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Donald Trump Reads ‘The Vicious Snake’ Poem



The entire liberal elite struggle to grasp the nature of the vicious snake:


Here is part of what Trump said Wednesday night at a Florida rally:

On her way to work one morning, down the path along side the lake.
A tender-hearted woman saw a poor, half-frozen snake.
His pretty colored skin had been all frosted with the dew.
“Oh well,” she cried, “I’ll take you in and I’ll take care of you.”
“Take me in, oh tender woman.
Take me in, for heaven’s sake.
Take me in, oh tender woman,” sighed the vicious snake.

She wrapped him all cozy in a curvature of silk.
And then laid him by her fireside with some honey and some milk.
Now she hurried home from work that night and soon as she arrived,
She found that pretty snake she’d taken in and revived.
“Take me in, oh tender woman.
Take me in, for heaven’s sake.
Take me in, oh tender woman,” sighed the vicious snake.

Now she clutched him to her bosom.
“You’re so beautiful,” she cried.
“But if I hadn’t brought you in by now you would have died.”
She stroked his pretty skin again and then she kissed and held him tight.
Instead of saying, “thank you,” that snake gave her a vicious bite.


To hear the full poem, watch the video. It’s got a clever punch.



13 thoughts on “Donald Trump Reads ‘The Vicious Snake’ Poem

  1. I could not believe what I had just read purporting to be statements from Muhammad, the prophet of Islam. As a serious student of world religions, esp. Islam, I am familiar with the writings of both Imams Tabari and Ibn Ishaq. I could not find the mentions of those statements that are falsely attributed to the prophet, which are cited in this site. Obviously, truth is not the guiding principle for this hatemongering site, but falsehood is. Thus, Islamophobia and hatred of Muslims are what this site is all about. Shameful!


    • As an atheist who has devoted himself to freeing humankind from the curse of religious deceptions, I am sick in my heart by the unending supply of fools who accept the proposition that spirits are real, without demanding to see any proof.

      And of all the world’s religions, the most egregious is Islam, with arrogance and contempt in its heart and centuries of blood upon its hands.


  2. The left is totally in the dark about jihad…..the poem tells the story. Trump is the only guy to bring back America. The business as usual hacks hate him. A few on Fox and CNBC are fair. I find Fox Business…Lou Dobbs, Stuart Varney and Kennedy are also fair.On Fox News Tantaros,Greta,,O’reillyand,Guylfoyle …..the balance are not fair and balance as they claim…..Go Donald!


      • Then surely both title and artist should be mentioned in the article? Artists have legal rights that should be observed, copyright etc.

        Adding a single word to each verse barely changed it from the original lyric, and Trump’s actions certainly didn’t ‘turn it into a poem’.


  3. Until the republicans ADMIT the problem(and Trump apart, none have)he has my vote. IMO he is a demagogue jumping onto the bandwagon. BUT at least he knows the band is playing and which tunes, which is far more than 99% of western politicians


  4. I don’t care what anyone thinks of Trump! This poem and Video tells it all as to what’s happening in our own Country and all over the world! It’s not going to get better unless we call it by it’s name and discuss it! And not close our eyes and sweep it all under the rug! Hoping it all goes away! Donald Trump has done a good service to us all by opening our eyes and talking about it! You ask what is IT? IT is Islamic Terrorism! Islamic Invasion into European Countries! Sharia Law! These are things that could happen in our own Country if we are not careful! Actually it’s already started happening! It’s a Warning of things to come!

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  5. Well the elite are so far up their polite behinds they just wouldn’t get it. Saw this on RT news last week picked it up straight away Thank you MI. Sent to Lovfen maybe he’ll catch on 😀 unless of course the Banana Republic of Sweden is already too far gone:)

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