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Austria: Merkel Muslim abduct’s four-year-old and then molests the mother


Migrant abducts mother’s four-year-old son at Austrian swimming pool and molests her when she goes to find him in latest terrifying sex attack

  • Migrant approached a woman who rejected his advances at Austrian pool 
  • He then abducted her young son and took him to a grotto area of the pool
  • When the mother went to look for the boy the migrant then groped her 
  • Incident is latest in a string of sex attacks at swimming pools in Austria

By Jennifer Newton for MailOnline
Published: 14:45, 9 March 2016 |

A migrant abducted a four-year-old boy at an Austrian swimming pool just so he could molest his mother when she came to look for him in the latest terrifying sex attack.

The man, who barely spoke German had attempted to chat to the 37-year-old woman who was at the pool in the town of Klagenfurt with her young son.

When she rejected his advances, the asylum seeker went into the children’s play pool, where her son was and grabbed the boy.

A mother was groped by a migrant at a swimming pool in Klagenfurt, Austria, who had earlier led away her son behind a fake waterfall, pictured 
A mother was groped by a migrant at a swimming pool in Klagenfurt, Austria, who had earlier led away her son behind a fake waterfall, pictured.

He then ran off with him into a grotto behind a fake waterfall within the swimming complex.

The boy’s panicked mother then ran after him and found the pair hiding in the coroner.

But when the mother arrived, the man put the child aside and instead grabbed her and groped her inside her swimming costume.

The woman managed to fight him off and escaped from the pool with her son and the migrant left shortly afterwards.

Police spokesman Markus Dexl said: ‘The attacker was around 50 years old and almost certainly a foreigner, who attempted to speak to her.

‘Because she didn’t understand him, he had indicated that she should come nearer to him which she did not do.’

Mr Dexl said that the little boy had been splashing in the water in the nearby children’s paddling pool and the man then picked him up and put him on his shoulders.

The spokesman added that he then took the child to the water grotto, which is a dark covered area in the main swimming pool.’

The incident happened in the town of Klagenfurt in Austria, pictured, and local police are now investigating 

[The garbage of the world has been dumped on this beautiful country. What a disgrace. Treason charges is the only just and fair punishment for the repugnant Eurocrats.]

13 thoughts on “Austria: Merkel Muslim abduct’s four-year-old and then molests the mother

  1. What a joke Europe has become. You are stupid, or what, you people from the western world ? Can`t you see that that old crazy bitch Murkel has just suicide you collectively, and you don`t do nothing to stop her ? You must be a suicidal nation too, just like the germans are, they set the world on fire for the 3rd time, but this will be the end, so buckle up, little sheep, the end of civilisation is near, but Merkelistan won`t tell you this, to not panic, to stay idle a little more. Don`t be stupid, and defend your country, your so called elite will be hang eventually for high treason, and they know that something very bad is coming. Listen, in the end times everybody will be for himself only, so live your life still you can and have one 🙂


  2. The cross in the middle of the town square is on top of a crescent, soon the cross would be knocked down and there’ll just be the crescent!


  3. This will only get worse and worse. Where are the likes of idiot feminists now? Our men have turned to Wozes, It is time to bring in Special forces, who have never lost their ability to defend country and women. Bring back Conscription, teach women to use their brains and observe their first duty to the their nation. Welfare pay tax bonuses for giving birth to at least two children per woman/couple. The world today is totally out of balance. As for so called refugees money would be better spent on sending these savages back and funding camps in nations of origin.

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    • As soon as the “men” act the EU police will be onto them like wolves. IF everyone arms themselves(men and women) and start shooting muslime aggressors everywhere the message will become obvious. YOUR government will do SFA YOU must do it and if they react then remove them and violently if necessary. A guillotine would be a nice supplement to this revolution and I am NOT joking as the time for the European governments to justify their roles is fast running out and if they wont change then they MOST GO! and by any means.


    • The men are protecting themselves from being called anti feminist and Islamophobic. If they come to the aid of the women they will be castigated by the left wing womens libbers who believe, as stated in Sweden, that they do not need local men to protect them even if they are being raped, followed by the liberal left Islamic protectors and muslims who will cry Islamophobia at the slightest sign of anyone standing up to Islamic violence.


  4. Fascism is alive and well in Europe once again. They have invited it in and welcomed it. I know that islam is FASCISM disguised as religion. Dressing a mad dog up like a bunny does not change the character of the mad dog.


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