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Muslims around the world ban Valentine’s Day: ‘Could lead to forbidden sex’

Valentine’s Day leads to sex? They wish! Only a Muslim could find sexual messages in everything. They are addicted to sex. Their entire Koran from cover to cover is written on the foundation of a complete and morbid obsession with sex.

On the other hand it would be plain strange to see Muslims celebrate Valentine’s. Muslims celebrating love? Now wouldn’t that be an oxymoron.



Iran bans Valentine’s Day in crackdown on ‘decadent Western culture’

  • Iran has banned Valentine’s Day in a bid to crack down on ‘Western culture’
  • Police warned retailers against promoting ‘decadent’ Valentine’s Day rituals
  • City of Banda Aceh in Indonesia has also banned the annual celebration 
  • Police will be patrolling the streets to prevent anyone exchanging gifts


Iran has announced it is banning Valentine’s Day celebrations in a bid to crack down on ‘decadent Western culture.’

On Friday Iranian news outlets reported police released a directive warning retailers against promoting ‘decadent Western culture through Valentine’s Day rituals.’

Police told Tehran’s coffee and ice cream shops trade union to prevent any gatherings in which men and women could exchange Valentine’s Day gifts or they could be found guilty of a crime.

On Friday Iranian news outlets reported police had released a directive warning retailers against promoting 'decadent Western culture through Valentine's Day rituals' (pictured: Shoppers in Tehran in 2008)

The annual February 14 homage to romance, named after an early Christian martyr, has become popular in Iran and other Middle East countries in recent years.

But the backlash in the Islamic Republic is part of a drive against the spread of Western culture.

Saudi Arabia has also sought to stamp out Valentine’s Day but it is widely celebrated in nearby Dubai.

Meanwhile in Indonesia officials and clerics banned young Indonesian Muslims from celebrating Valentine’s Day, arguing that the observance runs against Islamic teachings.

In Banda Aceh, the capital of the devout Muslim province of Aceh, thousands of high school students held rallies rejecting the celebration of Valentine’s Day.

Police told Tehran's coffee and ice cream shops trade union to prevent gatherings in which boys and girls exchange Valentine's Day gifts  (pictured: Iranians shopping for gifts in 2008)

Banda Aceh’s mayor, Illiza Sa’aduddin Djamal, and Shariah officials joined Saturday’s rallies, held in four locations in the city’s downtown area.

‘The Valentine’s Day celebration has become a culture,’ Illiza said. She added that the rallies were aimed at making young people aware that Valentine’s Day is not part of Islamic culture.

The bans were imposed in many Indonesian cities. A similar rally by junior high school students was held in Surabaya, Indonesia’s second-largest city.

In Makassar, the capital of South Sulawesi province, a noted Muslim youth group, Pemuda Muslimin Indonesia, called on Muslims in the province to stay away from the celebration.

The influential Indonesian Council of Clerics has repeatedly declared the Feb. 14 celebration as an observance stemming from another faith, saying that celebrating it would be the same as promoting faiths other than Islam.

Nearly 90 percent of Indonesia’s 265 million people are Muslims, with most practicing a moderate form of the faith.

Students display a banner during a protest against Valentine's Day in Banda Aceh, Aceh province, Indonenesia

 Dozens of students staged the protest calling on Muslims to avoid the celebration of the western holiday, saying that it's against Islamic teachings and could lead to forbidden sexual relations

9 thoughts on “Muslims around the world ban Valentine’s Day: ‘Could lead to forbidden sex’

  1. I like what RITA has said above and that is not a laughing matter…….

    A Saudi couple, Ahmed and Layla, preparing for their wedding, meet with their
    local Mullah for counseling.

    The Mullah asks if they have any last questions before they leave.

    Ahmed asks, ‘We realise it’s tradition in Islam for men to dance with men, and
    women to dance with women but, at our wedding reception, we’d like your
    permission to dance together.’

    ‘Absolutely not,’ says the Mullah. ‘It’s immoral & blasphemous. Men & women
    dancing together is the corrupt, western infidel’s ways. Men and women always
    must dance separately according to Allah’s will.’

    ‘So, after the ceremony, I can’t even dance with my own wife?’

    ‘No,’ answered the Mullah, ‘It’s forbidden in Islam.’

    ‘Well, okay,’ says Ahmed, ‘What about sex? Can we finally have sex?’

    ‘Of course!’ replies the Mullah, ‘Allahu Akbar!(GOD is great) Sex is OK within
    marriage, to have children!’

    ‘What about different positions?’ asks the man.

    ‘Allahu Akbar! Mafi Mushkila (no problem),’ says the Mullah.

    ‘Woman on top?’ Ahmed asks.

    ‘Sure,’ says the Mullah.’Allahu Akbar. Go for it!’

    ‘Doggy style?’

    ‘Sure! Allahu Akbar!’

    ‘On the kitchen table?’

    ‘Yes, yes! Allahu Akbar!’

    ‘Can I do it with all my four wives together on rubber sheets with a bottle of hot oil, a couple of vibrators, leather harnesses, a bucket of honey and a porno video?’

    ‘You may indeed.. Allahu Akbar…Allahu Akbar!’

    ‘Can we do it standing up?’

    ‘No, no, no, absolutely not….!!!!!!!’ absolutely not!’ vehemently says the Mullah.’

    ‘Why not?’ very indignantly asks Ahmed.

    ‘Because that could lead to dancing!’

    Gotta admire the Wahabbi/Saudi logic…..Wallah……….!!!!!!!!!

    Perhaps the Muslims scholars and Muslims should inform the world as to what is not forbidden in Islam………….Fornicating with goats……?????? Raping women……????? Stealing………?????? Etc……..

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  2. In the misogynistic Islamic societies, like Indonesia and Iran, romance and anything associated with it is superfluous. Males bribe the female’s father – or other male “guardian” – or merely take what they want. And, in Iran, you don’t need chocolate or any other sweets to lure a minor female into your care, residence..etc. It’s legal and relatively easy to marry a 9-year old. I imagine that in Iran, calling a female a “babe” is never considered condescending or chauvinism.


    • Too true, and tonight in Europe BBC4 screened a program showing the last days of the Shah of Iran. Some religious moronic Iranian student ( now over sixty figured he had been tortured under the regime of the Shah) he had his feet beaten which today are still in pretty good shape – he stuck his foot in the camera for us all to see!. It is really all about the overly religious peasantry. Modernization and progressive economies take centuries to evolve and you just can’t do it under fanatical Islam. The peasants revolt in England was as far back as the 14th Century and this was just after the black death. Islam will take us right back to 7th Century for gods sake why doesn’t anyone see this?

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