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Video: Egypt 1958, Muslims laughed at Muslim Brotherhood idea to impose hijab on women: ‘Let him (MB) wear it’

One of our Canadian readers Canada Uber shared this evidence of Islamic devolution from Egypt in 1958. Muslims are more backward today than decades ago.

Egyptian President Nasser giving a speech in 1958 followed by the laughter from the whole crowd when he describes the Muslim Brotherhood’s plans to make all women in Egypt wear a hijab. A man from the crowd shouts, “Let him wear it!” referring to the Muslim Brotherhood member who made the ridiculous proposal.

Look what has happened around the world and in the Islamic world in particular when tolerance was shown to such nasty, extreme figures as the Muslim Brotherhood. Had there been efforts made to stop them once and for all then, we would probably not have seen an al-Qaeda, ISIS or Taliban today.

The subtitles are in yellow and a little hard to read.

As we have said many times in the past, with the testimony of elderly Muslims, the hijab was introduced by terrorist organizations. Wherever you find the hijab, you find the support of terrorism. The fully covered garbage sack or “beekeeper’s costume” has nothing to do with culture or religion but is a rape shield which entitles Muslim men to beat, rape or kill women should they not comply to their orders. And as our readers have observed, the hijab (fully covered burka) is a weaponized articles of clothing designed to make an influential or intimidating political statement.




27 thoughts on “Video: Egypt 1958, Muslims laughed at Muslim Brotherhood idea to impose hijab on women: ‘Let him (MB) wear it’

  1. “These guidelines (for covering of the entire body except for the hands, the feet and the face) are found in texts of fiqh and hadith developed after the revelation of the Quran but, according to some, are derived from the verses (ayahs) referencing hijab in the Quran.”

    No, this video does not show that the hijab was “invented” by terrorist organizations.

    What it shows is that they used to all be apostates in the 50’s. Period.

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  2. Mister Peabody and Sherman review US involvement in the Middle East:

    Remember the mantra of the right: always blame the left.

    Don’t believe me? Hold your nose and tune in Rush.


      • What the hell do you even consider yourself as? Because you’re acting like the left is blameless.

        As a Goldwater Conservative, whose brain and its decisions matter more than the free time to listen to a.m. radio. I don’t need people to tell me what I “think”.

        And I don’t require your approval.


      • Unfortunately “Goldwater Conservative” is largely meaningless to me, because all I know of him is from union federal government school where they teach that he was some nutjob and that the landslide election against him was a complete repudiation by America of everything he stood for. Which was not expounded on at all.

        From the quick blurb on wiki about him, that I have read before, he sounds like some kind of pre-Reagan. I note the bit about the libertarian effects.

        I don’t particularly like Rush either, but saying he’s wrong about everything all the time and is worse than the communist Left including Sanders who honeymooned in the Soviet Union is too far. I pointed out an article he wrote that is completely correct as a counter claim and that proves he is at least on occasion on the ball.

        To me, listening to any talk show host is the same as listening to the news, to hear about things you aren’t aware of. You’re supposed to question everything.

        I therefore don’t even follow the comment about people telling you want to think.

        I assume Goldwater is “on the right” so continually attacking those “on the right” isn’t helping. Because as a generic term it includes both of us. And also Karl Rove. Which makes it meaningless.

        Especially since the way “Remember the mantra of the right: always blame the left.” is written it implies it’s only all of our fault, not any of the communists fault. That includes those infected by project Venona, they might as well also be communists.

        Though I’d say Rush is certainly better than Rove.


      • Barry Goldwater was an interesting guy. He was one of the flight instructors who taught America’s number one fighter ace, Dick Bong, combat flying. He was, of course, a Jew, and when the Phoenix Country Club refused Barry membership [another pushy Kike], he started the Paradise Valley Country Club, where everyone could play. In his later years he was Alice Cooper’s neighbor.

        For a decade and a half, Barry was the architect of “Intellectual Conservatism” which formed the backbone of GOP policy making. In the 1964 campaign for the Presidency, he kept reminding Americans that they had better make their decisions regarding the use of our young mens’ lives in foreign conflicts now, during situational peace, to avoid costly errors during situational urgency. In response, the Dems accused him of war mongering. In particular, the “Daisy Ad”, terrified enough voters to cost him the election. [It is impossible to prove this, but here’s a link:

        So he lost in a Johnson landslide. And what was the hallmark of the Johnson Presidency? [I’ll give you a hint, it wasn’t Civil Rights Legislation.] It was America’s backsliding, without proper research and conceptualization, into the Vietnam Quagmire. Precisely that about which Barry had warned us. This a real long story & I can’t fit it all in. [Unlike yourself, I don’t touch type because of precursor carpel tunnel syndrome and my fading eyesight (20/600 uncorrected, and only one eye) makes typing a torment,]

        Want to blame the Left? Start with Truman and Ho Chi Min. The entire Vietnam debacle was completely unnecessary. We alienated an ally and American-phile patriot who was begging our help and drove him right into the arms of the Comintern.

        Anyway, in 1981 after the Born-again Christians swept Ronald Reagan into the White House [or, was it the other way round?], prominent Christians leaders state that any input from “Mister” Goldwater [he was a Senator] was unneeded and unwelcome and would remain so till “he accepted Jesus into his heart”, [I’m not making this up.]

        So now the Party of Lincoln was run by a bunch of simple-minded Jew baiters? I terminated my Republican affiliation and have been an independent and unaffiliated conservative ever since.

        You can take a peek at the magic of “Reagonomics” here:

        I personally credit Reagan with initiating the soon-to-be irresistible tsunami of federal debt. More on this later, when I don’t feel so sick [three cancers will do that to ya’] and if I don’t die first.


      • That first paragraph was a list of people and places I’ve never heard of.

        I have heard of and seen the Daisy ad before.

        Ho Chi Minh was also there after WWI begging Woodrow Wilson for help for the same reasons. He’s the guy that created the fed and personal income tax along with other such things. I wasn’t even aware Minh tried again later before turning commie.

        I’ll keep calling it the Party of John Augustine Washington III instead. By the way, the current cultural cleansing that is going on is what historically is preceded by an ethnic cleansing. I’ll leave this here, it really doesn’t only apply to the south anyway:
        It certainly sounds about right in general, that’s what all the immigration is about beyond just having cheap labor. I was trying to find something about the first go round, but found that instead.

        I read that article about Reagan, and it’s just the story of how they didn’t do enough. They even talk about the Export-Import Bank that may or may not be dead now. If it wasn’t revived by Speaker Ryan it needs to stay dead.
        It also goes right ahead and doesn’t mention the Soviet Union at all. There was just an inexplicable need to spend on the military a bunch. So yeah, he spent a lot of money.

        But saying that cutting spending and cutting taxes doesn’t work ever just means that the country will collapse. Because the only other option is to tax everyone at 100% and at these spending and debt levels, nothing will change anyway and it would still collapse. Also those that can leave would.

        They needed to close departments, not just cut some amount. To find a way to add incentives for people to reduce the spending of their departments, to stop automatic growth of departmental budgets, to incentivize for discovery and halt of wasteful spending. The VA is something that everyone of both parties just throws more money at and that never does anything because the problem is that it is massively corrupt, not underfunded. To stop letting people move into the country and move toward citizenship while immediately joining the welfare state the second they get here, and having infinite children just to claim more voters.

        In short, Reagan had no choice, everyone after has no excuse at all. Gingrich actually stopped it, but was stabbed in the back and thrown out by the neocons/establishment because he dared to actually stop the flood.

        In any case, by all means continue.


      • Don’t you ever sleep? It’s 3am.

        Actually, American agents went to Hanoi, in late 1943, or more likely early 1944 to meet Ho. They explained they were beating the Japs in the South and Central Pacific, but Stilwell was making no progress in Burma, and the agents asked if Ho would not mobilize the Pathet Lao to engage the Japanese in Vietnam, which would require the removal of some Nip forces from Burma to Vietnam.

        Ho already understood how things were going, knew the Japanese would ultimately lose the war, but he needed to keep the Pathet Lao intact to fight the French, who would want to resume their colonial occupation [yes, he was functional, if not fluent in French, English as well as Vietnamese, and did indeed endeavor to meet Wilson in Paris while employed as a waiter. Wilson, ultimately, did nothing for him, regardless of Ho’s familiarity with the founding of our Republic, the founders themselves and his obvious great admiration for us.]

        The agents and Ho struck a deal. The Pathet lao would engage the Japs to draw off troops, and the US would prevent the French re-occupation. Ho kept his end, the US [meaning Truman] reneged. Ho wrote constant personal letters to Truman, which lay unanswered. And in 1947, to assuage French pride, Truman raised no objection to the re-occupation. And he never consulted with Ho, in any form or manner.

        In 1954, after the fall of Bien Dien Phu and the withdrawal of the French, VP Nixon spoke before the Senate encouraging the US to intervene and use American strength released from engagement in Korea to fight in Vietnam, as if the politics of the two and the motives of the leadership of the two were identical. The simplification was absurd and George Kennan, the originator of the Containment Theory (vernacularly known as the “Domino Theory”), objected. But a decade later, after Kennan was long gone, Johnson brought it back to life.

        It was 1966 or 1967, when Johnson covertly contacted Ho to ask why would he not consider negotiating a settlement, how can anyone be surprised when Ho’s response was: “Why should we negotiate anything? We’re winning,”

        I’m not a political scientist. Yes, I know, many luminaries like Kissinger stress there is no morality in international politics, only national interests. But we gave up 25,000 American lives in Vietnam before Nixon’s 1968 election, and another 25,000 after it, and I am completely convinced to my own satisfaction that our perfidy and arrogance and blind hubris was the cause. I don’t imagine it was possible that Ho, polite, patient, solicitive and sincere for thirty fucking years was the problem. We did it to ourselves, or rather, the idiots we trusted to run the world with childish comprehension of consequences, did it for us.

        And I’m not fucking happy about it.


      • I am not surprised at all I wasn’t taught any of that in Federal Government School. They generally portrayed Truman in a positive light. Truman should have kept his end of the deal.

        I was going to ask what the stated goal actually was for the war, but wikipedia says it basically started as a war between North and South Vietnam after South Vietnam decided it wouldn’t actually follow the terms agreed to and allow reunification and elections. Also because the Emperor of Vietnam was a massive ponce and didn’t act like he was Emperor.

        It also says that ” The Viet Minh (“League for the Independence of Vietnam”) was a coalition of nationalist groups, mostly led by communists, In February 1951, the communists announced the creation of the Lao Động Party (Labor Party), gradually marginalizing non-communists in the Viet Minh.” and strongly tried to imply that Minh was already a full blown communist by then.

        After we joined the war it clearly became simply a proxy war between us and China. Once that was so, I don’t know that they’d have done anything differently.

        Just like the neocons want to fight in Syria with us vs Russia. I imagine so does Hilary.

        No, Ho Chi Minh was clearly just continually shit on and treated unfairly.

        The fact that Americans today are perfectly safe going to Vietnam and waving all manner of American flags proves it. It also shows how bad North Korea is by contrast.


  3. Back in 1958 I had just turned 9 years old and remember President Nasser pretty well and his marvelous smile. This was just two years after the SUEZ crisis under McMillan and peace was restored and I suspect largely due to Nassar. Britain just couldn’t face the fact that the sun had already set on the British Empire evident in WWII before my time. Yep this is real time history and anyone born 1970 onwards hasn’t much of a clue unless they attended a good old fashioned school i.e grammar or equivulent. I have to say even Secondary schools had a higher pass rate in GCE A’Levels in my day and history was taught as statute.


    • The assorted American teacher’s unions, the spawn of the AEA, have decided to suspend the teaching of cursive writing [longhand, the method Arthur Conan Doyle used to crank out manuscripts when they really were manuscripts] as pointless because reading and writing are superfluous in the Information Age, and had logically, therefore, suspended teaching anyone to read it.

      The American people of the future now must find their way through life based upon their expertise in finger painting.

      The American Education Association: another institution devoted to creating a future where the living envy the dead.


      • I indeed was never taught to write cursive. Depending on who wrote it, sometimes I can’t even read it.

        But I can type far faster than I could ever write by hand.

        The only time it really matters is if I’m trying to read a primary source letter or the like.

        Something most of my age would never do.

        None of us can use a slide rule either. At least I know what one is I suppose.


      • If the mark of a civilized person is reflected by their ability to inscribe their thoughts and discern the thoughts of others, we’re in trouble.

        If the underachievers who run our public schools (and have run them into the ground) cannot be burdened with teaching children to read and write, why do they still have their jobs?

        The AEA has cemented itself by influencing state elections to place those predisposed to unionized “teaching” in positions to keep out competition from better-educated holders of genuine educations with BA and BS degrees. Without the AEA redefining the term “qualified teacher” to mean those with fifteen education credits in lieu of mastery of the subjects being taught, the holders of the gut BofEd shortcut degrees would be unhireable.

        As they are in private education. This is why Americans pay to send their kids to religious schools and private academies. Private schools recognize the AEA as self-serving bull-shit artists, who have hijacked public education, with concern for their membership, not our future.

        I’m not making this up and these ideas are not original with me.


      • They are federal government schools.

        That said, you just ‘inscribed your thoughts’ and I just read them and am now inscribing my own thoughts. This already is reading and writing.

        Why do you see cursive as more important than I do? If I could write in it, I’m sure I’d still type faster.

        So other than in doing research and reading old letters it seems obsolete. Not many of my generation do such things anyway. Reading such things written in cursive has of course improved my ability to read it.

        I am aware of these teacher unions which make people virtually tenured, and raises based on time rather than results.

        I’ve also seen the Education students you’re talking about. These are indeed real things.

        But I trace the problem differently than you do, because I see the foundation as having been built wrong in the first place. If all public schools did not owe their fealty and allegiance to the Union Federal Government of America, then these things could never have manifested. If they were instead all creations of individual states as was intended, then they could never be hijacked all at once. Some states may not even have state run schools and leave that up to their counties or allow some fully private method to manifest itself.

        Actual education is not the goal of this centralized system of schooling. Control and power is, with the system unified as it is it was easy for the Soviet agents of the Venona project, and their American helpers, to infiltrate it and rewrite what it was about. After that every few years they increase the control and manipulation and shift the history. We have always been at war with Eastasia. We have always been at war with Eurasia.


      • The Venona Project? You do understand that the name “Venona” holds no meaning at all and was derived in a random fashion so there would be logical indication through the name of the substance of the activity.

        Venona resulted from a catastrophic failure of Soviet signal intelligence. In 1942, for a reason or reasons never revealed, the Soviets re-used certain pages of “one-time” pads.

        Encrypted messages, whatever the content was, were reduced to four (and sometimes five. but four is sufficient) number groups. Sometimes, the group would represent a single letter, sometimes a number, and sometimes a common phrase abbreviation (like iaw for in accordance with). Commonly, because there are 10,000 ways to arrange a four number group, a common letter or phrase would have more than one four-number group assigned to it. This was indeed code, but because the same groups were always tied to the same original data inputs, it was childishly easy to decipher. To made decryption impossible, to these numbers were added another four digit number that was completely random. Pages of these random additive numbers were bound into pads, identical pads being held by both the sending and receiving parties. The sender would add the numbers from the pads, the receiver would deduct them. This is one reason why embassies are so sensitive to the danger of penetration. The purloining of a set of one-time pads compromises the entire set of communications using these pads.

        in 1942, the Soviets reused many of their one-time pads. The reuse was detected by Allied cryptanalysts and gave a partial read to recorded intercepts. This was an unexpected goldmine of information, although it left big opaque (meaning undecipherable) sections in intercepted documents. It’s value faded over time but did constitute an important confirmation of the guilt of Julius and Ethel Rosenberg, sending them both to the electric chair. The Verona papers were the “secret evidence” that could not be presented at their trial, but the useable evidence was sufficient to grant their conviction, along with David Greenglass, Julia’s brother who was a machinist at Los Alamos, New Mexico. As a practical matter, it didn’t matter. There were so many spies inside the Manhattan project that Stalin knew more about America’s A-bomb program than Truman did and knew it 2½ years before Truman learned of the project’s existence.

        How deeply the NKVD had penetrated the Manhattan Project, the number of spies they ultimately employed, and of course their identities, is probably unknowable. The Russians have no reason to tell us now either, But it was larger, probably very much larger, than the number of convictions obtained.

        Similarly, the use made of the Venona material by our counter-intelligence, how extensive it was and what was revealed is simply not available. And probably irrelevant to anyone, except perhaps the hapless Marty Sobol, who found himself slammed into Alcatraz for a nice even thirty years as part of the fallout of the FBI investigation.

        I hope I got everything right. I did it all from memory, not bad for an old man with post-operational brain damage.


      • I did not know the origin of the name ‘Venona’, but it doesn’t matter because it’s the name that is used now.

        Excellent explanation of what one time pads are. They were featured on a show called “The Americans” which is about the Illegals Program. They didn’t bother going into the math of course.
        There are still number channels out there, by the way. I don’t know why given todays tech, …then again maybe that’s already why.

        Actually the files were declassified in 1995. I haven’t read them myself, but they are there.

        There is a book called “Blacklisted from History: The Untold Story of Senator Joe McCarthy and His Fight Against America’s Enemies”, is a 2007 book by author M. Stanton Evans

        I’ve got it, but haven’t read it yet. I imagine the Venona files were used.

        They got into the State Department and clearly also education.


      • I did keep free range pigs in Suffolk, had ’em all slaughtered humanely by the local slaughter house – Suffolk UK 2002 was a different place – no moslems for a start in Ispwich. Now the place is crawling with them the only crime of rape was committed by a nutter who was caught in less than three weeks by Suffolk Constabulary. Wonder how they are coping with Moslem scum? I escaped and as it happens I now live in ROI, no pigs, just a couple of ponies and dogs. Like your humorous proposal but aren’t you in the States? No way can I up sticks and go there with my managerie! As for money well probably about as much as you have! Though have a little plot near Peidmonte Italia where wild boar are culled every Autumn. As to your last point – well how can I answer this on a public page and sincerely hope Muslim Issue (excellent publication) doesn’t take offense? Swedish borderline psychopathic narcissists are not easy to live with! I served a life sentence and am somewhat elated to be free of my sentence but I sure miss having a buddy to enjoy walks by the ocean and take trips to Italy. What can I say, obviously you have been following my comments. Thanks for the proposal.BTW the pic was take n 2011, look a bit beaten down right now all I need is a good holiday, get me bo
        ok published (subject Islam in Sweden!) and a good buddy with a brain who can make me laugh! Over to you Pigasus! 🙂


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