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German Police Officer Stabbed By 15 Year Old Muslim Girl In Palestine-Inspired Knife Attack

Why are the mosques and the Palestinian TV not dragged to court for hate crimes?



Police Officer Stabbed By 15 Year Old Girl In ISIS Inspired Palestine-Style Kitchen Knife Attack

15 Year Old Girl in ISIS

by Oliver JJ Lane
3 Mar 2016, Breitbart

A young girl walked into a German railway station on Friday and near fatally stabbed the first officer who approached her, and now it has been revealed she is a devotee of the Islamic State.

A 15-year-old Moroccan (pictured) was arrested on Friday after an Islamist attack at Hanover central station inspired by the Islamic State. The young girl who was wearing a headscarf was observed to fix officials in the office with her gaze — this much can be seen from surveillance videos from the station, reports Bild.

Approached by an officer, the young girl handed over her identity documents, but as he was distracted reading the paper, she struck. A spokesman said: “When the officer slightly turned away to check her identity, with lightning speed she stabbed him… The colleague had no chance to defend himself”.

At that point, other officers piled in and detained the girl. The struck officer had to receive emergency surgery, the kitchen knife having entered his neck, with a colleague remarking “it’s a miracle he survived”.

The event garnered no media attention at the time but it has now been proven the attack was inspired by Islamist ideology, with the young girl attacking a target in Europe because she was unable to travel to the Islamic State itself to join her co-religionists.

Berlin newspaper BZ reports the girl had spent time living on the Turkish-Syrian border, and had possibly been radicalised there. She had recently been returned from the area to her mother in Germany, and it may be frustration at being taken away from being near the Islamic State that brought about the attack.

A police spokesman remarked on her remarkable callousness, showing no interest in whether the stabbed officer died but great concern after her arrest that her headscarf covered her properly, having become dislodged. Express reports the girl was a German passport holder, and had been “repeatedly” involved with the police before for charges of theft and assault

While such lone-wolf attacks remain reasonably rare in Europe, they have become very common in other parts of the world where the radical Islamist ideology holds sway, including in Israel where police officers are routinely the subject of knife attacks. Breitbart Jerusalem has reported on many of these, including girls as young as 13 going to stab officers, and propaganda featuring pre-teens.

One such incident in Israel that near identically conforms to the attack in Hanover was reported on in November, when a Palestinian woman calmly approached a security guard at a West Bank checkpoint and handed over her identity documents. While the man was distracted inspecting the papers, she took a knife out of her handbag and started ferociously stabbing him. The officer was injured and managed to shoot the assailant, who lived.

This article was amended on 03/03/15 to reflect the fact the attack took place in a railway, not police station.

Palestinians teach how to stab - An anatomical chart showing which parts of the body to aim for when stabbing a victim, posted on Facebook on October 14, 2015

8 thoughts on “German Police Officer Stabbed By 15 Year Old Muslim Girl In Palestine-Inspired Knife Attack

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    • “there is no Germany anymore, just Germanistan or Merkelistan” – I don’t like the smiley that you’d put after it, because the statement is just too f__king sad (the content of the statement is sad, not the statement itself). Maybe it’s just that I’m a bit sensitive because I have to live in this freezing, guilt-ridden place.
      German guilt has screwed the German mindset. The world should never forget the Holocaust, but German guilt, taken over the top (taking things over the top is something very German!), is blinding people to something – ie., the fact that exactly those people who were the victims 70-80 years ago are now being put in danger by the “We were evil, but now we love EVERYONE unreservedly and undeservedly” attitude prevalent among the do-gooders.


  2. Until the world wakes up to the reality that Islam is pure evil and ban all Mosques and all Islamic believers from their countries and send these Demonic followers back to their home countries such pieces of human waste will never ever stop the Jihad that they are ordered to do by the Devil himself (Allah). The whole world needs to do a 100% blockade of the whole middle east that would have to last forever. What I am saying I know that it is not nice and I know that this would be very drastic actions and I also know that the West does not have the intelligence to do like they/we have to do if we wish to be safe at all from these demonically demented souls, it is a sad reality that such a thing is required and absolutely necessary.


    • There are just too many idiot politicians in power just now OLDPOET56, Lofven is a case in point along with Merkel. Look at idiot Cameron who now allows the trading of Shukuk Arabic bonds on the STE, Arabs who have just bought some of Britain’s landmarks. Only way to deal with this invasion of Wahhabi Islam and it is all out WWIII and this time we must totally destroy all of them including Shiia. There will be great losses but the end result will be worth it. Finally Islam wiped out.


      • It makes me very sad to say this, but Ericka’s right. Hiroshima and Nagasaki were terrible, but they put an end to the war, thereby saving git knows how many more lives on both sides. That sentence is not to be interpreted as advocating a nuclear strike – the point I’m getting at is that an overwhelming display of power and the resulting loss of life on the enemy’s side is necessary; it’s the only solution, in fact. This must be achieved by conventional forces, even though that will entail a not insignificant loss of life on the Infidel side (may the Deity-Of-Your-Choice-except-Allah bless them). A nuclear strike would unleash a real, yes REAL, Armageddon – total annihilation. Whatever the Muhammad munchkins have in the way of nuclear capabilities, don’t you doubt their determination to use it, if provoked. They know that the Israelis will defend themselves atomically as well which is just dandy for the Mu-muns. If EVERYONE dies, all true Believers go to Jannah, all false Believers to the other place, all Unbelievers will keep them company … ergo, blowing up the planet looks like a damn good idea.

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    • Women are allowed up there, but they don’t get 72 large-eyed virgins. They get something much better – their HUSBAND!
      Doesn’t it make all you ladies wanna go, “WooHoo, I get to spend eternity getting beaten up by my r-soulmate! Where do I sign up for a suicide mission?!”

      Trump-hu Akbar !!! (even though I know that after he gets sworn in, kicks the believers of IsLame out and won’t let any more in, then we’ll get them all coming over here as well – Europe in general and Germany in particular. But I’m willing to martyr myself for The Donald’s cause).

      A tick for Trump = a vote for Victory (that’s my opinion, anyway. Anyone got a problem with that?!!! ☺)


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