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Spain Seizes 20,000 Military Uniforms Prepared for Jihadis in Syria and Iraq

By Damien Sharko, Newsweek
On 3/4/16 at 9:22 AM

Police arrest masked suspects

Spanish police lead detained suspects during an operation in Spain’s northern African enclave of Ceuta, in this still image from video released February 23. In another series of raids that month, police seized 20,000 uniforms bound for ISIS and Nusra Front militants.

Spanish police have seized around 20,000 military uniforms and accessories headed to militant groups such as Islamic State (ISIS) and the Al-Qaeda-linked Nusra Front, national daily newspaper ABC reports.

The items were seized in several aids in the port cities of Algeciras, east of Cádiz, and Valencia in February, a Ministry of the Interior spokesperson said. The clothes were marked as second-hand clothing and were ready to be shipped abroad.

Seven people were arrested as part of the operation and Spain’s Ministry of the Interior said that the camouflaged clothing and accompanying accessories were “enough to equip an entire army.”

According to authorities, law enforcement officials “neutralized a very active and efficient” network of jihadist financiers and suppliers, whose aim was to strengthen militants in Syria and Iraq.

One of the suspects’ companies was dedicated to exporting used clothes, while another of the men arrested is suspected of sending “electronic and transmission material, firearms and precursors for making explosives” to Syria and Iraq.



2 thoughts on “Spain Seizes 20,000 Military Uniforms Prepared for Jihadis in Syria and Iraq

    • I am.

      But only because I would have expected it to be a stockpile for invaders in Europe to wear.

      Shipping these from a firstish world country back to Syria? Who the hell is running their supply chain?


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