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Video: Inside Sweden’s Eurabia, the city of Malmo

Ezra Levant of TheRebel media continues his series on the effects of Muslim mass migration on Europe, this time with interviews with Muslim men in Malmo, Sweden. However, the conversation that troubled him most was one with a non-Muslim, native Swedish woman.

Listen to the complete naivety of the Swedish woman who imagines Muslims will “take care” of Swedes in the future. She better save up for her jizya. Her argument is that Swede’s are having too few children. This argument, created mainly by banks seeking more ideas to gain new account holders and lenders to make profits out of, is a flawed economical projection. The world cannot constantly multiply its population without severe consequences. If merely a high population solves all economic projections and shorts, Africa and India would be the world’s most wealthest and progressive countries. Are they?

There doesn’t exist a single society in the world where Muslims have taken control of another culture and country, and they have “taken care” of others. On the contrary, they comit genocide of the natives. The Islamic culture is a parasitic one which seeks to dominate, take over, occupy and enslave. It doesn’t give elbow-room to anyone else. It doesn’t want to exist in harmony with anyone, including their own.






11 thoughts on “Video: Inside Sweden’s Eurabia, the city of Malmo

  1. ” So open-minded that the brains have fallen out” couldn’t have said it better myself! That Swedish lady is whats wrong with Sweden. Thank you Rebel media!


  2. “Swedish woman who imagines Muslims will “take care” of Swedes in the future.”
    Well she is right muslims WILL “take care” of Swedes once they are in charge but not in the way that she believes they will.
    The mafia taking care of an informer comes to mind.


  3. Islamic refuges are like no other refuges. Instead of being grateful to their host country for saving their lives, they’re angry, resentful, hate filled, murderous hoards screaming for their welfare benefits and rights while they condemn and attack their host country. They are neither refugees nor immigrants. They are the Islamofascist army of occupation sent to wage jihad/terrorism on whomever and wherever they’ve been sent by their Islamofascist state.

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    • You can catch them on Youtube., traveling by bus from Eastern Europe into Germany chanting “Mu-ham-med”. Bearing the gift of diversity with all the tenderness of Typhoid Mary bearing the gift of pathogenic infection.


    • As long as their not Muslim they can come to Australia. You can bring your culture, and you can bring your traditions. Just leave your shit at home.


      • You meant “as long as they’re not Muslim”. Sorry, I’m a pedantic little bugger.

        And mate, I hope you guys won’t ever let someone like Mama Merkel (I’ve been living in Krautland for 14 years) run Godzone.
        Joh (Bjelke-Petersen) as PM would take care of the Islamidiots coming to Australia. 😉 Is he still alive?

        Aussie, Aussie, Aussie, oi, oi, oi!
        Allah, Allah, Allah, die, die, die!


    • If Swedes are gonna come here and preach about the glories of multiculturalism or push for it, they can stay in Sweden. Swedes are pretty smug about their liberal values just like the French!

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