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Muslims screaming ‘Allah Akbar’ kill tourists at Ivory Coast beach resort

Ivory Coast says two hotels attacked

Mariano Castillo-Profile-Image
By Mariano Castillo, CNN
Updated 1733 GMT (0133 HKT) March 13, 2016

(CNN) Gunmen attacked two hotels in southern Ivory Coast, the nation’s government said in a statement Sunday.

Security forces responded to the attacks in Grand-Bassam, which is located about 40 kilometers (25 miles) from the city of Abidjan.

Video from the scene appeared to show people fleeing. A photo posted by Twitter user @lopezdobe showed ammunition magazines and grenades on the ground near the attack site.

The victims include five men, five women and one child, the government said. But it did not specify if these reflected deaths or injuries.

Little was known about the victims. The U.S. Embassy in Abidjan reported that it had no evidence that U.S. citizens were targeted or harmed in the attack.

The French Embassy there said it had set up a crisis unit, and asked people to limit travel in the area and stay clear of security forces.

The identity of the gunmen was not immediately known, though jihadists have targeted hotels in West Africa before.

In the past year, two countries bordering Ivory Coast — Mali and Burkina Faso — have witnessed attacks on hotels popular with Westerners.

Ivory Coast itself has not been the target of terror attacks, but the threat of such an incident has risen since the country’s support of France’s 2013 military intervention targeting Islamic extremists in Mali, the U.S. State Department has said.

A terror group in Mali named Ivory Coast as a potential target for attacks in 2015, the State Department said.


Grand Bassam was once the colonial capital of Ivory Coast and remains a popular site for ex-pats relaxing from city life in Abidjan
Unconfirmed reports have emerged that several French nationals may have been killed in the deadly attack
Ivorian special forces race to the scene of the devastating attack in the town of Grand Bassam
Locals help a badly injured victim on to the back of a backup truck following the sudden terror attack
One of the victims from the shocking attack in Bassam, where gunmen opened fire on the beach
An AFP journalist saw around a dozen people, including an injured Western woman, being evacuated in a military truck



9 thoughts on “Muslims screaming ‘Allah Akbar’ kill tourists at Ivory Coast beach resort

  1. Bomb goes off in Turkey killing 30 and odd people, muslims killing people in ivory coast…there would be no news without muzzies!


  2. @ ADMIN

    Two things wrong with the headline:
    #1 “Allah Akbar” should be “Allahu Akbar”
    #2 that stupid effing Islamic chant shouldn’t be in the headline at all. Nowhere in the article (I checked the original at CNN) does it mention the chant. We all know that it’s moster than the mostest of most probable that the attackers WERE Islamidiots, of course. However, this sort of inaccurate, sensationalist headline gives the enemy exactly the sort of ammunition they need to label TMI a “lying, Islamophobic hate site”. I’ve got no idea, really, of your local laws considering this sort of thing, but try not to give the Islamic lobby something with which they might be able to get you shut down. I don’t want to lose you (both this site and most of the commenters).



    • A commenter is allowed, however, to state the following opinion under freedom of speech (well, anywhere that Sharia has not swallowed up, anyway):

      Jews are NOT the descendants of pigs and monkeys, and any sane human being who, after reading the Quran, Ahadith and Sira, is not utterly disgusted by Islam and the Poophead MooHamMad IS THE DESCENDANT OF A FEMALE DOG!!!


      Al-Donald-hu Akbar !!!


      • !!! – “PLEASE!! – Do Not Impugne the reputations of Dogs! ‘Dogs’ serve Humanity! Muslims’ belong in a ‘Petri’ Dish!”


    • ERRATUM:
      I think I’ve enjoyed the old peace pipe a bit too much tonight –
      “local laws considering this sort of thing” should be
      “local laws regarding this sort of thing”

      D’oh ! 😉


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