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Video: Old lady interviewed in Germany about Merkel migrants

Provokative, intimidating, aggressive, violent, sex addicted. That’s the verdict this 75-year old woman has of Merkel Muslims.

It doesn’t take long for her to attract a group of young Muslim hecklers.


Old lady interviewed in Germany about migrants - 2Old lady interviewed in Germany about migrants - 3Old lady interviewed in Germany about migrants - YouTube 2016-02-21 16-46-02



11 thoughts on “Video: Old lady interviewed in Germany about Merkel migrants

  1. I apologise to everyone for being slightly off-topic here, but I just got an update from regarding the petition relating to Iranian heavy metal band face execution after blasphemy charges for ‘writing satanic music’:

    Fateme Gosheh

    21. Feb. 2016 — we have reached 5500 signatures so far. Please continue to spread the petition

    I’m going to post the petition link again on this page. Please, please, please try to help these blokes. I can’t say “Please” enough, and those who sign will have my eternal gratitude (as do those visiting TMI who’ve signed already, of course):


      • Too true what we need to do is correct Ageism in today’s society, raise the retirement age to 75. I know plenty of over 65’s who are as busy and if not smarter than most 35 year old. Just look at pretty boy Trudeau, how the hell did Canada vote for such a baby face Joe? 🙂


    • Scary, isn’t it, that we’ve become those old fuddy-duddies complaining about “the youth of today”! I mean, I’ve got a tattoed, bald head (but I’m NOT a Nazi) and I’m a cranky old sod regularly having a whinge about “those horrible kids” and proclaiming that “it was different in my day…”. Oh my insert Deity-Of-Your-Choice here, I’ve turned into my dad! ☺


  2. This is playing out in all Western countries. The elites subject the citizens – and sacrifice them – to the consequences of their political ideological ambitions. Multiculturalism is a program of genocide for Western civilization, its social, political and ultimately cultural destruction. The trials, tribulations, torments, and physical threats this mature, articulate, tolerant (too tolerant for her own good) and tough 75-year old woman, and all others exposed to the same Muslim social onslaught, are irrelevant details to the elites – even when those details are covered up.

    The elites prize only their ideology. Just like a Muslim, they will never change their beliefs. They are the ultimate enemy – traitors. Who will end up dispatching them – their fellow citizens, who would only depose them, or Muslims, who like the youths in the video will slaughter them when the time is right ?

    The West’s destruction will not become more explicit than the events playing out in the “refugee crisis” until it’s too late. Now is the time for vociferous opposition, escalating it as needed to repel the spearhead of Western genocide – Islam.l


  3. Full fledged infestation! You cannot even express your opinion on the streets without these maggots interrupting you. Oh that smug look on those fuckers face, they are already on their way to becoming muslim mobsters harassing people esp women.I have wet dreams of a huge piano falling on merkel’s fat head!


      • We have one in the USA sitting in the White House, an illegal alien that overstayed his visa. He is eligible for one thing, deportation! All we need is the truth to come out and everything he has done is null and void. If it all continues the result will be civil war in Europe and throughout the civilized world. No sharia law needed here. It is just to allow molestation without any consequences. That rude little pervert had NO respect for an elderly lady. If only I had been there to instruct him in respect for elders. Having lived in an islamic country for close to a year, I am convinced that there are NO “good” muslims, only those that are coming to pave the way for the fifth column. A few behave, but many begin to be violent and a majority will be wholesale murder.

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