Muslims WorldWide

Donald Trump – Out Out Out Remix!




Muslims kicked out 2





6 thoughts on “Donald Trump – Out Out Out Remix!

  1. IMO trump is a demagogue climbing onto the anti-Islam bandwagon. BUT!! Until a republican candidate says the same thing trump has my support. He might be climbing onto a bandwagon but it is the CORRECT one.


  2. !!! – “As a ‘Christian’ unbeliever, I am prepared to ‘Fight’ Mohammadanism (ISLAM) to the “DEATH” in Combat against this Barbaric and Intolerable form of Mysticism which has been, and still is generating world-wide discord and animosity! This Primitive and Evilly Negative “Mind Control” CULT, Must be purged and eradicated from the ranks of Humanity EVERYWHERE and FOREVER!”


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