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Leaked Islamic State database identify 22,000 jihadi names, addresses, phone numbers and family contacts

LMAO. They must be crapping their pants. Major fail on their part. They might as well publish their personal details on the web. Now all their fingerprints and any form of identification can be obtained. They can trace their history and all their activities. The house is coming crumbling down. Unless, of course, these files end in the hands of a weak and listless authority.

Authorities should arrest the entire families. They should be deported to Saudi Arabia.



IS Registration Forms Identify 22,000 Jihadis

Thousands of documents detailing phone numbers and family contacts are handed to Sky News by a disillusioned convert to the group.

IS Docs

By Stuart Ramsay, Chief Correspondent
Thursday, 10 March 2016

Tens of thousands of documents, containing 22,000 names, addresses, telephone numbers and family contacts of Islamic State jihadis, have been obtained by Sky News.

Nationals from at least 51 countries, including the UK, had to give up their most personal information as they joined the terror organisation. Only when the 23 question form was filled in were they inducted into IS.

A lot of the names and their new Islamic State names on the registration forms are well known.

Abdel Bary, a 26-year-old from London joined in 2013 after visiting Libya, Egypt and Turkey. He is designated as a fighter but is better known in the UK as a rap artist. His whereabouts are unknown.

:: Who Are The Britons In The Islamic State Files?

IS files

Another jihadi named in the documents, now dead after being targeted in a drone strike, is Junaid Hussain, the head of Islamic State’s media wing who along with his wife former punk Sally Jones, plotted attacks in the UK. Her whereabouts are unknown.

Reyaad Khan from Cardiff, who also entered in 2013, is also among those found among the registration forms. He was well known for appearing in a highly produced Islamic State propaganda video. He was later killed.

But the key breakthrough from the documents is the revealing of the identities of a number of previously unknown jihadis in the UK, across northern Europe, much of the Middle East and North Africa, as well as in the United States and Canada.

Their whereabouts are crucial to breaking the organisation and preventing further terror attacks.

Many of the men passed through a series of jihadi “hotspots” – such as Yemen, Sudan, Tunisia, Libya, Pakistan and Afghanistan – on multiple occasions, but were apparently unchecked, unmonitored and able to both enter Syria to fight and then to return home.

One of the files marked “Martyrs” detailed a brigade manned entirely by fighters who wanted to carry out suicide attacks and were trained to do so.

:: IS Files: A ‘Goldmine Of Information’ For Intelligence Agents

Some of the telephone numbers on the list are still active and it is believed that although many will be family members, a significant number are used by the jihadis themselves.

The files were passed to Sky News on a memory stick stolen from the head of Islamic State’s internal security police, an organisation described by insiders as the group’s SS. He had been entrusted to protect the organisation’s core secrets and he rarely parted with the drive.

A top image for an explainer on the impact of the IS files
The man who stole it was a former Free Syrian Army convert to Islamic State who calls himself Abu Hamed.


Disillusioned with the Islamic State leadership, he says it has now been taken over by former soldiers from the Iraqi Baath party of Saddam Hussein.

He claims the Islamic rules he believed have totally collapsed inside the organisation, prompting him to quit.

I met him in a secret location in Turkey, and he said IS was giving up on its headquarters in Raqqa and moving into the central deserts of Syria and ultimately Iraq, the group’s birthplace.

He also claimed that in reality Islamic State, The Kurdish YPG and the Syrian government of Bashar al Assad, are working together against the moderate Syrian opposition.

Asked if the IS files could bring the network down he nodded and said simply: “God willing”.

From the attacks in Tunisia and the Bataclan massacre in Paris it is clear that IS is refocusing its base of operations abroad and is intent on carrying out high profile attacks in Western countries, something that security chiefs across Europe are warning about right now.

Sky News has informed the authorities about the haul.

8 thoughts on “Leaked Islamic State database identify 22,000 jihadi names, addresses, phone numbers and family contacts

    • You like jihad because you are an idiot.

      There is no Allah. You’ve been lied to. but because you’re inbred, you are too stupid to know the difference.


  1. This is sheer INSANITY – Obama tells our Border Patrol Officers to ‘Stand Down’ and not arrest the hundreds of thousands of Muslims from the Middle East & Africa who are pouring over our Southern Border. Of course, they are going to MURDER AMERICANS, that’s their Agenda – to take over the world, converting all to Islam, or murder those who refuse!


  2. “Disillusioned with the Islamic State leadership, he says……….Asked if the IS files could bring the network down he nodded and said simply: “God willing”. – The identities of Islamic groups, their alliances, and the networks do and will change, but their nature and objectives won’t as their presence and numbers expand as it is/has on the African continent. The only permanent feature is the Sunni-Shia divide and eternal enmity.

    22,000 may be identified but there are tens of millions of potential male Muslim warriors throughout the globe, and conveniently concentrated in Europe, increasing there and in other lands with the streams of “refugees.” Under the appropriate circumstances, leadership, and opportunities they’ll enthusiastically fulfill their “religious” obligation to convert or slaughter non-Muslims with the overt or tacit support of “moderate Muslims” everywhere.

    The “leaked” list is ostensibly the result of dissension among “Jihadis.” Has 1,400 years of dissension among Muslims changed the nature of Islam or its inherent threat to non-Muslims ? Islam’s virulence is directly proportional to its exposure to non-Muslims. Globalists (aka oligarchs) in Europe, the U.S., and other erstwhile proud nations actively promote, support, and enable that exposure.

    “Sky News has informed the authorities about the haul.” – Like the media, the “authorities” are the globalists’ minions, whether they know it or not (Traitors or dupes, the result is the same.). They serve “stability and security” in order to preserve the oligarchs’ power, not to preserve and promote the nation-based societies which benefit the “common” citizen. They serve the NWO, part of which is Muslim hell-on-earth.


  3. If this list information is confirmed and true the security agencies of all the worlds free countries should be tweaking their cross-hairs about now. There is no such thing as playing nice with Satanic people, the only things you can do is to kill them all or capture them and give them free room and board at Guantanamo until they expire from old age.


  4. What will Interpol and the western police forces do? SFA except that the muslimes amongst them will warn their fellows. Western police forces make the Keystone cops look good. Wait until the vigilantes step up their actions THEN they will act. But not against the muslimes. If doesn’t think that zero hour for dramatic, effective action in Europe is rapidly approaching then they must be a muslime or a leftist

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