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UK: Mayoral Candidate Sadiq Khan’s Top Adviser Exposed as Misogynist, Gay-Hating Racist


‘What a f*****g f****t LOL’: Would-be Labour mayor Sadiq Khan’s top adviser is suspended after his homophobic, racist and sexist tweets are exposed 

  • Sadiq Khan, 45, suspended his Commons-based speechwriter Shueb Salar 
  • On his Twitter account, Salar laughed about homosexuals abused in public
  • Made offensive references to ‘hoes’ and ‘f***ing faggots’ on his Twitter feed 
  • Salar describes his duties as ‘assisting in the drafting of speeches, reports’

By Glen Owen Political Correspondent For The Mail On Sunday
Published: 22:54, 5 March 2016 |

Labour’s candidate to become London Mayor was last night embroiled in a row over hugely offensive remarks about rape, murder and gay people made by one of his key aides.

Sadiq Khan suspended his Commons-based speechwriter after The Mail on Sunday discovered messages in which the aide laughed about seeing homosexuals being abused in public, and made reference to ‘hoes’ and ‘f***ing faggots’ – on a Twitter feed followed by the Labour mayoral hopeful.

Shueb Salar, who has represented Mr Khan at public events, continued to post them after he started working for Mr Khan in the run-up to last year’s General Election.

Among the messages Mr Salar posted on Twitter was ‘advice to anyone who’s looking to murder their girlfriend and get away with it LOL’. The acronym stands for laugh out loud.

Sadiq Khan (left) suspended Shueb Salar (right) over a series of tweets in which he made reference to 'hoes', 'f***ing faggots'

5 thoughts on “UK: Mayoral Candidate Sadiq Khan’s Top Adviser Exposed as Misogynist, Gay-Hating Racist

    • It’s madness, isn’t it? Geller has never called for the death or hatred of anyone. She’s providing education about Islam, and this is obviously too much for them to handle.


  1. denounced white people as ‘devils’
    called Hitler a ‘very great man’

    This may have escaped his notice, but Hitler is a white man.


      “This may have escaped his notice, but Hitler is a white man.”
      Wrong, mate. Hitler WAS a white man, not IS. I think he would’ve looked pretty black after they burnt his mortal remains. 😀

      Hey, any Islamidiots reading this? Got a little message for you – F.O.A.D. !!!
      Greetings from The Skullmeister


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