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Germany: Muslim crime wave in Berlin is ‘Cologne every day’ – authorities ignore complaints

Thanks to all who sent this in. Originally posted with Pamela Geller. Horrendous crime waves, all created by Merkel Muslims, is so bad Germany is turning into Brazil. Soon they need a chaperone to be able to walk outdoors.  The entire problem is created by lenient leftist in positions of authority, who don’t care. These people are destroying entire societies.

A comment sheds some light on the situation in Germany:

Duvendevan •

I have been a visitor to Germany for over 25 years, the drug and prostitution business has always been run by the Turks, they are now under attack from North African gangs who are much more vicious than the Turk’s and who are now taking over large estates across large German cities. I am regularly approached by drug dealers and am actually friends with some who saved my arse from a knife attack. They admitted that 20% of all their money goes to the local Mosques where the money is collected on a weekly basis to help towards the fight against the west. One of the guys stated that about 30,000 Euro’s goes into the fighting fund monthly approx. This was a large Mosque in Berlin, there are 37 roughly the same size in Germany, that is 37 x 30,000 Euro’s that is over a million Euros a year, multiply that by each country and I would estimate that ISIS and other factions receive around 30 million per year after middle men have laundered and cleaned the money. Islam is the biggest threat to world peace. I do not regard many Muslims as being Muslim as their lifestyle is not in line with the Muslim faith which became more violent as Muhammed gained more power, he started off peaceful to draw supporters and followers into the faith, as his influence and his conquests grew he changed some of the Sura’s and also made up others which did not come from an all powerful God, but from the so called prophet Muhammed. Islam is a made up religion from Hebrew to Christianity to Hindu to Buddhist, with the embellishments of a mad profiteering, plundering, paedophile who is not enjoying his 76 virgins but who is slowly roasting in a bronze bull on a large fire, that was one of his favourite tortures, so I am sure that is his punishment to forever live that torture out.



3 thoughts on “Germany: Muslim crime wave in Berlin is ‘Cologne every day’ – authorities ignore complaints

  1. This is not the proud and fierce Germany that I remember from the 70s. Today, all I see are cowards who do nothing to protect the German women! Moreover, the German Government much like our American Political Class, betrays the German citizens with every Muslim immigrant that they allow into the heartland! I pray that Germany rearms. Let the citizens shoot the Muslim bastards! Then, hang your treasonous politicians.


  2. Again, the ultimate enemies are the elected and appointed officials, who ignore the plight of German citizens. They’re in denial of, and insulated from, the endemic crime, the danger to those citizens, and progressive societal breakdown. These officials will only face and deal with these essential issues if they feel threatened. The Germans must turn systematically their ire on THEM, increasing its intensity until officials feel threatened, politically, physically, or otherwise (How ? – necessity is the mother of invention). Pleading and supplications through established channels and procedures have proven futile.


  3. German women should be carrying a 2 to 3 inch knife; and they should have it available at a moments notice.
    They should strike with stealth and to kill!

    Rape will only diminish when it becomes more dangerous to rape a woman, than the act of rape itself!

    As for refugees having rights and the need for civility, “Safety” trumps everything! A dead man doesn’t get up and chase or attack you. Walk away, run away, report it or not, IT doesn’t matter – YOU have a right to live over the Muslim scum trying to rape you.
    Oh, if prosecuted, send the bill to George and Alma Clooney!


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