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Danish 16-yr old girl converts to Islam, then wants to bomb Jews and kids

Danish 16-year-old girl who was arrested for possessing explosives shortly after converting to Islam had planned to bomb Jewish and public schools, police reveal

  • The girl, arrested last month, was charged with possession of explosives
  • A male friend of hers, aged 24, was also arrested in connection to the case
  • Police have now revealed the pair planned to blow up two Danish schools
  • They targeted a Jewish school in Copenhagen and a nearby public school


A 16-year-old girl arrested for possessing explosives in the tiny Danish town of Kundby was planning to blow up two schools, prosecutors have claimed.

The girl, aged 15 when she was arrested, was a recent convert to Islam and a 24-year-old man who had fought with jihadi groups in Syria was also arrested in connection with the case.

Behind closed doors in court, the youngster was charged with possessing explosives after being arrested at her mother’s home last month.

Prosecutors today released details of the accusations, The Local reported.

They said the pair planned to blow up the Jewish school Carolineskolen in Copenhagen and the Sydskolen public school in western Zealand.

The pair were going to use acetone peroxide, a highly volatile chemical which was used in the Paris terror attacks, it was claimed.

The prosecutor’s statement said: ‘Due to security concerns, PET cannot say what security measures the case has given rise to, but PET can say that it has not given the schools recommendations to make any changes in or around the schools in question.’

At the time of her arrest, a neighbour told tabloid BT that he was friends with the girl on Facebook and her page showed evidence of support of Islam.

‘I am very upset,’ he told the paper. ‘It is uncomfortable to live so close to such a thing.’

He went on to describe her as having looked ‘sad’ lately and was often wearing a cap.

She also allegedly supported a Facebook page for the Islamic group Hizb ut-Tahrir, an Islamic political group that calls for the establishment of a caliphate and Sharia law.

9 thoughts on “Danish 16-yr old girl converts to Islam, then wants to bomb Jews and kids

  1. None more gullible than a teenager in-love with either some ideology or vile male. ‘Silent Witness’ Sunday Night Drama Sky TV screened the story of girls under 16 being groomed by moslem men!. The girls were drugged, locked in a hotel room near an airport, door only opened when customers were let in!. Bodies turned up in a suitcases, burned alive and hung! Forensics showed up contagious diseases Scarlet fever, can’t quite recall but some blood disorder named FFS or similar. This is what Islam is bringing to Europe! Do the politicians listen? Does the EU? We have to take the law into our own hands electorate.


    • ” We have to take the law into our own hands electorate.”
      Up until very recently I would’ve pulled a moralising “now, now, Ericka etc etc” You remember the sort of attitude I had, don’t you? Well, NO F__KING MORE !!!
      You know what else I hate about Islam now? The fact that it’s turned me into a hater. I hate that there’s a “religion” (cough, cough) so f__ked that it can turn an open-minded bloke like me into a hate-filled individual. I still don’t hate EVERY SINGLE Muslim, but I’m THIS (almost touching index finger and thumb) f__king close to it! And that makes me hate Islam even more – this c__tface cult makes me hate people.

      PS: maybe I still don’t HATE every single Muslim, but I sure as Hell no longer TRUST someone if I know he/she is a Mohammed munchkin!

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    • Google is spastic. I tested “Metallica’s first album” and Google comes up with a big answer – the wrong one. “Hit The Lights” (which is what Google puts up top of the search results) is the first track on Side 1 of the album.

      I sent Google the following correction notice:
      “Hit the Lights” is track #1 on side #1 of Metallica’s first album. The album itself is called “Kill ‘Em All”!


      • @BACONATOR

        Yeah, cause insists on localising and I DON’T want the effing Kraut language version of Google. doesn’t do the localising shit (as regards language). Well, gotta scoot off to work now. See ya.


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