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Poll: Donald Trump Earns More Muslim Support Than Rest of GOP Field Combined



Poll: Donald Trump Earns More Muslim Support Than Rest of GOP Field Combine


by John Nolte
3 Mar 2016, Breitbart


The Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR)–an unindicted co-conspirator in the Holy Land Foundation terror financing trial, and a designated terror organization in the United Arab Emirates–conducted a poll of 2000 Muslim voters throughout six Super Tuesday states. The results, released Wednesday, were surprising.

While Democrats Hillary Clinton and Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) 16% earned 46% and 25% support, respectively, Donald Trump has the support of 11% of Muslims, more than the rest of the GOP field combined.

Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL) 79% comes in second with 4%, Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) 97% wins 2%, John Kasich just 1%.

Among Republican Muslims, their number one concern is the economy (38%), followed by Islamophobia (14%), health care (12%), and foreign policy (10%).

Democrat Muslims are primarily concerned with Islamophobia (27%), followed by the economy (19%), health care (13%), foreign policy (12%), and civil liberties (10%).

A full 67% of the Muslims polled are Democrats; 18% are Republicans; 10% declined to answer.

Trump Muslim candidate support


19 thoughts on “Poll: Donald Trump Earns More Muslim Support Than Rest of GOP Field Combined

  1. Michelle do you know what the ‘Protocols of Zion’ are? Allow me to enlighten you, if my memory serves me correctly, Admin will correct me in any event. The ‘Protocols of Zion’ was an enormous propaganda tomb to engender even more Anti-Semitism between the wars. If you believe that crap you will believe anything. Maybe you should watch the latest series of X-Files! Although I have to say the plot is not implausible.


  2. Admin…then tell us which NON democrat presidential candidate you do support in the USA? I don’t trust trump but he has the right direction if little else and I am constantly battling leftists over the Jewish conspiracy to create WW4 in the ME via Goldman Sachs style banking conglomerates(for whom I have contempt totally) They even say that Israel is the force behind Daesh and while I can appreciate the Israelis laughing at the idiotic Europeans and the turmoil moving not far from their borders I cannot swallow that.


    • The problem with politics is that someone is always in the pocket of someone else. This makes them lie and unable to move freely. Both Rubio and Cruz are far more presentable than Trump, but they are forced to act what their investors (donors) tell them. So it’s pointless. Trump has no shame and despite his unpleasant persona he is completely independent. He has also indicated he will be a strong supporter of Israel. In fact, it may be the strongest support we’ve seen to date. Israel is completely left out in the cold right now.

      When it comes to economic impact, Trump towers above everyone else and will defenitely contribute to improvements to the economy. How much he will keep his word – who knows. But at least he is not depended on someone’s money. Also, whatever he decides to do he still needs the support of the Congress to pull it through and they may stand in his way. So it’s not so easy.

      So, there’s really no other candidates. It’s pretty sad because Trump is so poorly presented. But so was Bush and he made it through 8 years… And Obama had zero experience in any work except reception work sorting papers in the law office he worked at for a few months, which shows.

      People should also think of the voting situation. Cruz or Rubio can never win. They can never gain enough delegates to win at this point. It’s too late for them as they’ve already lost too many states. Therefore, if anyone votes for them they basically throw away a vote and could help to generate a draw. By the numbers its already clear that Hillary and Trump are heading for victory, except Trump could face a draw. We shouldn’t waste our votes where it can do nothing good. Voting for Rubio, Cruz or anyone else is not going to help them win. It only increases Hillary’s chances to win.


      • Thank you admin for an erudite and logical reply to Michelle. People forget Trump is funding his own campaign, he is so wealthy he cannot be bought not even by the Saudi’s. The UK has already sold out to Saudi and who knows how much money Saudi has dumped in the lap of Bruxelles, Scandinavia and rest of Europe. London is a financial hub as much as Frankfurt – LSE is already trading Arab bonds. So were a US citizen Trump would be my man irrespective of his flashy background and glitz. For the time being and then next four years he is just what the world needs.


      • Now that is a sensible reply and one with which I can agree, although some jumpstart idiots obviously do not read my posts. the problem is with trump is that he is acting like a demagogue by picking the one way to gain certain votes and yet with NO track record of having done ANYTHING in the past to back this up. IMO he is simply jumping onto a bandwagon as did carter with his “Christian honesty” bullshit in 1976(as a response to Nixon dishonesty) and we may have an even greater disaster on our hands. I quite agree that the funding of all candidates affects their motivations and hence, policies which is why I have total contempt for the Bush family and yes, I agree with your comments about cruz and rubio who flood me with emails. To say that ANYONE is better than Hilary the LIAR is true but trump is like hoping that the card in your hand is an ace and it may be the joker(in a non joker beats all game). We are all backing a hidden card hoping that it is what is says: an ace.\In politics that is extremely dangerous. Just check trump’s attitude to contentious issues over the last 10years…total disinterest…he has not been conservative..he has been absent

        I am for trump but then I would climb onto a straw if I were drowning. I just hope that he is NOT a straw man. THAT is my point.

        I add that some posters here should read before they shoot unless they want to start something. My views here are quite plain. But then ANYONE who reads my posts here would know that. I will leave that there as my disgust may overflow.


      • Go read his actual positions on his website. He hasn’t deviated from them at all, that’s just more media and establishment lying.

        He really hasn’t changed positions in any way over decades, either.

        Don’t mistake him needing to get along with everybody for favorable zoning rulings as anything but that.

        Also, based on the college he went to we know what that school’s minimum SAT scores were. What you may not know is that SAT scores – especially at the time – are highly related to IQ, and putting these two together he has a minimum of a 160 IQ. What he is doing is not a gimmick of any kind. He himself simply got tired of the country being run into the ground and decided to do something about it.

        I’m aware that you’ve said you’re willing to try, but most people seem to claim he’s not a conservative and then pivot to Rubio or Kasich. Those people are far far less so.


  3. As I have posted repeatedly, I do NOT trust trump and this muslim poll is rubbish IMO. BUT until a republican candidate admits who is the enemy(Islam) Trump has my support as , at least, he is looking in the right direction and that IS a change.


    • Not much else going Michelle and if we want to deal with the threat of ISLAM Trump is our man. Islam has infiltrated so many avenues it is hard to know how far they have gone! MONEY IS POWER and POWER corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely this is where ISLAM is standing right now!


  4. So what, 100% support Muhammad.

    A full 67% of the Muslims polled are Democrats; 18% are Republicans; 10% declined to answer. – 10% are too impatient for Sharia to feign adherence to a party. Maybe CAIR didn’t force them to pick a party because it would have created suspicion about the poll’s validity. After all, Taqiyya has to appear credible to be effective. Otherwise, they won’t be able to destroy the “miserable house from within.”


  5. I know you folk’s at the Muslim Issue seem to love Trump but I can assure you that Trump gets more Muslim support bc he will be the absolute softest with them. He simply blows statements out that he and his polls know are hot. The only candidate that I KNOW gets the real point is Cruz and just behind him Carson. But discounting his chances are obviously appropriate.
    The Muslim population Knows who will actually be their buddy at the end of the day….. Trump.


    • No, Cruz is in the pocket of Goldman Sachs who are keen business partners with Middle East. Cruz will do nothing. When you’re in someone’s pocket you do what they say, not what you want. And unfortunately Rubio is a D.C. telepropmpter.
      Trump is an egotistic, foul, ugly persona but he seems to learn fast and he has his own ideas, not someone else’s orders. If he back peddles on his promises, people will get pretty pissed.

      Liked by 1 person

    • First, look at IQ maps of countries. Think about the types of governments these people are used to. Or at least the fact that they like being on welfare.

      This is why the majority of them block vote for the democrats. This much is the same from every group who immigrates.

      Now once you’re looking at the ones who are republican or independant, these are the ones who left their countries not for a free ride, but to escape totalitarian government. In this case, to escape sharia law and beheadings and stonings and so on. There is a reason they left.

      Them supporting someone who has said he will halt all new muslim immigration is neither a surprise nor shocking.


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