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Yemen’s Saudi Bombings: Nuns Slaughtered ‘by ISIS’ at Charity Started by Mother Teresa

“Slaughtered by ISIS” or slaughtered by Saudi Arabia? They were killed by Saudi military operations. Saudi Barbarians are fighting Houthi’s in Yemen, not ISIS.

Yemen is one of the poorest country in the world. But there is no outcry amongst Muslims heard anywhere that Saudi Arabia is bombing thousands of poor and defenceless people over a small band of Houthi’s. The Ummah kicks in to scream and complain about feigned human rights whenever Israel tries to stop another bomb falling from “Palestine”. It’s clear to see that Muslim interest in their fellow people is only connected to an excuse to hate the Jews and their homeland. Anywhere else Muslims kill Muslims, they don’t care at all.

Besides, over 50% of Saudi’s originate from Yemen and half of Barbaria is filled with them. This means the Saudi’s are basically bombing their own people.



Islamic terrorists kill 16 in Yemen attack

author-image by Douglas Ernst, WND

Douglas Ernst is a staff writer for WND. He formerly wrote for the Washington Times. He also worked at The Heritage Foundation in its Young Leaders Program.

A charity started by Mother Teresa of Calcutta came under attack by the Islamic State group on Friday. Witnesses said 4 nuns and 12 employees were shot in the head in Yemen after being placed in handcuffs.Two gunmen surrounded the building in Aden while four others entered the building, officials speaking on condition of anonymity told the Associated Press.

“On entering inside, [the terrorists] immediately shot dead the gatekeeper and started shooting randomly,” said Vikas Swarup, spokesman for India’s external affairs ministry, the Guardian reported.

One nun managed to survive by hiding inside a refrigerator within a store room.

Roughly 80 people live at the retirement home, which is run by Missionaries of Charity. The effort was launched in 1998.


Yemen, once touted as a counterterrorism success by President Obama, spiraled into chaos in January 2015 after Houthi forces seized the presidential palace in the capital city of San’a. The country’s president, Abed Rabbo Mansour Hadi, fled soon afterward.

“Allah is Great! Death to America! Death to Israel! Curse on the Jews! Victory to Islam!” the Shiite group often chants.

“If it can’t be reversed, the fall of Yemen takes the Mideast closer to a regional war between radical Sunnis and radical Shiites, with U.S. allies caught in the middle. It’s an illusion to think that if we withdraw the carnage will stay over there,” the Wall Street Journal warned Jan. 20, 2015.

Bodies from Friday’s massacre were eventually retrieved and transferred to a hospital run by Doctors Without Borders, Associated Press reported.

ISIS and al-Qaida in the Arabian Peninsula currently control large swathes of southern Yemen as an internationally-recognized government attempts to exert its authority. Shiite rebels maintain dominance in the northern half of the region, which has come under constant bombardment by a coalition of Saudi nations.

Roughly 2.4 million people have been displaced and 6,200 civilians killed as a result of Yemen’s civil war, Associated Press reported.




13 thoughts on “Yemen’s Saudi Bombings: Nuns Slaughtered ‘by ISIS’ at Charity Started by Mother Teresa

  1. May I say I hope WWIII can be postponed and that Sunni & Shiia create their own WWIII and annihilate one another. The rest of the world will just have to civil war and bring these savages to hee! Either convert to another religion or none or ;be shot. No point in wasting money on imprisoning these savages for life at the tax payers expense!

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    • Ericka, we should give Islam choices that are equivalent to the choices Islam gives us.
      1. Become an Islam apostate
      2. submit to the Jism (a tax just for Muslims)
      3. be executed for taking no other gods but A(rsehole)llah.

      Also, let’s rewrite the Quran, leaving all the violent passages in there but substituting the word Muslim(s) for the following: people of the book, jew(s), unbeliever(s) …
      I think you get my point.

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    Political Correctness 101:

    Homicidal persons who follow the religion of Islam (a monotheistic and Abrahamic religion based on the Quran) are of a lower order than civilised, compassionate bipedal anthropoids, a good way below the order of non-anthropoid living organisms which feed on organic matter (typically having specialized sense organs and nervous system and able to respond rapidly to stimuli), and it is a requirement that they be eliminated expeditiously. The maleficent Mephistophelian Islamic political-religious system, and the sum of its subscribership, must be removed from the 3rd Rock From The Sun at once. They have NOT earned the privilege to reside among civilised, compassionate bipedal anthropoids.

    I hope this helps. ☺

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  3. Murderous Muslims are subhuman, far below the animal level, and need to be annihilated as quickly as possible. The evil Satanic Islamic political-religious system, and ALL of it’s members, needs to be eradicated immediately. They have NOT earned the privilege to reside among humans.

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