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NATO General wants you to believe ‘Putin’ cause Merkel migrants – although EU already took in 10 mil in five years

What a bunch of crock! The endless anti-Putin rhetoric is so bizarre. 10 MILLION Muslims had already arrived before Putin began leveling ISIS and al-Qaeda rebels, tied to the Muslims Brotherhood.

The argument given by NATO’s Gen. Philip Breedlove to their US allies is that Putin and Assad, of course, intentionally ‘weaponize’ Muslim militias and send them off to Europe. These are merely lame attempts to try to justify the EU and U.S. excuses to arm and fund Sunni terrorist ‘rebels’, prompted by Saudi and Gulf State demands – all connected to the oil trade.

Syrian president Assad, from the minority Alawite community, got elected in 2000. He outlawed the Muslim Brotherhood, “the mothership of all terrorism” (FBI). They become aggressive and play the victim card. This was one of many triggers to the Arab “Spring” and the MB strategy to flood Syria with foreign Sunni militias. The MB at the time was gaining a strong position across the Middle East and was not to back down. The UK and US opposed this rejection of the Muslim Brotherhood, and refuse to call them a terror organization. It’s only recently they’ve started changing their minds. But it’s too late now. Both UK and US tried to negotiate with Assad to change his position on the MB. Syria becomes increasingly flooded with Sunni’s from surrounding countries (dejavu British Mandate of Palestine following the Belfour declaration in 1917). Everyone from outside begins to interfere into Syria’s decision, supporting the Sunni movement. Sunni Muslims are responsible for around 97% of all Islamic terrorism.

Gen. Philip Breedlove’s statement is a farce. One wonders who and what has prompted it. Who made him say these ridiculous things? Or is he that stupid? There are plenty of people in high-profile jobs today to which they are completely unsuitable. Just look at Merkel…

But how does Gen. Philip Breedlove explain this:

  • Europe took in 10 MILLION fakeugees between 2010 and 2015 (UNHCR ). Putin’s military engagement in Syria began in late 2015. According to the Migration Policy Centre – paid by the Gulf States to convince the world thatthe rich oil-states took in “millions” of refugees – the flood or Syrian refugees spiked long before Putin’s engagement.
    The UN’s High Commission for Refugees (UNHCR) releases its annual global report, Global Trends, in June 2010 – and 2010 shows the highest numbers of Muslims relocating worldwide since the 1990s. This means that five years ago there was 43.3m Muslims flooding into non-Muslim countries around the world – including: 27.1m internally “displaced” people (IDP) and 15.6m refugees. Nothing to do with neither Putin or Assad, but everything to do with Islam.
  • The Swiss bank UBS is trying to encourage the European leaders to “double” the fakefugee numbers into Europe with the false economic argument (“The future of Europe,” pdf) that it will stabilize the low population growth of the West. According to these scammers, the more people Europe has the more their economy will be better. If that argment was even remotely true, India and Africa would be the world’s most wealthies countries today. The Middle East with its rapid baby-factories should shine as a financial model for the world. Is it? Not even close. It’s a poor house of misery, violence and war. The ‘working-age population decline’ argument is a failed left-wing economic model. The more people a country brings in, the more the financial burdens grow. You don’t need to increase the population volume and maximize the burdens; instead you increase productivity and off-load economic burdens. When you bring in a people that are notoriously uneducated, unwilling to integrate, of warlike nature, corrupt, of criminal bend, and unwilling to work – you solve no problems.Considering that only roughly 10-30% of fakeugees become active in the job market, this economic forecast is beyond a failure. So again, like the other financial disasters created onto the West by banks, the banks including the World Bank are behind even the Euroabia movement. By all means, send the bill of this insanity to UBS, Goldman Sachs, World Bank and the rest of them let’s see how quick they do a 180-degree turnaroud on their former assessments. Germany’s health budget is falling behind by 10 bn by 2017 all due to these fakeugees. Merkel Muslims will cost the country 50 bn by 2017. So why do the banks want to push Muslims onto Europe? Banks have vested interest in millions of new people who need new bank accounts charged with a monthly fees, needing insurance, loans, etc. – a quick and simple increase to their banking revenues and trading budget. They have the wealth to leave anywhere far from the Muslim problems. You don’t.
  • The current unmamageable flood of Muslims, destroying the economy and putting massive debts on countries, originated from German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s and the European Union’s invitation. Their open promise that “no one” who ventured illegally into Europe and basically invaded the European Union would be turned away hit a cord. The news got publisized all across the Middle East on a daily basis, providing updates and advice how Muslims could make their way illegally into Europe. It had nothing to do with Putin.
  • Only around 20% of the so called “refugees” supposedly carry Syrian passports. And how many of those 20% are actually authentic is to be questioned since a Syrian passport can be easily purchased for around $1,000. One report claims at least 8% are fake     The rest of the fakefugees come from all over the Muslim world and are in no need whatsoever of any refugee status but are economic parasites looking for a free ride.Yet they are handed their documents on arrival.
  • In 2014, more than 60% of initial decisions on asylum applications were refusals. Yet barely one planefull got deported.
  • The whole reason Putin began his military campaign in Syria is to try and stop the source that keps spreading Muslims everywhere. Instead of cooperating and blocking them entry into Europe, the European leaders have been defiant and did the complete opposite and opened the doors to them. Thereby they spread terrorism risks everywhere. Putin is also trying to reduce Assad’s desperate reliance on Hezbollah which is agitating the surrounding Sunni nations even more in their anti-Shia jihad resistance.
    Russia’s decision to go into Syria cannot have been easy considering the Muslim population in Russia is massive, and it could easily backfire. It just shows you how desperate and dangerous Putin must have assessed the situation in Syira to be.

The entire problem is rooted in what and who these Western allies get entangled with. They are entangled with Sunni Muslim interests – who align with Wahhabi interests.

Sunni Muslims are responsible for around 97% of all Islamic terrorism. Why would anyone with even half a peg to think with, align themselves with a group that constantly creates and generates terrorism? If we align ourselves with the Sunni’s and listen to their version of the story, and then act upon it, the whole world will soon by ruled under their Wahhabi Caliphate which is exactly what is progressing.


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Muslim migration numbers – Europe

Muslim Fakeugees Invading Europe Between 2010-2015:

as at January 2011:
Northern, Western and Southern Europe, 1,452,030 refugees
Southern-Eastern Europe 99,320
Eastern Europe  24,540

as of January 2012:
Northern, Western and Southern Europe, 1,437,620 refugees
Southern-Eastern Europe 92,470
Eastern Europe  27,410

as of January 2013
Northern, Western and Southern Europe, 1,432,730 refugees
Southern-Eastern Europe 86,270
Eastern Europe 278,600

as of January 2014
Northern, Western, Central and Southern Europe, 1,075,214 refugees
Southern-Eastern Europe 74,151
Eastern Europe 633,177

as of January 2015
Northern, Western, Central and Southern Europe,  refugees 1,201,468
Southern-Eastern Europe  58,712
Eastern Europe  1,847,399

Total: 9,821,111



NATO General: ISIS “spreading like a cancer” via weaponized immigration

Brian Lilley
from Rebel news

Can you be open to refugees while still being concerned about national security? If you’re a rational person you can.

Gen. Philip Breedlove, the allied commander for NATO’s European operations appeared before a congressional committee in Washington recently and expressed his concern that the refugee crisis is being exploited by those who wish to do us harm.

He pointed out that even Russia and the Assad regime are using this crisis for their own ends, and that they are deliberately weaponizing migration in an attempt to overwhelm European structures and break European resolve.

This man is worth listening to because I’m sure he’s privy to more information than many of us will ever know about.

But that doesn’t seem to matter to cheerleaders for more refugees because they’ll just look at any questioning of security threats as an affront.

Whether it’s Trudeau here in Canada, Obama in the U.S. or enthusiastic refugee backers in Europe, our concerns are dismissed with a pat on the head as we’re told not to worry.

It’s understood that for the most part, we’re talking about people fleeing war while Europe is also dealing with a massive influx of economic migrants looking for a better life using the refugee crisis as a front but even if very few will be terrorists or war criminals, it doesn’t take very many to do serious harm, does it?

Our political leaders have a responsibility to protect our country and its citizens from harm. And if we really care about legitimate refugees, don’t we have a responsibility to ensure that their plight isn’t being exploited by the very people that they’re fleeing?


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