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Germany: Five Muslims arrested after sex assult on 12-yr old in swimming pool

To molest young boys and girls at swimming pools is the new trend amongst Merkel’s invited Muslims. They know that people will be dressed in body-tight swimsuits, which to a Muslim is an invitation to sex.

Every town and village now has a security issue at their swimming pool and sports facilities. For the first time in their history, men and women have to be segregated. Just like in Islamic countries… Soon there will be a women’s only train compartment or women’s only bus seating section, like in the Middle East where a woman is not safe to sit next to a Muslim male in public transport.



Five migrants arrested for ‘groping 12-year-old girl in German swimming pool after blocking a water slide and sexually assaulting her while she was stuck on it’

  • Police say she told a lifeguard she was inappropriately touched at the pool
  • The girl, 12, said the man and his friends caused a ‘traffic jam’ on the slide
  • One then ‘took the opportunity to grope at her bikini top and bottom’
  • Six men were arrested, including five migrants, but they were later freed

By Allan Hall for MailOnline
Published: 14:33, 8 March 2016 |

Police in Cologne arrested six men – five of them refugees – for a suspected sex attack on a 12-year-old girl at a city swimming pool.

Officers said the girl approached a lifeguard at the pool in the Zündorf district of the city at 2.30pm on Sunday afternoon claiming she was indecently touched by a man near the water slide.

The girl claimed the man and his friends caused a ‘traffic jam’ on the slide where he then took the opportunity to grope at her bikini top and bottom.

Police say the girl complained she was groped by a man while using a waterslide at a pool in Cologne (pictured)
Police say the girl complained she was groped by a man while using a waterslide at a pool in Cologne (pictured).

The pool staff immediately called police and comforted the girl who was said to be extremely distraught. The men aged between 17 and 45 were arrested but later freed. They are reported to be from Iraq, Afghanistan and Syria.

Five are asylum seekers housed outside of Cologne while they wait for their residency claims to be processed. The nationality and status of the sixth man was not immediately clear.

The public prosecutor’s office in the city has appealed for witnesses, especially to confirm whether other children were abused.

Local conservative CDU party district chairman Walter Reinarz condemned the alleged attack stating: ‘We promise our full support for the young girl and her parents. It is good that the perpetrators were immediately arrested by police.

‘This shows that our security systems work. We expect the Cologne justice system to work quickly so that the perpetrators can be lastingly held accountable and deported quickly. ‘

He said measures were being drawn up to prevent such attacks in the future.

Public baths have been the setting for several sexual assaults in recent months, ranging from the savage rape of a 10-year-old boy at a pool in Austria to groping and molestation at several places in Germany.

Recently, a Waterpark in Norderstedt near Hamburg tightened its security measures after a 14-year old was allegedly raped there by two immigrants. This included banning men from using the water slide when women and children were present.

Asylum seekers across Germany are being warned through the use of graphic charts to respect women and girls when bathing, being informed that skimpy swimwear is in no way an invitation for sexual approaches.

10 thoughts on “Germany: Five Muslims arrested after sex assult on 12-yr old in swimming pool

  1. Wow do I feel blessed to be living in India where we have Modi as our Prime Minister. As long as the “Right wing’ nationalists are in power the fucking Muslims will be kept under control.


    • It’d be better if the immigees took matters into their own hands (you know), instead of molesting innocent females. That’s right, you Muslim motherfuckers, females are innocent, they’re NOT the corrupters of man … the Muslim male IS LOWER THAN A PIG’S BELLY! I’m so sick of all this (YOUR) shit – F.O.A.D.!!!!
      No more extra rights for Mohammed’s Mad Hatters (Tea Towellers). If you don’t like “the West” then don’t fucking come here. We don’t want you!!! Only Muslims and idiots want Muslims here. I’ll say it very slowly for you:

      FUCK …
      OFF …
      AND …
      DIE !!!

      PS: JEWS are the most exalted human beings, Mohammed was a pigmonkey. Anyone who takes an in-depth look at the Islamic “scriptures” and doesn’t feel the need to vomit should be force fed pages of the UNHOLY Quran until he does.

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  2. I caught part of an ITV program called ‘The Agenda’ late last night, I don’t know who the panel were but a few of the comments I heard were absolutely atrocious. One female panel member claimed that it has been proven that all the problems that were being put down to muslim immigrants were not immigrants or muslims at all. I must go back and watch it on catch up.


  3. Isn’t there anyone with any BALLS to stand up to these SCUM of the Earth MUSLIM PIECES OF CRAP ………should have made a parking lot where the SCUM came from ..


    • No, Germany is becoming a 2nd Sweden. Merkel is setting the example for all the males in Germany, who are apparently dutifully obeying “Mutti Merkel,” and accommodating the bestial migrant males. Go ahead, rape and sexually assault adult females and all minors, while the males do nothing more than express indignation and state the obvious like “this should not happen,” or “this is not permissible.” Eventually, like in Sweden, collectively the females will become resigned to their status as fair game for the plethora of depraved subhuman migrants. Goodbye Germany (the EU’s political, social, and economic leader).

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    • Until the men and/or women, take matters into their hands and covertly, secretly, “BEAT” some justice and sense into Muslim men, this will go on!

      Muslims only respect “force”!!!


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