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EU’s Skilled Labor Dream: Two Thirds Of Merkel Muslims Are ‘Basically Illiterate’

As we’ve said many times before based on previously published reports, roughly 80-90% of Muslim “refugees” become permanent parasites on the welfare system and never strive for a higher education or a career. Even in the Islamic world the majority of Muslims are notoriously unemployable and poorly educated – by choice. One of the reasons for their choices is that prophet Mohammed was uneducated and illiterate and sustained himself on crime. Even their own social failures are built on their religious beliefs.



Migrant Crisis: Two Thirds Of Arrivals Are ‘Basically Illiterate’

Basically Illiterate
The Associated Press


by Oliver JJ Lane, Breitbart,
14 Mar 2016

A senior German academic has joined the chorus of voices expressing concern over the low educational standards of newly arriving migrants, and the significant knock-on effects that is bound to have on the German educational system.

President of the University of Hamburg and chairman of the German Educational Action Council Dieter Lenzen has pointed to the enormous cost of teaching hundreds of thousands of newcomers basic language skills, pointing in particular to the Syrian community. While the proportion of Syrians arriving and claiming to have university degrees — around 15 per cent — isn’t much below the German population as a whole, the vast majority of the remaining 85 per cent are in a significantly worse state, unable even to perform basic tasks like reading a bus timetable.

Outlining the scale of the challenge and the lack of ability of most Syrians arriving in Europe, President Lenzen said: “the problem is the 65 per cent of an age group that can operate only on reading comprehension level one by the PISA test”, reports N24.

The Program for International Student Assessment (PISA) test is a standard form of measuring intellectual ability and at level one suggests that the majority of Syrian “refugees” are unable to complete “basic reading tasks” such as “Locating straightforward information” or “Making low-level inferences”.

President Lenzen told media he estimated around two thirds of these arrivals had no qualifications at all from their home nation. He estimated giving migrants German lessons to get them to a point where they could become productive members of society would cost some €80,000 a year for a class of 25, with classes needed for some two and a half years.

In expressing his concern, President Lenzen is affirming the statement in December of Munich University professor Ludger Wößmann, who said:

“We have to prepare ourselves for the fact that the majority of young refugees will fail a three-year full time training course with a high proportion of theoretic content. According to the Chamber of Commerce of Munich and Upper Bavaria, 70 per cent of trainees from Syria, Afghanistan and Iraq who started lessons more than two years ago have already dropped out”.

Referring to a 2011 educational study conducted in Syria, the professor said 65 per cent of 18 year-olds in the country lacked “basic skills” and were therefore “functionally illiterate”, compared to just 16 per cent in Germany.

Even these shock figures are reasonably generous compared to the internal figures of the German government, which were leaked at the end of 2015. The internal paper from the Federal Employment Agency suggested 81 per cent of migrants to Germany were unskilled, and just eight per cent had academic qualifications of any kind.

Projecting their own likely spending, the agency estimated the migrant influx would lead to Germany taking on hundreds of thousands of new benefit claimants.


18 thoughts on “EU’s Skilled Labor Dream: Two Thirds Of Merkel Muslims Are ‘Basically Illiterate’

  1. Obviously, the EU didn’t think the migration situation over very carefully. They were more concerned about the moslems than their own citizens. Why would any EU leader not do extensive research on a peoples who are coming from a very different life style. All the leaders needed to do was read a copy of the qu’ran and they would instantly have rejected opening their country to them. BTW, it looks like there are at least 10-15 men (ages 18-40) for every woman. So we know they are interested only in jihad, and comol as in in about the foid, accommodations, and everything else they can think of.


  2. The only solution, unfortunately for us, is for Germany to give them EU residency permits and suggest they move to where the benefits are fatter. Like the UK. Prepare for the arrival of a horde of locusts if we stay in the EU.


  3. 2/3rds illiterate, avg iq 70 vs germany 100, diseases, fecundity, periodontal disaster, stupid customs locked in their mushy muslim minds – It boggles the mind how Merkel could do this to the Germans. What is more shocking is that Merkel only got bruised in the Sunday election, but she is still there! So many Germans hate the Germans.


  4. But there will still be the f*ck witted female westerners who will say:”isn’t he cute?” or being leftists will marry him to prove that they are not bigots. The biggest danger to the future of the west are the moronic females who will screw them. I have contempt for ALL western from from the sewer effluent of islam are the women who betray their sex, their culture and their future children by doing this


    • nope it is learned by rote by madrassa beatings and sexual you should know most have not a clue what it means as they do not speak Arabic. All that they know is what their madrassa teachers and imams tell them. Compared to the sexual abuse of minors under islam that committed by the catholics is but a drop in the ocean and yet the left does NOTHING as usual.


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