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Austria: Merkel Muslim lured woman into basement and tried to rape her

Libyan migrant, 16, ‘forced young Austrian woman into a basement and tried to rape her’ 

  • Refugee, 16, is accused of luring an Austrian woman into a house in Vienna
  • Met the woman and her friend on the subway and invited them for drinks 
  • He allegedly took them to the house and tried to force them into the cellar
  • Younger woman escaped and fled, while the other fought off her attacker
  • Libyan teenager, who has denied all charges, was living in a migrant centre

By Flemming Emil Hansen In Vienna, Austria, For Mailonline
Published: 17:49, 14 March 2016 |

A 16-year-old refugee is accused of luring a young Austrian woman into a house, forcing her into a basement and attempting to rape her.

The Libyan teenager is being held by police after the 18-year-old woman was rescued from a cellar in Vienna.

A second, older woman, 20, managed to tear herself away from her attacker on Saturday and alerted police.

Accused: The 16-year-old Libyan refugee is said to have met the women on the subway in Vienna and asked them to join him for a drink. He is accused of taking them to a house and trying to force them into a basement

5 thoughts on “Austria: Merkel Muslim lured woman into basement and tried to rape her

  1. Are there many “women” in Vienna who are this desperate and/or stupid that they’re so easily fooled by a migrant predator on a subway at 4:00 a.m.? (There’s no info that the two were drunk/high.) If so, this is further evidence that Vienna is doomed to cultural genocide by these bestial Muslim male hordes.

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  2. I understood drinking is Haram! So what is this scum moslem doing luring a women from a bar into a basement? Same thing as the scum Arab Prince who in 1975 tried to pick me up at a Bar in London – the creep was drinking alcohol. In those days the police would have nicked him for stalking/harassment/bar crawling etc etc. What happened to our Cops since then?


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