haven’t we seen such an ugly portrait of a young Moslem before – hateful appearance.


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