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Germany: Attacks continue as Muslim rapist declare, ‘Women cannot complain; they must do what they are told.’

They forced their way across the borders illegally, got clemency Merkel and now they commit crime everywhere. Police must be given the authority to just shoot them point blank.

And as usual a whole score of bearded “child” commit violent crimes. Phulease. It’s not impossible to identify them. Take a single X-ray of each refugees hand. You can tell whether they are over 16 by looking at the bones. If the “growth plates” are open then they are under 15 but if closed, over 16.

Drag Merkel to court on treason charges and hang her.


“Women are not allowed to complain; they must do what men tell them to do.” 
– Grinning 14-year-old Iraqi rapist to Belgian police




Due to the Muslim-racist Silvester pogroms it has been made known that crimes by “refugees” are being systematically hushed up: “There is the strict direction by the leadership of the authorities not to report about crimes being committed by refugees. Only direct inquiries by media representatives regarding such acts are to be answered.” In spite of the intentional suppression, following are again a few rapes and sexual attacks by rapefugees that have made it to the public.

Oostende: “Women are not allowed to complain; they must do what men tell them to do.” The boy who grinningly made this statement at the police interrogation is only 14 years old – and he is one of seven rapists. The other presumed perpetrators are between 16 and 20 years old, five of them are Iraqis that have fled to Belgium. All of them brutally raped a 17-year-old Belgian girl in the port city of Oostende in the northern part of the country and captured the act on video. The case is shocking Belgium and only coincidentally came to light. A watchful teacher from a Catholic school discovered his pupil, a 14-year-old Iraqi boy, on Facebook. He was wearing a uniform and a Kalashnikov. The teacher informed the police, especially since Belgium is in the throes of islamic terror. Three of the attackers in the Paris attacks came from Belgium. The police interrogated the boy. He said that the photo had been taken in Iraq, which however, the officers didn’t believe. His smart phone was impounded and the video uncovered. The young men raped the girl several times. Apparently she was drugged. Her face, however, can be clearly recognized in the video, it said. The rape happened without question. The mayor of Oostende, Johan Vande Lannotte also reacted in shock to the incident. “We will charge all seven rapists. When they have served their punishment, the five Iraqis will be immediately deported back to Iraq,” he said. And: “It cannot be allowed that women or young girls be seen as free game by people who come to us asking for asylum.”

Düsseldorf: A serious case of abuse is shaking the city child aid center on Eulerstrasse. At the Derendorf facility, which takes care of and protects children who have fallen into hardship, a girl (12) from Düsseldorf was abused by each of two lone-travelling male refugees (15/17) sheltered there. The accused were taken into custody. The Düsseldorf district attorney, Ralf Herrenbrück: “The district court has issued arrest warrants for sexual abuse of children in coincidence with sexual harassment. The two suspects are strongly suspected each of having violently forced a girl taken into protection there on the night before January 24, 2016, to acquiesce to sexual acts being aware of her age.”

Vienna: Screams awakened a student in Wien-Neubau (Vienna-New Construction Region) during the night before Tuesday around 3 a.m. He looked out his window and discovered a woman laying between garbage bins and crawling in a panic. A man was standing over her harassing her. “I shouted at him and he turned around startled. The woman used the opportunity and ran away,” says Matthias (27). He jumped into his clothes and ran down the street taking up pursuit of the fleeing assailant. While doing so, he called the police who immediately sent a cruiser. “A few minutes later, I met the officers and showed them the man. The stopped him and took down his personal data.” However, due to the fact that any trace of the victim is gone, the police cannot prosecute the alleged rapist – an asylum seeker from Iraq. The investigators as well as Matthias hope that the woman will soon report to the police.

Zwickau: A communication by the director of the Nicolai Elementary School cause for stir: On the way between school and home, Zwickau children were apparently “danced and sung to” by young male migrants. School director Ralf Burkhardt communicated this to the parents in an letter sent with the children. It said among other things: “Dear parents, on 1/26, an incident happened in which children of our school were danced and sung to on the way to the daycare facility by foreign persons. We will once again instruct the children that the must still make their way in groups to the daycare facility.

Solingen: As the police confirmed upon inquiry by our editorial department, two Moroccans groped two women (16, 18) while they were waiting at a bus stop. A passer-by was also alerted to the situation by cries for help and running away, and he detained one of the assailants until the appearance of the police. The examination of the personal data revealed that the assailant was a 22-year-old man from Morocco who had resided in Germany only since December. The second assailant whose name is known is still being searched for.

Hannover: A few criminals have no respect for the police themselves: A young Sudanese grabbed a female police commissioner (25) on the breast when she tried to arrest him! Scene of the crime: Brühlstrasse. The asylum seeker hassled two men with the “dance trick,” intending to steal their wallet he knocked the victim to the ground. A police cruiser came around coincidentally at the same time. The officers intended to arrest the Sudanese man. The man, having no respect, stretched out his arm grabbed the commissioner in the jacket and groped her breast. She pulled his hand back and he grabbed at her again!

Munich: On Monday, 1/25/2016, around 7:15 p.m., a 27-year-old Munich female boarded the U2 headed to Feldmoching. An unidentified man already attracted her attention in the subway who was in direct proximity to her due to the crowd. When she got off at Harthof and took the 170 line bus headed to Kieferngarten, she didn’t notice whether the man was around. Only when she got off the bus and went to her apartment did she see him behind her. A few seconds later, he grabbed her upper arms from behind, turned her around and said, “Kiss kiss, please please” and tried to kiss her several times. The 27-year-old resisted and was immediately able to push him away. The unidentified male grabbed her upper arms again and bit her right cheek. Only when she hit him in the face with her cellphone did he leave her alone and went away. Description of the assailant: Male, 170 cm tall, thin, Arab type, spoke English; blue trousers, thick white down jacket.

Schenefeld (Pinneberg District): (ots) – The Pinneberg criminal police are asking for witnesses regarding an attack on a woman on Parkgrund Street and are asking for clues based on the description of a perpetrator. The clearly younger appearing 75-year-old Schenefeld lady was walking alone Thursday evening (January 21) around 10:45 p.m. She then reported an incident days later that happened on this evening there: Two men unknown by her drew near to her from behind. One attacked her and pushed her so that she fell. In the fall, the man touched her in an inappropriate way. She put up a fight and apparently injured her attacker in the face. He therefore let her alone. The two men then ran in the direction of Altonaer Chaussee. Witness are now being sought for further investigations. The aggrieved woman assumes through their appearance that the men were of Arab origin.

Hannover: (ts) – Sunday evening, 1/24/2016, around 10:15 p.m. an unidentified male tried to rape a 24-year-old woman on Gustav-Adolf-Strasse (Nordstadt). According to investigations at this point, the 24-year-old left a restaurant on Marschnerstrasse to head for her parked car on Gustav-Adolf-Strassee. On the way there, the unidentified male followed her – he had apparently already stopped for some time in front of the restaurant – and spoke offensively to her. After the woman arrived at her car, her pursuer pushed her suddenly with her back against the car, grabbed her bottom and breasts and choked her. When a group of people came near, the attacker let up from his victim and fled in an unknown direction. The German- and Arabic-speaking man who is being sought is around 30 years old, around 1.80 meters tall and of a sporty stature.

Metzingen: A witness to an incident that happened back Friday afternoon at the train station in Metzingen is being sought by the Metzingen police. A 15-year-old schoolgirl from Riederich reported to the police Sunday afternoon and stated that she was inappropriately touched by an unidentified male around 4:30 p.m. at the Metzingen train station. After she asked the man to quit or she would call the police, he again touched her bottom. Only when another unidentified witness walked up and also threatened the man with the police did he quit and leave with another man in the direction of Eisenbahnstrasse. The assailant is 20 to 25 years old, around 185 cm tall, thin and had black hair. He was clothed with a black jacket, faded bluejeans and black tennis shoes. His companion was similarly clothed, but a little shorter at 175 cm and of normal stature. Both had Moroccan skin and were possibly of northern African origin and possibly asylum seekers.

Hannover: The incident took place Sunday around 6:15 a.m. The 25-year-old woman was underway on foot from the train station to Grosse Moorstrasse. Two men followed her. The woman started to run, but one of the men overtook her, held her by the arm and threatened her with a knife and demanded that she “spread her legs.” The victim fought back loudly and screamed for help. When the light went on in an adjacent house, the perpetrators fled in the direction of Leinestrasse. One of the men is around 30 years old, 1.80 meters tall, strong, has thick eyebrows, a large lop-sided nose and a dark three-day beard. He wore a dark jacket and spoke German with an accent. His accomplice is around 1.70 meters tall, 25 to 30 years old and chubby. He wore a dark vest. Both Mediterranean-looking men were also clothed with hooded shirts and had their hoods pulled over their heads.

Brüggen: In the Viersen district of Brüggen-Bracht, asylum seekers molested a 16-year-old schoolgirl. … The police are investigating for suspicion of a sexual felony as well as for disturbance of the public peace through the threat of a crime. The author of the article is the 37-year-old father of the girl from the district area. The article has since been deleted. According to current knowledge by the criminal police, an assault occurred afterward on Tuesday around 1:50 p.m. at the Hollenberg bus stop on Brüggener Strasse. The 16-year-old girl was on foot heading toward Bracht when a man on a bicycle first approached her. He blew kisses at her. At the same time, two other men drew near from behind who touched the girl inappropriately. The girl fought off the assaults. The men drove away. One man drive in the direction of Brüggen, the others toward Bracht. The Mönchengladbach State Security Bureau is investigating for suspicion of disturbing the public peace through threat of crime by the girl’s father.

Ludwigsburg: (ots) – During the night before last Sunday, January 24th, around 1:15 a.m., a still-unknown assailant molested a woman on the Line 5 commuter train between Ludwidgsburg and Bietigheim-Bissingen. The presumably quite intoxicated man came up to the woman and touched her inappropriately several times. A group of around five young men then came up, talked with each other shortly in a foreign language with the assailant, but didn’t intervene. After the group left the trainin Asperg or Tamm, the woman could not get away from the assailant’s scope of influence. According to information at this time, two other women were accosted in a similar fashion on the commuter train. The following description of the assailant is available: Around 35 to 40 years old; Mediterranean type, three-day beard, 175 to 180 cm tall and thin with dark, short hair. Clothed in jeans and a brown jacket.

Bad Segeberg: A sexual assault at the city pool is cause for unrest in Bad Segeberg – most of all among the parents. And it brings up the question not just with the responsible authorities of whether most of all young, male refugees and asylum seekers have problems in dealing with the liberal lifestyle of Western countries.

Denmark: A 17-year-old girl who nearly became victim of a sexual attack in front of a refugee shelter in Sonderborg (Denmark) finds herself being charged because she warded off her attacker with pepperspray. The use of pepperspray is prohibited in Denmark. The girl reported that she was knocked down by an unidentified English-speaking man. The attacker then tried to undress her. The 17-year-old was able to fight the man off, to spray him in the face with pepperspray and then flee. The man, though, was also able to get away, local media report. However, instead of looking for the sexual attacker, the Danish police have pulled the victim into the crosshairs: Because the possession of pepperspray is illegal already, the young woman is threatened with a fine. Hundreds of people have already offered to pay the fine for the girl.

Voerde: (ots) – During the period of time from 6 p.m. to 6:10 p.m. Monday, a 14-year-old Voerder girl was walking down the Banhofstrasse. At the height of the beverage market there, two unidentified males detained the girl and then tried to pull the mobile phone out of her hand. The 14-year-old, however, was able to prevent it. Afterward, one of the suspects touched the girl in a harmfully inappropriate way. A still unidentified witness drew near and pushed the suspect away upon which the suspect fled in the direction of the fire station. The helper asked if everything was OK with the girl, which she affirmed. After this, the witness who is 20-25 years old and wore a dark green jacket with hood disappeared. The description of the unidentified individuals: 180-185 cm tall, Mediterranean appearance, very dark color, thin, short black hair, both wore dark clothing, one wore red tennis shoes.

Kassel: (ots) – Yesterday evening, an unidentified man uncovered and exposed himself to a 41-year-old woman from Kassel at the Engelhardstrasse bus stop in the Kassel neighborhood of Rothenditmold. The Kassel police is now looking for witnesses who can give clues about the exhibitionist. As the victim reported to the receiving officer of the 24-hour service with respect to the charge, she was waiting in the waiting booth of the bus stop on Wolfhager Strasse around 9:15 p.m. for the bus line driving to the city. Suddenly and abruptly, a man appeared next to her, uncovered his genitals and then left in the direction of downtown without saying a word. In doing so, he crossed the street and disappeared in the darkness in the area of Vellmarer Strasse. The victim described the man with an age of around 25 years, about 1.70 meters tall and of a northern African appearance. He is thin and clothed with beige trousers. As for his upper garment, the offer could only say that the assailant had a hood over his head.

Rüsselsheim: (ots) – A female jogger made an undesired observation Thursday morning (1/28). A still sketchy man exposed himself in front of her. Around 11:15, she was running back over Bauschheimer Weg in the direction of Königstädten. At a crossing there, she passed the unidentified male who abruptly turned around and carried out sexual acts on himself. He was in his mid 30s and around 1.75 meters tall. His hair was black and his skin was described as light, in addition, according to eyewitnesses, he could have been a “Mediterranean.”

Reutlingen: At the football club sports complex on Carl-Diem-Strasse, a 19-year-old woman was accosted and assaulted by a black African Tuesday evening. The 19-year-old was sitting on a stone wall and playing with her dog shortly before 3 p.m. when an around 25-year-old man sat next to her and addressed her in English. He mentioned that he had been in Germany for a year and was looking for a wife. He found her pretty and began to stroke her upper arm upon which the offended female slid a little aside and made it known to him that he should leave her alone. When she tried to stand up, he laid his hand on her shoulder to prevent her from doing so. After she pulled her cellphone out of her purse and threatened with a call to the police, he let loose of her, got on his bicycle and drove off. The dark-skinned suspect was around 25 years old, around 185 cm tall and very thin. He had short, dark hair bound in dreadlocks, bad teeth and was fully clothed in black.

Offenburg: (ots) – Lahr – A woman complained this evening of being assaulted by a man whom she did not know shortly beforehand in the changing cabin of a fitness studio in Lahr. On the basis of her statements, a suspect was placed under provisional arrest by the police a little later. The suspect, according to preliminary information, is a man who only recently traveled to Germany as a refugee and is not sheltered in the Ortenau district.

Northeim: (jh/pa) A 39-year-old woman was victim of sexual harassment Thursday morning in downtown Northeim. An unidentified male grabbed her at opening time, pulled her to the side and eventually tried to grab behind her over her bottom into her crotch. Only after a hearty slap from behind was the Northeim woman able to prevent further criminal action. The perpretrator then fled in an unknown direction. The victim lodged a complaint with the police. Description of the perpetrator: Male, around 20 years old, around 1.70-1.75 meters tall with frizzy black hair; clothed with a hooded shirt with a gray hood, light blue upper clothing and light blue jeans. The man has a southern European appearance and dark skin.


24 thoughts on “Germany: Attacks continue as Muslim rapist declare, ‘Women cannot complain; they must do what they are told.’

  1. SHOOT THEM! Laugh at them while shooting them if you prefer.It took three taser shots to put one Muslim down,that itself shows they are wired up wrong.The saddest thing is if us women fight the attacker back and gain the upper hand we would likely be arrested as muslims are great at playing the victim and the woman would most certainly end up in court charged religious and racial abuse charges and battery,as funny enough there can be many people who witness the attack,but the liberals will come out as independent witness to it,and the would be rapist turns into the victim and the woman gets locked up.I do hope the woman who was under attack comes forward so others will not be raped.I think it is the duty of every woman to report every assault,and don’t let the cop’s fob you off,stand your corner and demand action,As for grabbing a female police commissioners breast,that just show’s how they have no intent whatsoever to live by our laws and there fore should be deported.Deport the lot of them.Oh and get ready for flare up’s when they clear the jungle!…..I also have trouble telling people we have a problem in Europe,and yes they look at me as i am mad,i hope and pray they wake up before they are attacked.

    Liked by 1 person

    • I share your views completely. I myself know of three complacent Swedes living just 150 klms North of Stockholm who frequently refer to me as a nutter/fantasist. One almost feels a minor form of sexual abuse be directed at these women for them to understand. Such complacency by the electorate helps no one. My only other line of defiance is to constantly bombard the PM of Sweden Lofven with as many articles as possible regarding the rise in crime and in rape. I have just sent him an article which appeared in the Gatestone Institute online publication (who incidentally FB attempted to close down Gatestone’s FB page). The article deals with the horrendous crime levels in Germany as in Muslim Issue. Another in-depth article referring to the new very juvenile Trudeau equally as pretty as Daddy probably the reason he won the elections! Consider the majority of voters are probably air heads/brain dead who haven’t a clue about the history of Islam currently being resurrected by males under 50 and led by megalomanic religio/politico’s i.e. Mad Mullah’s etc., Third Caliphate is on the road to re-establish itself.

      Liked by 1 person

      • Oh shit your in Sweden damn.I do exactly the same as you send things i’ve read and got back up for off to my MP,makes no odds they are all in it together.When i first started on this road years ago,people took the piss,said i was paranoid called me all sorts and many still do,and i wonder how many of us are there as they seem to out number us with their liberal thinking,i think it’s mostly our age group and above that have not been got at,as we were taught history at school,now that’s gone? How can it be wrong for a country to teach it’s own history.So we have all these brainwashed youngsters thinking we are racists and not getting the point at all,its amazing and dangerous and that is why so many rapes are happening,because they have been brainwashed that everyone is the same,when infact as you know muslims are like nothing else on this earth,and due to the fact they are so inbred and thick are the jews NWO army.Now we are getting it out there and people are waking up(took long enough!) the elite are shitting it and so they should,infact just for laughs lets deport all muslims in Europe to Israel and let’s watch that,it would be entertaining 🙂 Stay safe.


      • We seem to come in three flavors: Ones like me, the totally brainwashed marxists you mentioned, and ‘dude, whatever, have some pot’.

        Common Core in America only turns up that marxist layer to schooling much higher than it ever was before.

        In Britain they are now teaching that sub-saharan africans were the first people to arrive there, before anyone else. They are doing that so they can claim that England has always been a ‘nation of immigrants’.

        They are not only not teaching history. They are teaching fake history.


      • It makes me so damn angry that i am close to psychotic,i really am.They stuck 600 mutts on a small island off Scotland and now the islands children have to learn bloody Arabic??? MADNESS i am flavor one like you.


      • I meant ‘we’ as in millennials.

        I had to go through Union Federal Marxist Public Schools, but they’ve gotten much worse since I got out. Very quickly.


      • Last time they took over Spain and then plenty of other areas, and had them for hundreds of years before anything was done. After that it took hundreds of years to get it back. Throughout this time, especially Eastern Europe was under constant fear that a Muslim slaving party would come rampaging through the countryside and enslave them. To the point that the word ‘slave’ comes from ‘Slav’.

        This is going to be a very long fight. I fully understand wanting the fight to just start already, but that doesn’t seem very likely at this point. They are clearly going to need to sack a couple of countries before people figure out that we really aren’t making anything up, and they aren’t lying when they say they are following Islam.

        The good news is that it is inevitable that we will be proven correct. At some point enough people will feel the way you do about it that something can actually be done.

        To be honest, it’s actually moving in that direction faster than I ever thought it would. We’ve already got protesters at rapefugee camps in Germany, and I was expecting a few thousand more deaths before anything like that happened. I was thinking about the numbers of deaths and starvation and plague around the time before they were stopped back then, but clearly people are more sensitive to that today.


      • Yes it is moving quicker in our favour than i thought it would too,although i should of known that they would show their true colours as that is what muslims do and i am afraid the Elite missed that one too 😉 I was also expecting more deaths and a stronger fight,empty shelves etc like yourself and had prepped as much,but now i see a totally different outcome,so all our hard work getting it out their has not been in vain as we have woken enough people up and thanks to the muslims folding and showing their hand we have been proved right 🙂 I thought they would keep quiet until in position although i should of known better that they would not be able to control theirselves so they have in effect done us a great favour the useless twats,i wonder what the so called zionist elite are thinking? Fancy picking inbreds as your personal army? Just proves money don’t buy brain cells 🙂


      • Do you tell them an endless list of various attacks?

        Not just link to some list they can close, but telling them of some every day.

        You need to especially hammer any young people you’re related to. Because we are the ones who could live to see the death of western civilization.

        Quite possibly the end of civilization at all.

        We are the ones who could see all of our children or grandchildren beheaded, crucified, enslaved or forced to convert.


  2. Every Muslim male should have his tentacles removed as a condition of his presence in Europe. Montgomery-Wards used to see kits for this purpose for under $10. It was a handheld devise sort of like an oversized cigar nipper. It was intended for barnyard castrations.

    The devise below may be just the ticket for the impromptu vigilante.

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    • Love it, watched my big animal vet castrate my Shetland pony. Poor little devil he felt miserable after but he just got one in the previous June and the following May I was presented with a beautiful little gray and white filly. Sadly she was still born.


    • Just get two bricks put on the surgical gloves and stick the tentacles in the middle and slam the bricks together!…..Thats too much work again just shoot them,man women and children,as if you leave the children out they will only grow up with a chip on their shoulder,and they would still have the same warped brains and blood lust so they would be even worse.Yep just kill them!


  3. I cannot say anything, I knew all this would happen as I am sure many other women did. Any woman who has come across moslem scum when visiting the Middle East is aware of the depravity of these men. Clearly many Europeans have not visited Moslem Middle East and in particular Merkel!

    Liked by 1 person

    • ☺ ☺ ☺ ☺ ☺ ☺
      Do you mean that Merkel, in particular, has not visited the Moslem Middle East or are you implying that clearly many Europeans have not visited Merkel (apart from never having visited the MME)?
      ☺ ☺ ☺ ☺ ☺ ☺

      I just have to get a bit silly every now and then, keeps me from crying about it all …


      • Me to Skull, my daughter is only just catching on thought I was nuts: Oh it will never happen!” How else can we deal with this moslem crap if we can’t get a bit silly! That’s why satirical jokes viz a viz ISLAM are so uplifting. Pity Ali G and Irishman Dave Alan have done a few sketches on this mob of savages! Dear old Spike Milligan would have
        few words too,. Have a good week friend. 😀 😀

        Liked by 2 people

      • Ericka, I love you – you’re a Dave Allen and Spike Milligan fan!!! WOOHOO!!!
        20 Thumbs UP!
        You know that Spike’s considered a bit of an honorary Aussie, ’cause he moved there with his mum (and brother, I think?) in the 60’s – his mum stayed forever and he came to visit Oz a lot after he moved back to Pomland. I grew up real close to Woy Woy, which is where his mum lived. The local papers always had a fit when he came to visit ☺. (Oh, and to keep the Islam topic alive in my reply – Q8! little test of your Spike knowledge ☺)
        Regarding Dave Allen – well, I spent my teenage years watching him Wednesday(?) nights after the late news on Channel 7 back in the 80s and self-urinating with mirth ☺. Highly intelligent man, absolutely brilliant.

        signed Your Tassie Devil ☺ ☺ ☺


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