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Bangladesh: Muslim faith healers swirl and step on babies and beat mentally ill with sticks

This report is from 2010 but it illustrates the medieval obsession with “black magic” that originates from Islam. Driving out devils – that for some reason have sole affinity to occupy Muslims with endless jinn obsessions – is a very lucrative and common practice. It’s akin to visiting your general medical practitioner. You can see that the child who is being kicked and stepped on is undernourished and sick, which is probably why the magician was called in.

Although the article is true that it is “normal” in rural areas to hire faith healers it is by no means unusual even in mosques in the UK, France, US, Sweden and so forth. There are different types of excorcisms, not all involve tossing children around or stepping on them. Most common ones are to give potions and to beat the person with a stick while chanting some pointless verses from the Koran, ordering the jinn to leave the victim.

To comply with accurate reporting, this particular magician did raise a lot of anger amongst the Bangladeshi Muslims themselves in city regions who reported him to the police once the story broke out in local media.



Cheat “spiritual healer” arrested in Bangladesh after media report 2010-04-12 18:08:34


DHAKA, April 12 (Xinhua) — Bangladesh Police on Monday arrested a cheat “spiritual healer” in a rural village in the country’s central Munshiganj district, some 27 km away of capital Dhaka, following a local media report with images delineating his horrendous treatment methods.

Local Sirajdikhan Police station chief in Munshigonj, Motiur Rahman, told Xinhua on Monday over phone, “We’ve arrested the so called pir (spiritual healer) Amzad Fakir and his assistants following a media report today.”

Bangladesh’s leading Bengali Daily Prothom Alo on Monday published the report with some images which show the cheat pir or spiritual healer is swirling two infant twins aged two and a half months and clubbing a mentally deranged woman.

According to the local media report, the cheat spiritual healer wallop the patients, who are sent to him by family members with the belief that he has a spiritual treatment power, saying that this is a method for driving away evil spirits.

All the arrestees have been taken to the Police station for interrogation, Rahman said adding “We’ll take legal action against the man and his assistants who tortured many children and women in the name of spiritual treatment.”

During the primary interrogation, he said the man (spiritual healer) admitted that he physically tortured a large number of people particularly women and children in the name of treatment to pocket money.

Superstition still works as a dominating factor in Muslim main rural Bangladesh where a majority of illiterate people live below poverty line. A majority of the people in the South Asian country, who usually go for treatment to such healers, can hardly afford treatment at any hospital.


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13 thoughts on “Bangladesh: Muslim faith healers swirl and step on babies and beat mentally ill with sticks

  1. Hi exmuslim
    this man who call himself healer I guess is fraud and he used to get money from parent who are poor educated. An other thing every crime mental illness and call himself muslim or has muslim name doesn’t rapresent muslim islam is raligion and has nothing to do people action. People action can not be religion and what ever people decide to do doesn’t mean their religion say so. Islam didn’t come yesterday it been always excited so get knowledge be4 you insulting Islam.
    If islam say or order evil things half of the world wouldn’t be muslim and no more people wouldn’t convert to islam. One more children are innocent and no ebil can possess them because Allah send angel to protect them so anyome who say I take chil oit of devil are so doing their own beneficial and causing the child more harm and abuse and take advantage of parent who have poor education.


  2. I was going to say, let’s see if he will do that to his own kid, but then I realized, of course he will, since to them everything is disposable for the sake of GOD almighty

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  3. Its in islams nature to attack the weakest and the most helpless. I wish someone would do the same to this mfucker, lock him up in a dark place and throw the keys away!


    • YES, “do the same to this mfucker” and YES, “lock him up in a dark place” but no, no, no, no, no, don’t “throw the keys away”. Hand the keys providing access to “this mfucker” over to the parents – I think you understand what I’m getting at here. ☺


    • OK, that was a stupid thing I said. I forgot that it’s the parents who actually bring their kids to these sickos. I read the article yesterday, just got up a little while ago, and didn’t bother to re-read the article before checking up on the comments section – sorry. Alrighty, change of plan: let’s throw the parents in there as well and then leave the keys in the hands of the TMI readership.


  4. Islam is a putrid and heinous disease of the mind that never fails to attract a mob enjoying the unspeakable cruelty being performed for the onlookers’ depraved gratification. There are the men in white dresses stomping on naked infants and swinging their fragile little bodies by their legs all in an effort to remove the devil from their that innocent souls. Where are their brain dead parents ….. enjoying the spectacle of their children’s torture like everybody else in the mob. Islam is an horrific burden to the earth and like any other plague, cancer or lethal sewage that threatens the environment and all those who live therein, it should be wiped off the planet sooner rather than later. But, for a gallon of oil, we’d rather not.


  5. I cannot express my contempt for these sub-humans,i am a woman but have used to live with a 1%er in London i am 50 now and i would for FACT launch into anyone i saw doing this to a child GRRRRRRRR and they want to live amongst us id rather have lions prowling the streets than this scum! Today 3 brothers were sentenced in Rochdale with two white slags of child grooming and abuse,sentences 35,25,19 years for the paki men and one woman was given 13 years and the other slag a suspended sentence.Due to the paki’s having dual citizenship they are going to try and deport them after sentence i say deport them now instead of paying for them to be inside.And you can guarantee if i end up back in prison i have several targets to go after and i will especially the dirty white slags who pretend to take in vulnerable children then pass them on to these pedo circles.And there is still a lot more to come out of Rochdale,i will keep you informed.Fuk these evil bastards back to hell!!!!


    • “Due to the paki’s having dual citizenship they are going to try and deport them after sentence i say deport them now instead of paying for them to be inside” – right on!!!
      I’ve been saying that for a while now, quickly learning that I have to pay careful attention who I’m talking to, if I want to speak my mind (I live in Germany). I can’t believe that, once the courts do actually convict, they then lump the native population with the costs of board and lodging for these f__kers! One can only hope that they’re not given protective custody, ’cause without it their jail time will over much quicker, know what I mean? Less time in jail = less money thrown out the window for food and accommodation. The other inmates get to have a bit of fun for a change, the taxpayer saves money, win win.


      • Sad to say over here in the UK they make up 45% of the male prison population,and growing,there is a massive problem with them bullying and raping young first timers as they stick together and for some reason the other men don’t gang up.I would not fancy being a man in our prison system today,as unlike me they seem to buckle instead of attack,i cannot understand it and of course the scum have all their special programmes etc.If i go back inside which is much likely,i don’t plan on coming out as i have so many targets now,and women do gang up,and if children are involved they are let in general population,then we mow the lawn as its known and they are put into solitary where they are still targeted.In womens prisons slags that have messed with children feel the pain believe me 😉 but i am afraid if i came accross the latest 5 to go down i would not be coming out and i would not care.


      • ERRATUM for the ERRATUM (this is getting embarrassing):
        Capitalise the “t” at the beginning of the original erratum.


  6. I’m not even gonna watch the vid – I can’t. Might sound weird, but this tattooed baldie (who, back in his 20s, used to hang around for a while with patch-holders of a 1%er MC that shall remain nameless here) just CAN’T watch this sick c__t (sorry, but there’s no other way to say it) tormenting a baby. Just a quick glance at the pics made me sick and I’m filled to the brim with wrath. I’ve told a couple of the commenters here at TMI to tone it down a bit, but THIS is something where I, too, SCREAM my rage at these “healers” out into the world:

    (courtesy of The Great Kat)


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