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Fraud in Austria: Merkel Muslims throw themselves in front of cars to demand compensation for ‘injuries’

Car stunt crims claim fake injury
This pedestrian is perfectly safe. File Photo: EPA/MICHAEL REYNOLDS

Car stunt crims claim fake injury

Published: 09 Mar 2016

Austrian police are hunting at least two asylum seekers who have been throwing themselves in front of cars and then demanding compensation.

In one case, police confirmed they were questioning a 27-year-old asylum seeker who had tried the stunt in Klagenfurt in Carinthia. According to eyewitnesses, the man from Iran had been standing by the street until a car came along, and had then jumped in front of it.

He was taken to a local hospital, where doctors said he had not been injured. He had however demanded compensation for his injuries, but after police spoke to witnesses who said the man had deliberately jumped in front of the vehicle he is now being investigated for fraud.

A few hours earlier, police said there had been an identical incident – also in Klagenfurt – after a man had jumped onto a motorist’s bonnet.

The motorist said that he had instantly been surrounded by a gang of people who appeared to be asylum seekers who were demanding compensation for causing the injury.

Afraid that he was going to be attacked, he had driven off and called police a short while later.

Police believe that in both cases it was an attempt to get money from the car drivers.

Story courtesy of Central European News


6 thoughts on “Fraud in Austria: Merkel Muslims throw themselves in front of cars to demand compensation for ‘injuries’

  1. They must have learned that from the gypsies and jew lawyers. So nexttime they hit your car back up on over by them so they can’t sue


  2. !!! – “Danes, – Swedes, – Norwegians, Austrians, etc. – ad nauseam, will become Victims of these ‘Imported’ con-Artists for as long as they form an integral ‘part’ of Your Country! – It is ‘said’ however, – even ‘brain-damaged’ individuals can regenerate a ‘small’ part of their facuties through time, – sustained by their Host Country’s benevolence! CAUTION: Recovery time ‘depends’ almost ‘wholly’ on the “gullibility” of the Host Citizens!”


  3. Surprise, surprise! Allow thousands of criminally minded people into your country, who have networks of criminally minded people….how do you think they will behave?


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