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Audio: Muslim caller pretends to be Christian convert to troll Christian scholar


This anonymous Arab Christian who is active in educating Muslims about the deceptions of Islam catches a Muslim troll pretending to be a Christian who “wants to know more” about Christianity. It may all appear trivial because people don’t know how far these efforts reach and eventually express in action into terrorism. The purpose of this is to try and humiliate the apostate to stop him from being able to educate Muslims how sick Islam truly is. By trying to topple him they believe that they can destroy his work and avert more Muslims to convert away from Islam.

People in the West don’t understand how religion drives Muslims in their cunning aspirations to infiltrate, influence and topple societies from within. This is the reason they always suspect jews and other non-Muslims. They believe the non-Muslims are obsessed to plot against Muslims, because that’s all they know. And based on these fantasies they terrorize the world.


The radio host, known as Christian Prince was born and raised in a Christian family in the Middle East. He is a native Arabic speaker. After his teachers criticized his religion, he determined to study Islam and earned a degree in Islamic Law (Sharia Law) & Civil Law. He is the author of “The Deception of Allah” and has posted hundreds of videos on YouTube showing him debating various Muslim scholars on Paltalk including Shia scholar Husham Al-Husainy. He uses the pseudonym Christian Prince for his protection.

Christian Prince runs the website and has authored Qur’an And Science in Depth (2015) and The Deception of Allah Volume 1 (2012).  


4 thoughts on “Audio: Muslim caller pretends to be Christian convert to troll Christian scholar

  1. We catch these scumbags all of the time. the joke is that they seem to think that all that they have to know is the name of JoN’s mother and father plus Wikipedia on tap. So easy that it convinces me about the effect of inbreeding on muslimes.


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