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India: Muslim slit the throat of 14 of his family members with a butcher knife

A 35-year-old man allegedly killed 14 members of his family, including seven children, before committing suicide in the Kasarwadavli area of Maharashtra’s Thane. (ANI Photo)

Those who died: Warekar, his wife Jabeen (28), his daughter Mubatishira (6), his daughter Umera (3 months), his father Anwar (55), his mother Asagji (50), his sister Sabina (35), his niece Aanas (12), his niece Sadiya (16), his nephew Ali Hassan (5), his sister Batul (30), his sister Mariya (28), his nephew Umeer (7), his nephew Yusuf (4), his niece Arasiya (5 months).



Accountant murdered 14 members of his own family including seven children using a butcher’s knife to slit their throats while they slept before killing himself

  • Hasnin Anwar Warekar, aged 35, killed his relatives by slitting their throats 
  • He also laced their food with sedatives and attacked them while they slept
  • After murdering the family members including 7 children he killed himself 
  • Lone survivor of the attack was his sister, 21, who was found screaming 

By Jennifer Newton for MailOnline
Published: 06:41, 28 February 2016 |

An Indian accountant has murdered 14 members of his own family after slitting their throats with a butcher’s knife while they slept before killing himself.

Hasnin Anwar Warekar, 35, killed his relatives, including seven children and his own parents, after lacing their food with a sedative as they gathered for a family function at a house in Thane, a short distance from Mumbai.

The sole survivor of the attack was his Warekar’s 21-year-old sister who was found by police after neighbours heard her screaming.

The bodies of two of the 14 relatives who were murdered by Hasnin Anwar Warekar before he killed himself 

4 thoughts on “India: Muslim slit the throat of 14 of his family members with a butcher knife

  1. There is a high degree of psychosis among Muslims, another reason for keeping them within the confines of reservations – restrictions on mosque building. Imposing one wife per man, imposing free birth control on the men = vasectomy. Insisting a full curriculum Abe taught in schools on reservations. All Imams vetted before taking up religious teaching. In advance of the above WWIII devastating the numbers of Sunni & Shia Islam. I see no other way around the Islamic problem. The most aggressive moslems are those following Wahhabi & Shia, further such practices as cutting the heads of children during that disgusting festival celebrated once a year. Last but not least humane animal slaughter not Hal-lal.


  2. !!! – “It is apparent there is a ‘mental stability’ problem inherent in this, and other Families manifesting this type of “Psychotic” behavior! Obviously, this ‘Slaughter’ was premeditated and planned! In the absence of any motivational factor, – a total break from reality has tragically occurred with this individual”


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