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Germany: 130,000 Merkel Muslims ‘disappear’ from records raising risks of crime and terrorism

Germany admits 130,000 asylum seekers ‘lost’ raising fears over crime and terrorism

The government admits losing track of around 13 per cent of the 1.1 million people registered in Germany as asylum seekers.

Refugees queue at the Berlin State Office for Health and Social Affairs last month
Refugees queue at the Berlin State Office for Health and Social Affairs last month. Photo: EPA


By Justin Huggler, Berlin
2:41PM GMT 26 Feb 2016, Telegraph

More than 130,000 asylum seekers may have disappeared in Germany, according to newly released government figures, raising concerns over terrorism and organised crime.

In a parliamentary answer, Angela Merkel’s government said it had lost track of around 13 per cent of the 1.1 million people registered as asylum seekers last year.

The missing people never arrived at official government refugee accommodation which had been assigned to them.

The interior ministry later tried to row back on the admission, claiming the figures had been exaggerated by errors in data entry.

But there will be concerns those unaccounted for could include Islamic extremists or organised criminals who entered the country posing as refugees.

The new figures emerged just two months after unconfirmed reports the German authorities were urgently searching for 12 asylum seekers who had vanished.

They were believed to have crossed the border using forged passports from the same source as those used by some of the Paris attackers.

The latest admission came in a written answer to a parliamentary question from the opposition Left Party.

The government said it believed many of those who had disappeared had simply moved on to other countries, while others had “gone underground illegally”.

Mrs Merkel has moved to tighten asylum rules in recent months, and economic migrants with no genuine claim may choose to go underground to avoid deportation.

But the interior ministry on Friday tried to downplay the figures.

“This information is nothing new,” Tobias Plate, a spokesman for the interior ministry, said.

“The ministry has long noted that in a significant number of cases an asylum seeker who has been registered in the system does not arrive at the reception centre he or she was assigned.”

The figures had been inflated by double entries in Germany’s EASY database, which was designed to help find accommodation for asylum seekers rather than keep track of them, he said.

It emerged last year that the German authorities kept little information on the hundreds of thousands of asylum seekers crossing into the country.

Migrants were not fingerprinted and their identities were not confirmed, making it easy for them to be entered into the system at more than one location.

The government has since introduced new measures to record the identities of asylum seekers on entry, Mr Plate said.

Cubicles ready to accommodate refugees at the former Tempelhof airport in Berlin.

The controversy came as a senior official in Berlin was arrested on charges of taking €51,000 (£40,000) in bribes to award government contracts for security at refugee shelters.

The 48-year-old official, who has not been named, ensured contracts for security at several shelters went to one security firm in return for the bribes, according to prosecutors.

The official was fired from his post at LaGeSo, the Berlin health and social security office, which has been heavily criticised for backlogs that have seen asylum seekers forced to sleep in the open and queue for hours in sub-zero temperatures.


22 thoughts on “Germany: 130,000 Merkel Muslims ‘disappear’ from records raising risks of crime and terrorism

  1. Woohoo, DECEPTION-MESS / PARIS ADAM or whatever he’s gonna call himself for his next trolling attempt made the effort to give a ThumbsDown to everyone of my comments on this page. It makes me ecstatic that I was able to relieve his boredom.

    Thanx for making me feel so good. You’re a lovely person. Kiss, kiss …. ☺☺☺


    • That’s exactly what it sounds like. Unfortunately, one’s not “allowed” to say that in public (I live in Berlin – moved to Germany 14 years ago) because it apparently reveals one’s “racist, inhuman, xenohobic and NAZI” mindset. I’m so grateful for the internet’s existence. It gives me access to information that the public here is left unaware of (although it’s slightly improved since the New Year’s debacle in Cologne – and the subsequent revelation that the public was kept in the dark, even misinformed, by the state and its authorities). The news/current affairs channels on telly bombard us with programs about the HUGE numbers of closet Nazis coming out of the woodwork, of course. Strange, how there’s a preponderance of scaremongering about the “massive” Nazi danger, since they’ve stopped keeping the populace totally in the dark about what many young, male “persons of a different cultural or religious background” (lovely, isn’t it, their PC description of the offenders) get up to. Of course, the dickheads throwing Molotovs at refugee asylums aren’t helping the matter. There’s more likelihood of real innocents, rather than any of the despicable trash being hurt, and the media pounce on it, of course.
      Well, I’ve had my little whinge now – thanks for listening.


      • Totally agree, how ignorant of Islam and modern history are Merkel Germany and Lofven Sweden. There will be massive civil unrest we Europeans and Scandinavians against Moslem invaders. Just zipped off a letter to Lofven; this PM of Sweden will surely go down in history as incompetent along with Obama the Muslim Brotherhood member.


      • Howdy Ericka, nice to see ya again!
        “we Europeans and Scandinavians” – did Scandinavia move out? I hadn’t heard. Where’d it move to? Ah, I know, probably Greenland – not much Islam there, I think.
        ☺ ☺ ☺
        btw check out the comments at

        I think DECEPTION-MESS tried to smuggle himself in under the moniker of HARIS ADAM (which I immediately rebranded as PARIS MADAM in my replies☺) and had a stoush, no, tried to have a stoush with ADMIN. Naturally, I couldn’t resist getting involved. His method of debating deserves to be graded unsatisfactory. He never even bothered to address any points I made, he just, er .. actually, I’ve got no idea WHAT the hm-hm he was doing (I don’t think he knows it himself). Check it out if you want a laugh! Up the top of the comments it says “22 thoughts” but I think ADMIN should change that to “14 thoughts” because PARIS MADAM only waffled on – no thoughts. Just like DECEPTION-MESS he gave up, too. I think you’ll have a good giggle at my last reply (the one PARIS MADAM never responded to).

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      • At least half if not all of those throwing fire are moslem scum blaming it on natives so they can sick the police on the people the police are supposed to protect.

        The only potentially real ones are the ones after said new years rapefugee attack.

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      • @BACONATOR
        “At least half if not all …” – I can understand why you’d say that (for example, that Imam killed in Rochdale was killed by a fellow Moocamel Preposterous Bacon-o-phobic Unacceptable Hatemonger admirer and NOT by some white loon) but I think you’re exaggerating. There is a little neo-Nazi and right-wing-extremist problem in Krautland. In my opinion, however, it’s nowhere near the level that the media over here are trying to make us believe. The funny (but not “funny ha ha”) thing is that the leftie radicals commit crimes, which are reported (“mentioned”, really) but, of course, there’s no left-wing-radicalism problem here at all. None at all. Btw, anybody out there who’s too thick to recognise sarcasm when it pokes them in the eye, don’t even bother to go down the “Skull reckons there’s no leftie problem” road. Why? Take a guess!

        BTW I like your name, mate.


      • @ BACONATOR
        I just read,
        googled a bit and came across this:
        Maybe you’re right with your comment. Maybe (I’m saying maybe) that same strategy is being followed in Germany.

        @any Islamidiot trolls:
        You see, this is what people who aren’t closed-minded do. If they believe something and then come across information that seem to suggest that their belief might be incorrect, they don’t rigidly hold to their belief to the exclusion of all else. No, they at least admit the possibility that they might have to change what they believe. “To believe” is not “to know”!


      • Guys and Gals it is time for the electorate all over Europe & Scandinavia to storm the Bastille if you get my drift. Indict for high treason against the people, tried by the people and executed by the people. The guillotine would be nice but a firing squad will do. Had Ayatollah Khomeini been executed in the ’70’s we might living in a different political climate today. Instead the Shah out of the goodness of his heart had the mad Mullah exiled only to return three years later and cause Mayhem all over the middle east. Leave Sunni and Shiia to kill each other and the rest of us can get on with a peaceful way of life – minus the fake and mad prophet.

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      • Yes, you should try to find that article about antifa threatening to virtually firebomb a german village because they started to complain about the fact that their village is going to be home to a bunch of new rapefugees. They never face any repercussions, and are never arrested no matter what they do.

        Because they are following the playbook that the media and the elites in Europe like.


  2. Viking Trance – Temporal Dimensions

    In this video I have pictures of Angela Merkel sitting on the toilet.
    In this video I have pictures of Angela Merkel sitting on the toilet.
    In this video I have pictures of Angela Merkel sitting on the toilet.

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      • Nah Ericka, I’m not l’empereur français. I’m Skull, the atheist Aussie lunatic in Berlin (Germany).

        PS: G’day to the Napster. Owyagoen’ mate. ☺

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        BTW real nice of ya to put up a bit of Aussie pub rock, but if you’re gonna put up the Rads then you should know that this is The One (as anyone who did high school in the eighties will confirm):

        ☺ Suck it! ☺


      • To everybody who’s confused now – so am I. When I put Gimme Head up, the vid showing up in Nap’s post was a Radiators clip, seriously. I dunno what’s goin’ on… oh shit, does that make me a Muslim? Please, dear Deity-Of-My-Choice (anyone or anything but ALLAH!), help me!


      • Maaaaaaaaaaaate – THANK YOU !!!! I’d already thought that I was hitting senility a year or two early instead of it just being me being my normal thick self!
        Btw: You know how “Gimme Head” was taped Bateau Bay? – I grew up in East Gosford!
        See ya …
        … round like a rissole ☺


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