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Saudi and UAE ban citizens from travelling to Lebanon

So what are they plotting this time? Saudis demand that Lebanon is “restored to the Arab people”. Shouldn’t they be more accurate and say, “restore to the Christian people”?

People complain in one-sided arguments about colonialism but it resolved the conflicts and invasions Muslims committed on peoples and countries in the Middle East. And it stopped the Islamic expansion into Europe, which was the whole purpose of it. Lebanon was an Arab Christian country – the only safe haven they had left after being hunted like animals across the Middle East, just like the Jews. It was a French Mandate until the French superimposed Muslims onto the country by including them in an expansion of borders. From then onwards the problems began to grow and grow. Lebanon was known as the Paris of the Middle East until it became the target of a Palestinian coup and invasion attempt in 1975, leading to a 5 year civil war. From then onwards Lebanon has been the target of constant wars and fractions, all Muslim initiated and created.

The country is now occupied with such a massive Muslim population it’s bound to fall to Sharia. Who knows what and who is in charge in Lebanon today and the politicians are now all Sunni’s. The country has taken in even more Muslims who took advantage of the “refugee crisis” which is a final death blow to the natives.

It’s pretty rude of the Lebanese PM Tammam Salam to state “Lebanon will not forget Saudi Arabia’s role … in helping it rebuild the country after the [1975-1990] civil war,” when the funding and creation of Palestine and the Palestinian jihad, which created that war, originates from Saudi Arabia. Hamas and the Palestinians wear green headbands and flags, in honor of their Saudi supporters and founders.



Saudi and UAE ban citizens from travelling to Lebanon

Bahrain also joins travel ban after Saudi halted $4bn aid to Lebanon army in response to “hostile” Hezbollah positions.

24 Feb 2016 03:49 GMT |

File photo: The UAE joined Saudi Arabia in lashing out at Lebanon’s failure to condemn Iranian “aggression” [Khaled Elfiqi/EPA]


Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates and Bahrain have urged their citizens to leave Lebanon or avoid travelling there.

The move on Tuesday came after Riyadh halted $4bn in aid to Lebanese security forces in response to “hostile” positions linked to Lebanese Shia group Hezbollah.

The Saudi foreign ministry issued a statement calling on “all citizens not to travel to Lebanon, for their safety, and asking citizens residing in Lebanon or visiting not to stay unless extremely necessary”.

The statement, run by the official SPA news agency, urged citizens to contact the Saudi Embassy in Beirut.

Announcing the aid halt on Friday, an official said the kingdom had noticed “hostile Lebanese positions resulting from the stranglehold of Hezbollah on the state”.

The UAE also banned its citizens from travelling to Lebanon and reduced its diplomatic presence in Beirut.

Bahrain also urged citizens against travelling to Lebanon, and called on Bahrainis there already to leave quickly, according to a statement posted to state news.

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On Friday, the United Arab Emirates announced “full support” of Saudi’s review of its relations with Lebanon, blaming the country’s “failure to condemn Iran’s aggression” after Saudi Arabia’s embassy was attacked in Tehran in January.

The embassy attack followed the execution of a renowned Shia leader in Saudi Arabia over “terrorism” charges.

“The UAE fully supports the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia’s decision to halt its aid to the Lebanese army and security forces,” said the UAE’s foreign ministry statement, posted on state media on Tuesday.

“At the same time [the UAE] calls upon Lebanon and its people to restore Lebanon to the Arab Nation where it belongs, away from the Iranian influences adopted by the so-called Hezbollah,” the UAE statement added.

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On Monday, Lebanon tried to repair relations and vowed to support Arab countries and maintain its Arab identity.

Lebanon’s Prime Minister Tammam Salam said that Lebanon should maintain good relations with Saudi Arabia and that Arab countries must garner a unified response to all obstacles that they face.

“Lebanon will not forget Saudi Arabia’s role … in helping it rebuild the country after the [1975-1990] civil war,” Salam said after a cabinet session.

Former prime minister Saad Hariri also expressed loyalty to the kingdom.

Lebanon’s main political divide pits a Sunni-led coalition against another led by the Iran-backed Shia Hezbollah movement.

Lebanon has seen a series of armed attacks in recent years linked to the conflict in neighbouring Syria.

Source: Al Jazeera and agencie





7 thoughts on “Saudi and UAE ban citizens from travelling to Lebanon

  1. We are not Arabs and we will never be. We are Mediterraneans and we chose to be Christians. Now everywhere I travel, the Muslims always remind me that I’m an Arabic person, and when I simply deny it with a smile they become furious about it, but then they start to compromise when they know I’m a Christian. I will never teach my son the Arabic language. I will teach him the scriptures of the bible and how to submit his spirit to the will of Jesus Christ our Lord.


    • No harm in the child learning Arabic. That may prove useful in his later life…might even save his life in fact if he can recite the shehada.


      • Shehada? We are Catholics, we never recite the shehada. Better to lose our lives on earth and win it in heaven.


  2. Saudi ‘generosity’ always looks to the future benefits of Sharia and its Sunni/Wahabi adherents. There’s a huge war building between Iran and Saudi, let’s hope we can resist getting involved…or is that a find hope?

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  3. I am simply staggered. The once beautiful nation of Christian Lebanon was lost shortly after the fall of the Shah. Frankly as I see it 1979 was the beginning of today’s horrors – in fact the whole of the ’70’s. OPEC was high profile by ’73 followed by the European OIL crisis. Oh the list goes on and on and it hurts my brain to see how stupid the world has become. The politicians of today and the latest example silly baby Trudeaux (anyone remember his dad Pierre?) are feckless brain dead kids with nothing between their ears least of all Political History & Machiavelli!

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