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European ally Turkey is killing off Kurdish civilians: Diyarbakır, city of the dead and missing

Turkey is no stranger to genocides… The numbers are only underestimated.

Turkey genocides



Chilling revelations: Diyarbakır, city of the dead and missing

RT, 12 Mar, 2016 09:22

An RT crew has visited Diyarbakır, the unofficial capital of the Turkish Kurds, to throw light on the gruesome consequences of Turkey’s crackdown on the Kurdish population. RT’s William Whiteman talked to the relatives of one of the victims.

RT took an exclusive look into the mass killings of civilians allegedly committed by the Turkish military, filming the mourning of those who lost their loved ones as a result of the ongoing crackdown.

Buildings, which were damaged during the security operations and clashes between Turkish security forces and Kurdish militants, are seen in the southeastern town of Cizre in Sirnak province, Turkey March 2, 2016. © Sertac Kayar

Buildings, which were damaged during the security operations and clashes between Turkish security forces and Kurdish militants, are seen in the southeastern town of Cizre in Sirnak province, Turkey March 2, 2016. © Sertac Kayar ‘This is a crackdown on civilian population, not PKK’: Kurdish politician on Ankara’s south-east op

Friday prayers in Diyarbakir have also become a manifestation of the deep divide between the locals and the Turkish government.

In a further effort to quash Kurdish descent, Turkish authorities now require imams to read government-approved sermons. Thousands of local Kurds are protesting this move by boycotting the city’s main mosque and holding prayers in a nearby park.

The imam speaks in both Kurdish and Turkish, condemning the government’s actions.

RT’s William Whiteman witnessed Turkish military helicopters flying overhead in Diyarbakir, while the explosions and gunfire of the continuing military operation could be heard.

In the city’s Sur district, Turkish security services have continuously waged a military operation against the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) and its affiliated groups, as part of the ongoing government operation across the region.

Whiteman spoke to the weeping mother of 17-year-old girl Rozerin Cukur. She was killed in a military bombardment of Sur while she was visiting the district with friends in early January. With access to the area now cut off by the fighting, her body has never been recovered. Sadly, she is one of many such cases.

Rozerin’s father, Mustafa, could be found at a nearby memorial for the missing dead.

“We saw the news of her death reported on state TV and the internet. The reports included Rozerin’s ID information, discovered beside her body,” the father told RT.

Through hunger striking, the families here have managed to pressure the government into returning just two of the missing bodies. But the condition they were in was appalling.

“Of the bodies that have been recovered, parts of their flesh and internal organs had been eaten by a stray dog,” Mustafa said. “The bodies were riddled with thousands of bullet holes. It seems that the military continued to shoot them long after they were dead.”

“They were only identifiable through DNA testing,” Mustafa claimed.

RT spoke to the co-presidents of the local Kurdish People’s Democratic Party (HDP) branch about the plight of these families.

“Of the local residents killed in Sur, 14 bodies are yet to be recovered. They have been lying in the open for a long time, first under the siege, and now under the curfew,” Ömer Önen, co-president of HDP office of Diyarbakir, told RT. “Without the bodies, the families have been unable to hold funerals.”

Önen explained that by denying the people in Diyarbakir the right to give their loved ones a traditional Islamic burial, the Turkish government is violating human rights and the sanctity of religious traditions.

Every Saturday in Diyarbakir, the families of people who disappeared during the peak of the Turkish-Kurdish conflict in the 1980s and ‘90s gather to demand information on their missing loved ones. Now they are being joined by the families of new victims, with Rozerin’s parents among them.

Previously RT showed exclusive footage from the city of Cizre, destroyed by Turkish government forces during an anti-Kurdish military operation that ended there only two days ago.

The Turkish government offensive on the mostly Kurdish southeastern regions of the country was launched back in July of 2015 with strict 24-hour curfews imposed on several Kurdish towns.

On Friday RT requested comments on the ongoing anti-Kurdish crackdown in Turkey from aid groups and rights organizations, such as HRW, MSF International, the ICRC, the OHCHR, and Amnesty International. There has been no answer so far.

In the meantime, Turkey has claimed it will continue its operations against Kurdish militia – to ensure peace in the region.

“We will continue our operations to eliminate the PKK. This is necessary to ensure peace in the region,” said Efkan Ala, the Turkish interior minister.

Washington says Ankara has the right to fight terrorists, but only within international law.

“While we have certainly acknowledged Turkey’s right to defend itself against terrorists, and the PKK is a terrorist organization that we have recognized [as such], we have also, and I’ve said it many times from this podium, called on [Turkey] to do so in accordance with the international law and obligations that they [Turkey] have,” US State Department spokesman John Kirby said.

7 thoughts on “European ally Turkey is killing off Kurdish civilians: Diyarbakır, city of the dead and missing

  1. Is it just a coincidence, or is there some sort of grim-reaper club whose members are required to be cold-blooded, ruthless, Muslim Brotherhood aficionados, beholding to George Soros financial machine?

    Erdogan is a top five BF to Barack Obama, who supports Islam/Sharia and it’s evil caliphate wherever it is, and is anti-American, anti-Christian, anti-free enterprise.

    The Turkish incursions into the American education system, (like Bill Ayers) are embedded deeper and deeper by the day. They masquerade as high class, principled systems but the connections to Islam/Sharia are increasing, as is the Islamist stranglehold
    with Sharia demands are being forced on once-moderate Turkey by the maniac Erdogan.

    Is Gulen a disciple of Erdogan, or an enemy?

    The forcing of unconscionable agendas supported by unconscionable leaders is no longer
    a phenomenon propelled by ultimate secrecy, the last seven years of America’s dictatorial development can be only be described as the fulfilling of “the dreams of our perverted’ president, Barack Obama.

    None of this is a coincidence, we are systematically being dismantled, and the tinker toys of the big-time boys are the roots of the apparatus that is eating the foundations of our
    precious country, and all that is good in the world is being brushed aside, openly, with planning done by the evil masters of the world woking in concert with each other.


  2. Is the PKK the same as regular Kurds? I’m wondering because, we (US), are supporting the Kurds, who are helping the syrians destroy the extremist muslims over there in Syria. But our ally, Turkey, is killing them. The PKK is a terrorist organization, the State Dept says. So how do you tell the difference between a Kurd in the PKK, and a regular Kurd? Is this like how do you tell between a Sunni muslim, and a Shiite muslim? Which one’s are we fighting, and which ones are the good guys? Crazy world we live in, especially when the US government is involved. See how nice and sweet they asked Turkey to follow the rules of the game, in that last paragraph? Kill the Kurds, but make sure your following the law now!! Don’t kill any Kurds, that we’re supporting…It’s crazy, I tell ya!


    • The Kurds in general are around in the corners of where Turkey, Syria, Iran, and Iraq meet. They have territory in each.

      Enough so that they could have a single country if they broke off from each and formed.

      So yes and no.

      The PKK are the militant ones in Turkey who are being oppressed by the Turks, our “ally”. The Turks are salafist, like ISIS.

      The Kurds we support are the ones in Syria mainly.

      My personal biggest problem with the PKK and the Kurdish People’s Democratic Party (HDP), is that they are using communism in their bid for “freedom”. Even if they get it, they’ll still be living in shitholes because communism.

      But yeah, Turkey has also been attacking the Kurds in Iraq. They aren’t reacting to anything, they just hate Kurds.


  3. RT News is the best news to follow, saw this at 18.00 tonight. I recommend to my fellow readers of Muslim Issue. Excellent News Station, the Kaiser Report is worth following as is Cross Talk and Boom or Bust. Some excellent documentaries on current issues.

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