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UK: Migration from Somalia should be officially ended – Somali Muslim says his country is ‘safer than London’

This is not the only Muslim who claims his own country is safer than his new host country, who doles out free money, free housing, free everything at the expense of other people who get nothing free and work hard to pay exaggerated tax rates.

Why is the migration office not listening to these migrants and look closer at the claims? Is it not sensible to determine that there is no need whatsoever to give residency to any of these migrants if their situation is not a dangerous in their home countries? After all, the so called “asylum” system is precicely set-up to protect the applicants from a proclaimed danger and to provide greater safety to these migrants. No need to take in any Somali refugees anywhere then.



Somali man living in the UK says streets of his home country are SAFER than London


A SOMALI national living in London has told his MP he “massively regrets” bringing his children over from war-torn Somalia, saying the streets of the capital are “too dangerous.”

By Felipe Araujo, Express
PUBLISHED: 00:00, Fri, Jan 29, 2016 |

Injured teenager caught in Somalia's civil war

Injured teenager caught in Somalia’s civil war. GETTY

A father-of-two from Somalia has told his local MP that London isn’t safe for his children

Labour’s Chuka Umunna called the continued violence some youngsters living in the capital face daily a “damming indictment of the situation on London’s streets.”

The MP described how one of his constituents in Streatham, south London, had one of his sons taken into foster care for his own safety after he was stabbed in Tulse Hill Estate, in south London.

The boy’s older brother was also stabbed in another estate in Streatham, also in south London.

The youngster survived the attack but now cannot leave hospital because it has been deemed “too unsafe” for him to return home.

The boys’ father, originally from Somalia, told Mr Umunna he “massively regrets” bringing his sons over, saying it would have been “less dangerous for his children to live there than here”.

Mr Umunna, who last year was a major contender for the Labour leadership before pulling out of the race, said most Londoners are oblivious to the plight faced by a minority of young people in the capital as they tend to lead “parallel lives.”

Writing for Mr Umunna highlighted the case of Zac Olumegbon, who was murdered in a planned attack not far from his school in July 2010.

A year after Olumegbon’s killing, Mr Umunna went to the House of Commons to bring attention to the death of another teenager, Nana Darko-Frempong, who was fatally shot outside a block of flats in Tulse Hill Estate where he lived with his family.

Labour MP Chuka Umunna

Labour MP Chuka Umunna. The Labour MP for Streatham said more needs to be done to fight youth violence.

London skyline

London skyline. In 2015, 13 people under the age of 19 were murdered in London.

Mr Umunna praised the London Mayor and the Government for the work done to prevent youth violence in the capital but said more needs to be done.

Somalia has been in a state of almost complete anarchy since the 1991 overthrow of the military regime.

Over the last few years the East African nation has inched towards stability, but insurgents from Al Qaeda affiliate Al-Shabab are said to still control large swathes of the country.

According to figures from the Met Police, last year 13 Londoners under the age of 19 were murdered in the streets of the capital.

One thought on “UK: Migration from Somalia should be officially ended – Somali Muslim says his country is ‘safer than London’

  1. “Youth violence” – Since the crime perpetrators aren’t identified as White, they’re not native Brits. What ethnicity and/or religion are they? In the U.S., when the media uses “youths” or “teenagers” to report criminal acts, it’s intentionally used to hide that the perpetrators are non-White. They’re most frequently black, who like Muslims, are a protected/preferred/promoted group of the Left.

    Mr Umunna’s and the father’s apparent refusal to assign responsibility for the crimes to members of their own group, is typical of preferred groups. They always fault the “host” society for their own dysfunctional behaviors. Somalia is screwed up for very apparent reasons, among them is the predominance, to the virtual exclusion of all other beliefs, of Islam.

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