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Sweden: Merkel Muslims film themselves raping 12-year-old at asylum centre


Two migrant men who lied that they were 15 ‘raped boy, 12, at a Swedish youth asylum centre and filmed the assault’

  • Refugee boy, 12, raped at migrant housing in Alvesta, Sweden
  • Attack took place at housing for underaged migrants and refugees
  • The two alleged rapists, both migrants, claim to be 15 and 16
  • Prosecutor says dental checks prove both accused are over 18

By Sara Malm for MailOnline
Published: 13:30, 22 February 2016 |


Two migrants accused of raping a 12-year-old refugee at a housing centre for unaccompanied minors in Sweden lied about their age, claiming to be 15.

The men reportedly attacked the boy at the centre in Alvesta, Smaland, and are said to have filmed the sexual assault on a mobile phone.

Despite claiming to be 15 and 16 when applying for asylum in Sweden, the two alleged attackers have now been found to be over 18 after undergoing a dental age assessment, a prosecutor said.

The men accused of raping a 12-year-old boy at a housing for unaccompanied minors in Alvesta, Sweden, claimed to be 15 and 16, but have been found to be over 18 after undergoing a dental age assessment

Prosecutor Emma Berge also produced screen grabs of the accused’s Facebook pages where one of them claims to be born in 1997, and the other in 1971.

One of the men also writes on the social network that he has previously worked as a mechanic in Dubai.

Ms Berge says that she is not claiming that the man is 45, but that he is over 18.

‘A dental examination with an age assessment had been made by the National Board of Forensic Medicine, and then there is information from Facebook and similar sources,’ Ms Berhge told Expressen.

‘And then you also have to look at their appearance and how they are perceived.’
The men reportedly took turns in raping the boy and have been charged with raping a child as well as child pornography charges at Vaxjo Tingsratt (pictured).

The men reportedly took turns in raping the boy, and shared a video of the sexual assault on their mobile phones Vaxjo Tingsratt heard

The alleged attack took place at a government-provided housing centre for underaged unaccompanied migrants and refugees in Alvesta, Smaland county.

The housing is meant to be for minors in their late teens, but despite the alleged victim only being 12 years old, he was placed at the home.

The alleged rape is said to have taken place outside, near the housing, in the beginning of January, Expressen reports.

The boy is said to have been beaten and then raped, first by one of the men, and then by the other.

The first rape was allegedly filmed by one of the men, and sent over to the second suspect’s mobile phone.

One of the alleged perpetrators shared a room with the 12-year-old boy at the time of the alleged sexual assault.

The men have been charged with raping a child as well as child pornography charges at Vaxjo Tingsratt. They deny all charges.

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5 thoughts on “Sweden: Merkel Muslims film themselves raping 12-year-old at asylum centre

  1. First off … thanks for the Pig. I love it and it’s been emailed to everyone on my email list, with the suggestion to pass it along, with the statement under it .. ” They couldn’t find a horse to steal, so with their “superior” intelligence, they crafted this wonderful gift to give all the infidels, to prove they are a religion of peace and just want to be your friend.”

    As for the article … I went and read the Swedish newspaper account, using Google Translate. Your article is right on, as for the newspaper account. As for the sleazebags who raped the kid … what else can you expect from intellectual giants, born and raised on nothing but the koran’s hateful teachings? I can only imagine what life must have been like in Syria and all the other sleazebag nations, they “migrated” from. Of course, in their own countries, ruled by islamic law, they’d be beheaded for such behavior on their own people … well their own people’s little boys. ( Or would they? )


    • They don’t get punished for raping women or children. This kind of assault is 80-90% common in most Islamic countries which is why these men commit these crimes. So how can anyone bring in this horrid lot into a Western society? There are 49 Muslim countries they can migrate to. No need to come to the West.
      It’s only in rare cases it leads to any form of punishment. Usually the legal procedures are initiated if someone in higher authority is targeted by someone in a lower rank in society. You can see this in Saudi Arabia, for example, where its always a foreign worker or someone poor who get beheaded. Raping royalty are never beheaded. A royal princess was once beheaded – but then women can never be on the right side of the law according to Islam, so their punishment is the norm.


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